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The world jade case, someone will choose hisui. Just like the stock market ups and downs oil painting

The world jade case, someone will choose hisui. Just like the stock market ups and downs, there are always going up all the three stocks: a stock call someone's home, a call to observe for a long time did not lay their hands on the stock, there is a call yourself just check inventory stock!
Always think jade price will fall
These people every day is looking forward to the emerald collapse, it is best to hand of jadeite jade the boss are at a loss to sell to him, god wants us to meet a few wrong people waiting for the miracle happen!
Forever is always slow a beat
When the choose and buy jade, this good that, when the key is bruised chirp and when broken constantly, hesitant, always wait for opportunities in the past and regret.
Never believe jade jade merchants and friends
These people are self-centered, always can't his I would rather own everybody! May not pure philanthropy jade trader in the oil painting world is not always completely honest friends of jade, after all, everyone is operating business, the key is how do you go to see what to treat!
Always see not buy forever
These people are not don't want to buy, but always want to see a few results, while see eye look at oil painting reproductions higher and higher, the price is more see more low, very not easy like a piece of, asking price is faded, the jade is good a little bit, how and when I see the price difference so much?
Want to buy a perfect jade
In fact have a perfect jade? After watching the N pieces of jade finally felt tired tired, understand the natural jade is not without faults, in case of a "dirty" jade dealer or is the so-called "bosom friend" jade desperately fool head he planted in the next, glistening are hard-earned money buy goods C B goods, finally blame heaven and earth to blame people at home painting all day!
Always wants to rule the people
Always think they taste better than others, always think low price can buy good stuff. But this mentality finally only harmful to themselves. To believe that you are not necessarily good, but good goods must not cheap.

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Large adornment religious or secular, during the Renaissance the vigorous development of the full

Large adornment religious or secular, during the Renaissance the vigorous development of the full, -- in motion in the 18th century Europe, especially France and Italy are. During this period, is the representative of this tradition in Venice giovanni, fulgencio batista, mention el polo (Giambattista Tiepolo), his achievements in this respect, is enough to create a dynasty painting.
Mural: teach rosary, painter: giovanni, fulgencio batista, el polo
Mural: teach rosary, painter: giovanni, fulgencio batista, el polo
From 1737 to 1739, Mr Polo in Venice palatial oil painting st doria, DE yi jie, Sue Artie church (or rosary church) created the zenith, including near the altar "saint Dominic glory", at the entrance to the temple of the virgin to saint Dominic apparition, and the middle of the ceiling to teach rosary, all show the el polo special perspective drawing skills.
El polo of saturated robust teach rosary, distinct, especially impressive. A ladder leading to a colonnade, the picture is the central holding rosary st. Dominic and a group of prayer on my hands and knees. Stair lower part, the saints had fought al than one sect of creator incarnate into the abyss. The virgin and the son is in the air watching what happened below.
Perspective of the "teach rosary" techniques and effect to the limit, light and color, step by step a character the farther the smaller painted. Amazingly, for building (cylindrical) and the processing of saints, perspective effect is a plus.
This appearance consummate skills of the space, with elegant color, for the whole of Italy, especially in Venice before work, bring the color of big innovation. The 17 th-century paintings to follow the style of the late caravaggio, is characterized by the high contrast of light and shade. El polo mural color is light, looks elegant harmony.
The color revolution is not mention el polo a personal, contemporary or older artists, such as plug buss mention jarno Ritchie (Sebastiano Ricci) and Jia M batista, piett chita (Giambattista Piazetta) in Venice as a painting, including in the jesuit church paintings, are also light works. But the artistic achievement of the el polo, undoubtedly on the two painters. To JuHua "teach rosary" as an example, the painting color fade, hierarchy is exquisite, dark and light piece of balance, the painter el polo with mutual echo or opposition of straight line and diagonal lines to suggest action, don't like baroque artists use exaggerated gestures, its technique is really breathtaking.
Depicting religious scenes of this technique, in part by the 16th century Venice is one of the great painter veronese, the influence of his usual conception many characters, with a dramatic work. Veronese is oil painting reproductions predecessor of the el polo, but mention el polo's artistic style is more light than his teacher. In the el polo conceived the characters in the works, always flow of fresh air, the layout of the figures as a ballet performance. The sky in the picture is like jumping farandole angels oil painting and saints, the picture evokes Europe art unprecedented brisk pleasant feelings. Notre Dame below, a group of caryatids angel seems to be in the cloud, the naked or half naked body twisted together, showing round roll tantalizing thighs. Cupid angels, or combined with a dark cloud will stretch them, or to plump pink small body with white mist cloud contrast. They are flying in the upper portion of the picture, like a group of pigeons soar volley. El polo's portrait of a mantra, or a Thanksgiving hymn, filled with gratitude, instead of complaining.
Giovanni, fulgencio batista, el polo profile
Giovanni, fulgencio batista, mention el polo (Giambattista tiepolo) was born in Venice in 1696, is a master of 18 th-century Venetian painting, called "rococo" after one of the main representative figure of the baroque style.
From 1720 until he died in Madrid in 1770, during el polo in Venice, Veneto, udinese, milan, bergamo, verona is decorated with many churches, palaces and villas. From 1750 to 1753 in wurzburg, after 1761 years in Madrid also do a lot of decoration.
Named el polo for roofs and walls of buildings as large murals, boundless creativity, two sons often when his assistant: ginger, nico more (Giandomenico, Venice, 1727-1804) and Lorenzo (Lorenzo, Venice Madrid in 1736-1736).
These magnificent luxury decoration is giovanni, fulgencio batista, el polo life main representative of the work. In addition, el polo also create a lot of artwork, and small works depicting the secular or religious. Son died in the el polo, ginger, nico continue to more of his unfinished, and create a large number of popular painting, to the daily life of Venice, especially the carnival or secular festival scene depicting.

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Usually use brown or green translucent color, first randomly and draw the overall effect

Oil painting color painting, it is in mainly monochrome is tonal, gradually improve their color and form. Usually use brown or green translucent color, first randomly and draw the overall effect, in general terms with middle color, then smoothly draw many levels, make the oil painting color is rich charm. As the foundation of the main color to add the color of the work after all, the oil painting produced a harmonious whole is tonal, has a unified fundamental key. This is because all colors are mixed with the result of the common wet impression. This kind of background the past tradition is usually brown. So the original color is dependent, auxiliary, only in order to strengthen gradually. Start painting appears weak and flat, through strengthening the light and heavy boldly to deepen the important effect of shadow to get the oil painting picture. Rich color change and no coarse dazzling colour, make the color painting oil painting has a special charm. Lai borzekowski of painting and taber's early works shows the oil painting color illustration how suitable for beautiful and unusual expression effect. Using a single color of subtle level or slightly different many changes, can obtain especially beautiful effect. Use the simplest way to slowly and gradually enhance color, more color, and avoid the color disharmony. In the oil painting color painting painting effect of main body is the middle value. It makes the painter can leisurely in the painting begins work [and dark in both directions. Painter using the strongest color should not be too early, to avoid the darker too obvious, and the light is too dazzling, this restraint will bring benefits. When painting the picture has satisfactory effect, abundant color changes can be used at any time after the intense light and dark dark, make oil painting has vivid impressive power immediately. The most bright light and dark dark, be sure to naturally drawn oil painting reproductions at the end of the painting. If they look not convincing, painting will lose its charm. There are also applicable to sketching techniques, namely in a warm and bright transparent brown (ochre, brown, golden ochre, etc.) of wet color, vivid and boldly draw on the inherent color, also should be as bright as possible, not grey. Available grey where is necessary to reduce tonal, also can be mixed into the grey highlight color and some form of complementary color, to neutralize its color. Obviously, often with little was enough to make the color to get the required effect, and not lose the inner angry. The basic rule is to use the most bright colors to drawing oil painting, and then use translucent neutral colors make reduce oil painting color to the required effect.
, in turn, can also make oil painting with gray effect first, and add some fresh color, this method can keep oil painting picture coordination of grey color, the color even under the most bright color, also won't disappear.

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Peter Paul Rubens climb the summit of creation is rugged, dangerous road. Young painter with Flanders in Antwerp painter took after the training

Peter Paul Rubens (hereinafter referred to as Rubens) climb the summit of creation is rugged, dangerous road. Young painter with Flanders in Antwerp painter took after the training, produce a kind of hard to suppress strong desire, hope to continue to climb the heights of art. Rubens to Italy - the birthplace of Renaissance, painting, sculpture, architecture masterpiece made him ecstatic. Rubens diligent study great rafael carefully in the Vatican murals, exploration to the line and color of the secrets of the structure, rhythm and harmony; His paintings copying titian and veronese, appreciate the Venetian school the magic of color; Rough tintoretto's works make him understand the incredible picture thumbnail skills and the creation of all sizes in a short time frame. However, Rubens real idol is the creator of the Sistine chapel fresco Michelangelo. Young painter Rubens spent hundreds of hours in the Sistine chapel, he was "the last trial," and the strong beat of the zenith of sharp picture stunned, above that each small images are difficult to achieve the art of the peak! In a word, just beginning painter Rubens did everything ready to become a master of art in the future. As a result, he really became a master of art.
Oil painting: Venus and Jupiter, the painter: Rubens
Oil painting: Venus and Jupiter, the painter: Rubens
But, in the recognition of Europe and is recognized as "the king of Kings of painter painter", Rubens never forget the Renaissance radiant peak, he have the courage to climb. Rubens three years before he died, the draw for the deeds of the st Peter's. Rubens decided to paint "is poured on the cross" Peter, he is sure that it will receive the effect of the "unusual". Can't help but make people immediately think of Michelangelo the outstanding paintings.
The Vatican, small church of Sao Paulo. Michelangelo created huge murals, a 75 - year - old Peter was crucified. In a heavy cross, the prophet, with his head down his eyes are very scary. It's hard to imagine that Rubens doesn't know the existence of the mural, he know. Rubens is hoping to create a picture of his own also carry weight.
Oh, great man's fantasy! Everything in the art masters there are baroque art. But Rubens ratio who all know more about their own weaknesses, his lack of Michelangelo has rugged in neat formation of the firm. Michelangelo devoted himself to the art, his inspiration is incomparable. Michelangelo in the eyes of many, is rude, hard to get along with, even rough. However, Rubens, clever Rubens felt the great mystery and incredible mood in the minds of Florence. Michelangelo not heavy luxuriant appearance, not with palace figure of the world. But no Michelangelo is the depth of the Rubens. In fact, Rubens has this effect is often just appearance, this performance in his design of the dream-like scene. Musician Beethoven had talked about this kind of hard to suppress, want the desire of the perfect point: "a true oil painting artist... very understand that art is endless. He vaguely felt the distance between with the target, may be when people praise him, he is due to have not yet reached its peak, peak is emit the light of the greatest talents, as the distance of the sun's light."
Oil painting: with Isabella Rembrandt's self-portraits, painter: Rubens
Oil painting: with Isabella Rembrandt's self-portraits, painter: Rubens
In Rubens's vast of text information, we can't find any place to direct to talk about this problem. On the question on creation, he remained silent. However, speech discourse, Rubens spent in busy life has showed deeply regretted. Rubens admits that he is "the most busy person in the world". In later letter, he relaxed and happy, who said: "thank god, I quietly refused to take part in all the activities of has nothing to do with my job for three years."
Rubens life finally crushed the last years of the "gold chains", fully engaged in painting artist. Despite the gravely ill, he is in pursuit of perfect ideal, to create a masterpiece one after another. Rubens hopes to draw the prophet Peter, but he failed.
Is not to be sad, but in the great man's life, as is often the case. Vicious disease afflicting Rubens, so that he can't do everything he wanted to be.
Rubens, like a magician, to show people the color of the fascinating world and the world of joy in life. Rubens was a let people surprise of artists, in his own painting show a sober view of life. Rubens stunning depiction of human body strong, this kind of paint, abound in his painting. We could feel the blood in the heroine Rubens painting bulky flowing in the blood vessels, heart beat blonde goddess in the breast in his painting. To describe the living human body art skills, Rubens master better than anyone else, as if a painter in his pigment mixed with the blood of the people.
However, the secrets of the Rubens custom oil painting is not here. The secret of Rubens creation is simple. He understands and is good at depicting everything! The use of he can follow one's inclinations, command palette. Rubens solves the problem of light and shade contrast, as long as he was a stroke of a pen, he made effective. No wonder artists in the 19th century seems to have rediscovered Rubens, this is not for no reason. art His vivid and fascinating form, sparkling, concise and bright colors make people admired. Rubens use five or six kinds of color can draw a picture of life on earth in front of us grand symphony, the colors of the rainbow. The great painter Rubens has surpassed the era indeed!

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Rubens famous paintings is introduced, the research of his painting art style
Paintings of Rubens (Peter Paul Rubens), more than 2000 subjects such as religion, mythology, portrait, landscape and so on various aspects, is the most prolific in the 17th century Europe a baroque painter. Rubens painting has grand composition, full color, light and shade contrast, line the characteristics of the rich. Rubens characters have optimism, aggressive, enthusiastic, affectionate, full of vitality, make the person who has been encouraging, enhances to the life of faith, Rubens painted women, is the hope of life, is the embodiment of health and desire.

Rubens painting of " The Three Graces" is a painting in ancient Greek legend for motif. Three beautiful god is personification image of "elegance and beauty", they often is the handmaiden of Venus in the art, therefore also share her several signs, such as roses, guava, apple and dice. According to Hersey's "theogony", said three beauty of god's name is agra, Asia, Europe Flo mio nie and Mauritania. The standard treatment is three people together, there are two people face to the viewer to see, the other is opposite to the viewer. This way is handed down from the classical period, the Renaissance still continue. This set of image, the different time have been implicated in the work. Stuffed the Roman philosopher Seneca (4 year A.D. 65 BC) has described the three beautiful god as smiling girl, naked and covered with gauze, with their on behalf of grace and the gift from three aspects: "giving", "accept" and "reward". 15 th-century Florence humanism philosophers with three beautiful god on behalf of the three aspects of love, caused the "desire", "beauty" and "satisfied". Also let three beautiful god on behalf of the "pure, beautiful, and love", sometimes write this three words in the picture of the Latin inscriptions.
Rubens creation in 1639 of the "three beauty" although originated from the ancient Greek myths and legends, but also used the technique system in Italy, but the character image is full of Flanders cheerful atmosphere. Goddess of three tough, plump body is permeated with the vitality of life and their expression of joy and confidence. Dana had talked about in the artistic philosophy, Rubens's image: Flemish people is not easy art to accept the italians concept of human body, because "he grew up in a cold, damp places, bare body shiver, the body there no required by the classical art perfect proportion, natural and unrestrained attitude, often excessive body fat, nutrition, soft white easy to red, need to put on the clothes." The fact, however, such as gombrich says, "those who dislike for women Rubens painting obese people, general notices Rubens painting is how wonderful."
Rubens often painted on the wood, and even a lot of oil painting work also draw on the board, this is keep Netherlands Rubens painting techniques. In Italy there are very few artists draw oil painting on board, especially in the 17th century, almost all oil canvas. While Rubens otherwise, painted on the white board to which he was very light, sometimes will also be coated with a white background transparent oil paints. On the colored wood paintings, Rubens coloring is thin, generally with pure linseed oil and turpentine mixed in the paint. Such as stored in the hermitage museum's portrait of princess Isabella's maids "is a typical works of Rubens, still can clearly see that the texture of the board. Due to Rubens remain well the advantages of oil painting techniques in the Netherlands, so his works is not easy to change now: since he also absorbed the techniques of Italy, so colorful, thick, is a classic example of traditional oil painting research.
Rubens on technique combines two techniques system, Netherlands and Italy Renaissance Flanders painting, oil painting development in Europe have a significant impact. During his studying in Italy in 1600-1608, copy a lot of titian's works, on the way of expression is also influenced by Michelangelo. Early Rubens painting originally drafted, directly use paint draw sketches, don't copy method, but also other step with traditional brushwork, use brown backing, put all the dark parts of painting and transparent and not overweight, deep in a color to paint again, with a bright green gray oil painting reproductions of light and shade, dark parts without white powder, the last to cover up with a layer of a layer of transparent color. After you come back from Italy, much affected by titian, Rubens technique in light grey and dark (Chinese white + black + red yellow + a small amount of brown) painted on the bottom of the picture. Rubens painting insist on practice, this is he retains the Netherlands, a symbol of the traditional method. Rubens painting dark transparent, color is warm, very thin middle cadence, show its impression. This is also the important features of Rubens painting. Rubens painting shadow always avoid is used a white and black, so his painting shadow special breathable, he told his students said: "when you draw shadow must be light and transparent, must avoid to add white powder, even a little bit. White powder, it is the poison of oil painting, white powder can only add in the light, because of the transparent white powder prevent dark. Light white powder can use thicker, but must keep clean."
Rubens in the arrangement of colour profusion of large screen and give the picture to energy aspect has the incomparable talent, the talent earned Rubens a painter than past glory. The capture Lv Xipu's daughter is Rubens a series of large painting series, transparent color layer upon layer overlay.
Daughter of painting: capture Lv Xipu painter: Rubens
Daughter of painting: capture Lv Xipu painter: Rubens
Rubens's works is full of life and vitality, compared with the previous, Rubens painting is no longer use the color mold drawings carefully, they are using the means of "painting" (Painterly) painted (" painting "in German Malerisch, and" while "Linear relative, is the theory put forward by Lin, Wolfe on technique or not by contour lines to capture the object, but with the light and dark color face to modelling: make the mutual fusion, image edge or into the background. Representative painters as titian, Rubens and Rembrandt. On the contrary, botticelli, Michelangelo is the representative of the" line ").

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Rubens painting 《The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus》 and reaction of the local social customs

Rubens painting 《The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus》 and reaction of the local social customs

Two plump naked women was hijacked by brown hair, the strong man, their car fore upright, nostrils. Peter Paul Rubens (Rubens) in the oil painting "the daughter of Lv Xipu, of capture" shows girl was hijacked and scenes of violence, and better to update the close to the theme of the plunder taken captive the sabine women.
Daughter of painting: capture Lv Xipu painter: Peter Paul Rubens
Daughter of painting: capture Lv Xipu painter: Peter Paul Rubens
Like the sabine women of exile, unsuspecting woman was a group of single men think women want to mad, snatched away from their homes and her fiance. Picture composition also gain inspiration from ancient myths: card stowe ear (Castor) and wave flow (Pollux), two brothers from messina, staples (Messine Leucippe) the king's daughter, Phoebe and in accordance with the rai (Phoebe etHila 'ire () contempt, two brothers, one day suddenly appeared, will be two of the beauty. Card stowe ear and wave flow is mythology half brother.
Daughter of the capture Lv Xipu this oil painting, Rubens showed the vivid images of women were hijacked. Capture events occurred in two young girl with a cousin of their marriage banquet. Detailed history of the bridegroom's resistance and fighting with the hijackers. Struggle, Mr Stowe ear was stabbed to death, his father Zeus finally saved his life. Rubens did not adopt the episode, however, he just inked in the men's violent struggle with women were stripping off their clothes. Rubens explicit the character of men's and women's physical contact: card stowe ear to reach into a woman's thighs, wave flow, fingers catch another woman's armpit, one of his legs below the mat in the women's upper body. Painter Rubens distortion of women's body, and the man after touching the body of slightly vibrate very concerned about, and draw the golden mane of horses went up, a woman's breasts stick to summon up the belly, and women's cheeks and lips radiant with blood. Beautiful on rai, due to excessive frightened his mouth, eyes turned white looked at day, one hand to take on card stowe ear arm, at the mercy.
Rubens painting the picture journal Lv Xipu daughter, of capture violent action, through the oblique line type composition. Card stowe ears and wave flow, head, and the girl's head, to form the first diagonal from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, and the horse to the days section lines, make the diagonals appears more prominent. Another diagonals with the first one, to the contrary, it will be two women's body is separated, and phoebe raised his hand and horse's forelegs, is to extend the diagonals. In the details of the painting, slash, occupies an important position in the same. All the action on the screen without any stable direction and pause attitude; Human body curved or bent, arms towards extending in all directions, the hair, horse hair and clothes. Vertical and horizontal lines in the picture does not exist at all.
In contrast, the background of the oil painting is completely different. Painter Rubens in a rough way to draw the outline of a scenery, make the thick across the clouds in the sky, fields and almost imperceptible, drawing on the right side of the future, there are a few weeds in plants, also like still nothing happened. Rubens use contrast technique here: the quiet environment; More foil a fierce action painting figures.
Besides the lines and the movement control methods have obvious effect, the painter Rubens in the picture is to express the artistic conception: compared to other aspects of women's pale color brown color of skin, as compared with men women's smooth skin armor gloss compared with men. Prospects of rose, silver, lux and deep ochre, constitutes the color in the more pictures. Background GouMiao briefly, in blue and green.
These control methods, dealing with classical painting in deeper into subject matter of the original novel, as well as the importance of sports, slash, create a new style of painting
Baroque painter in the aspect of human performance strong sensual, contributing to the formation of the baroque style, also describe into new inspiration for the human body. The "river of Rubens, forgetting, lazy courtyard, fresh and tender meat pillow, where people have no love, but life is still keep stir, like the wind in the air, the tide in the sea." Baudelaire, Baudelaire wrote in 1861 "lighthouse" wrote in a poem.
On the body, especially on the performance of the woman body, is one of the main features, Rubens painting, but also won him the key to success. In Rubens works and numerous nude figures, have accurate typical figure. Man body thin, muscular, complexion is ruddy, rough skin, brown or reddish brown hair. Women are just the opposite: blond hair hang freely, often pale skin, the body is always soft and more curve. In a woman can't see any joint, ankle, shoulder bloated thick parts, such as the belly has many wrinkles, curve. Their attitude is lewd, tender, soft, rich fleshy body tightly wrapped in men, moans, eyes looking up to heaven, with all sorts of twist body posture, touch the man's skin, let a man touch myself. The success of a woman's body is Rubens works, he painted the woman in the body, is an object of desire to vent, for the audience to appreciate.
"From childhood to old age, Rubens heart seems to be some sort of immortal pursuit: a firm idea enables him to enduring imagine love for women. In the two marriages Rubens continued the pursuit of ideals, as he through his works reflect." Artists and critics Eugene ・ frodo mans temple (Eugene fromentin) in a comment on the importance of romantic work "the old masters," when it comes to the woman of Rubens painting to say so.
Isabel is Rubens Brandt's first wife. Rubens in the October 8, 1609 married her, that Rubens 32, Isabel, 18 years old. Custom oil painting Their marriage is reasonable: Isabel belong to Antwerp upper class, she is the wife of the brother Philip (Philippe) Rubens's niece, because of the family, she is combined with Rubens. In many portraits, we can see her with Rubens portraits. Her eyes is very big, nose dainty, looks very cute, but unfortunately died in a 1626 popular plague. Rubens had recalled: "I lost a good partner... she women no defect..."
Helen... Helen foreman (HeleneFourment) is Rubens's second wife, also is really make Rubens a passionate woman. In four years after the death of Isabel, they held a wedding. Rubens had 53 years old, five years later died. Helen became the most wealthy widow. Rubens has known before a second marriage, to marry a noble woman, but he has publicly admitted: "I have a passion for freedom, and can't abandon her to marry an old woman." There are several pictures Rubens is Helen as models.
...... Other women. Rubens life obsessed with women, but only lust fully enjoy with his wife. Rubens was a full expression in the work of the female body is eager to the painter of feeling, but it is a loyal to his wife's husband, this can be from Rubens premarital and Isabel's death, no confirmed in the affair. And it is said that, Rubens never female nude models of the studio, he painted nude is purely imaginary. However, Isabel's sister, suzanne did let him move. Rubens, a total of seven portrait painted, for her than for his second wife painted portraits. Due to the painter Rubens grew up in a pious Catholic countries, adultery is strictly forbidden, offenders will be subject to the law. Rubens, therefore, only the lust of the vent in the painting, which made a great paintings elegantly magnificent and moving.

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Rubens painting artistic achievement and the painter's great influence on later generations

Rubens painting artistic achievement and the painter's great influence on later generations
Peter Paul Rubens (Peter Paul Rubens 1577-06-28 ~ 1577-06-28) on June 28, 1577, Peter Paul Rubens was born in Germany, root town of a lawyer's family. Rubens was originally from in landscape painter, hash and versatile painter Ada's van Noel, on their door for 4 years time to study, has laid a solid painting foundation, soon be was a disciple of the pooh uz returning from the Roman, benefit the Rubens is very big, this makes young artist to Italy, especially in Rome is full of beautiful yearning. When he was 21 years old to become a member of the Antwerp painter association. Two years after achieved the dream of studying in Italy.
Rubens came to Venice, Italy in 1600, he is extremely devout attitude study titian color art and d she has a lively rhythm composition and shading. Later visit to Rome and fiorentina and Genoa, carefully copying ancient art and research masters paintings from the Renaissance stage. At the same time, caravaggio realism famous oil painting, strong artistic effect also attracted him, and the most interested in is on the rise of Italian baroque art. The art of the baroque style dominated the he wrote almost a lifetime of activity.
Rubens life creation, mainly religious myth is the subject of his creation, in Christianity inevitably restricted by the church, but in the mythological creation, can free play to his own artistic personality. Rubens from Venice masters colour modelling of the enlightenment, in his creation, color art got perfect play, more than what he respect Venetian school achievement.
Rubens life is extremely abundant, work have a grand scene, strong movement, powerful modelling, imaginative and dramatic plot; Comparative and bright, loud, full color; Flow line, exciting picture art effect, give a person with a gorgeous, colorful hot, exult encouraged artistic feeling.
Rubens life live a life as a prince, died at the age of 49 wife, at the age of 53, with a 16-year-old girl Helen rich, married and still live a happy life. During his 63 - year - old covered his own artistic life, human art treasure house for more than three thousand painting art treasures. French art historian Dana said: only a Rubens Flanders, as only a Shakespeare of British, no matter how great the rest of the painter, the total lack of part of a genius. Rubens painting of Flanders and the development of western oil painting, is of great significance, in the late 17th century French Royal Academy of fine arts in Paris there is a batch of Rubens. 18 ~ 19th century French painter, delacroix, renoir and Reynolds, a British painter, constable cloth such as in different extent influenced by him.