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Unlike the apple is ripe painting, unlike the rainbow sky quietly canvas

Unlike the apple is ripe painting, unlike the rainbow sky quietly canvas
depicting the indoor woman works, is a kind of attention from inside extroversion, theme songs, rather than in the picture. Hands in the shade with his head in his arms, is a kind of by the outside introversion, PangMaoKun concealed this quest, so images to produce a very meaningful ambiguity, and send out. Works express the first indoor woman with the artist's feelings, and then the audience feel, the feeling of artists. Retrieve PangMaoKun work during this period, I found he painted more than one, but a group of, have formed a series, labelling is called "indoor" series. So frequently has a similar theme to do again and again, to prove PangMaoKun infatuation for viewing Angle. It is a representative of the gaze, a through closed walls to reflect on the another space. I even doubt PangMaoKun fascinated by those who were not painted part, that the cover. He put the line of sight is confined in the border, unable to watch firmly block line of sight is outspread, questions the meaning of the watch. Here shows the painter's a kind of instinctive thinking, a kind of can't send.
Let us pay attention to the "light on the desk the still life painting. In my opinion, it is not still lifes, but figure painting, someone in it. Draw on the desk in the mirrors will reveal the oil painting artist's intentions. Mirror is the result of the gaze, but also is the beginning of the gaze, the meaning of the image is the double gaze, is watching the object, is viewed as a result, and prove the existence of the visual paradox, become a cultural critique of keywords. PangMaoKun carefully depicts the texture of the mirror, firmly and to highlight the image in the mirror, but it in the mirror like the but again because of the limit of frame is incomplete, let a person cannot accurately identify. Is a characteristic, decided to meaning expressed by the images of multiplicity, thus successfully erased the simplistic be clear at a glance.
"Mirror" and "the morning light outside the window" is a common female portraits, paintings in the look in the mirror, the mirror image is complete, the mirror carefully watched the sideways itself, only we leave a silhouette to the viewers. In the painting to explore the relationship between this kind of watch and watch is a tradition. Famous works of 17th century velazquez and expensive "GongE", according to the analysis of foucault, is through the image to watch and been viewed as a visual illustration, velazquez and expensive we imagine he faced a huge mirror, he is describing object in a mirror, including custom oil painting himself, his subjects, and played nearby GongE and servant. Until the foucault before to discuss from the Angle of viewing political, people always pull the committee and the work of your self-portrait as a common meaning, just like in the diary, trying to leave their working condition. In foucault's view, however, it is not self record as simple as an artist, painting is watching and being watched, represents a kind of power stare, whether gazer or be gazer, all without exception, to power the same hierarchy. This relationship so real that the painter living meantime also feel difficult in breathing. The same gaze appeared in the late 18th century French classical oil painting artist David "sabine women calling for peace" giant works. In the center of attention in general is to draw the strong arms to prevent conflict and war of women, but was soon painter ulterior motives to draw the line of sight of people in the bottom of the attracted to a boy stared at the viewer. Obviously, it is through the painter stare, scene in the painting extends to the reality, so that a picture of a classical is the subject on the surface painting, into serving the realistic political propaganda work

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