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held in national art museum of China oil painting to commemorate

The creation of the landscape oil painting reproductions by Chen shu-ding was started by the "four Kings", which was traced back to the song and yuan dynasty. Chen spent his whole life loving shi tao, and he was very clever by the monk. Consolidation period is Chen Banding mountains and rivers painting creation in the 1930 s, its main characteristics are so over proxima for fundamental key, at the same time into the oil painting the house from the song the method of the quaint interest works both the song and yuan, and the Ming and qing dynasties text charm, caused to a more ShuFang, pale embellish, quaint, the overall spirit of heavy and complicated. After 1950, Chen's landscape reflected his pursuit of the virtual environment. These work appears to be in writing, the pen painting has indeed and rewelding ever there has been a big change, painting style more acuity, muddy, the practice of mountains and waters, into big congenial ink art language, to explain their understanding of natural tsunami and artistic aspirations.
Chen Banding inherited, led by fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo, ren yi, "Shanghai style" characteristics of the oil painting, and brought it to Beijing more in the "Beijing" is limited by mutations, ultimate formed with qi baishi congeniality corresponding small enjoyable style, he "chan sect, far-reaching influence. The flower bird of Chen pie is traced back to the green vine and white Yang, while also has a broad view of shi tao, yun nan tian and yangzhou eight monsters.
The real market is good for oil painting
At the time, Chen and Chen said "two Chen". In 1917, he and qi baishi understood, and became lan-handed, and his creation was difficult to lead. Moreover, the "declining year" of qi baishi was also promoted. Chen Banding is one of the educators in the early 20th century Chinese painting paintings, as early as 1918 in Beijing, national art oil painting designed indications school Ren Chuanshou, become one of the earliest teaching in college education of Chinese painting in modern times. 1920, Chen Banding come from jincheng, Zhou Zhaoxiang, Chen Shiceng Xu Yansun etc, sets up the successor type exists in the modern Chinese art history, Jane, painting and sprouts "traditional Chinese painting study seminar". In 1923, 1926, "Beijing" in the most handsome  position Chen Shiceng and jincheng died, Chen Banding end up cotton textile factory, as the founder of the "Beijing school" matter.
As descendants of the "Shanghai style" best, fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo and ren yi, oil painting, Chen Banding in the age of 31 is now in Beijing today Jin Chengli invite famous artists, north to the capital, closed his "a warm southerly breeze north gradually" process. At wu chang-peu, Chen shi zeng, jin cheng and other people, the introduction and the announcement of the announcement. Fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo for pupil can lift the residual situation in Beijing and in 1910, close to Beijing, wanders for months, painting will Chen Banding recommendation in beiping art circle at that time, write calligraphy and painting, seal cutting, traction and for him personally.
Chen semidine (1876 -- 1970) was born in the town of keqiao, shaoxing, zhejiang province. The name is jingshan, jingshan, semi - ding, which is very much, and often has the worship hall, drinking snow, five mu garden, etc. In the oil painting of Chen - ding, from the end of Ming dynasty, he began to work as a medical doctor, and his family was poor. When he was young, he died of fire and gas. At the age of 15, when Chen was apprenticed to a bank in ranxi, the first time he was in the middle of an apprenticeship, he said, "the book has become a bone of the bone.
2016 oil paintings with Chen Banding's 2016th birthday, ta kung pao courtyard in the Forbidden City, the Chinese country mellow soil hall, national art museum of China, the local literature and history study hall, art research institute of China fine arts study, Beijing art academies, a: rongbaozhai, Chen Banding memorial hall, and other cultural units, under the support of the close of the year 2016 was held in national custom oil painting art museum of China oil painting to commemorate the 140th birthday of Chen Banding art, chu art gallery, this is the first time Chen Banding works in cloth whole display platform, as well as the excellent work in people's face to face a life art focus on appearance, embodies the study of modern art and the bird's nest against Chen Banding art beginning with the lack of esteem. Compared with qi baishi, Chen's works are at a low price. But following the art circles to study Chen half of the instrument and deep, also will be effective for the market of his works to promote immaculate.
In the last century 90 years, Chen Banding works very right in the face in the frontier field, such as the bottle gourd figure paintings in 1997 Beijing RongBao at a sale to 509400 yuan, in the same year, "is the central plains" in Beijing HanHai clinch a deal for 505000 yuan. After entering the 21st century, the value of Chen's works is down, but its value is still low compared with qi baishi. For example, in 2003, the oil painting of sanyou xingyin was sold in China guardian with 1.1 million yuan. "The four screens of flowers and plants" was taken to 39.06 million yuan. In 2010, the Beijing legend was the autumn shooting, which sold for 716.80 million yuan. In the 2011 Beijing Goethe Spring Festival, "double rabbit" orange orange green sold for 3.45 million yuan; 2 oil painting in the spring auction of Hong Kong Christie's in 014, "the carye reader" sold for 24.4 million.
In 1895, when he was 19 years old, he left Shanghai with his cousin wu Yin, and made a living in yan's thick home, making a living by rubbing, carving and couplets. Here, he had the privilege of oil painting for the fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo, ren yi, PuHua, Wu Shixian, Yang Borun, Liu Lianfu, Gu Linshi, Huang Shanshou, wu 糓 cheung, Jin Xinlan including sea wandering souls junior coaching and teaching, "know the flavor text, legislation purpose, free and easy dry run and verve, the virtual address of excess the smell", is fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo, as the most benefit from the oil painting "in the body.
At the beginning of the founding of new China, because of politics and art "in the sketch to transform the traditional Chinese painting" the fusion of pie, the influence of the square of Chinese painting by persistent, this show is especially in the capital has a problem. In the face of such situation, Chen has flooded the "Beijing school" painter, the passive chi oil painting drive order, the idea of planning the old film's retention title and the Chinese painting inheritance and development title problem. Under its proponents beginning, the government in 1954 formally established the "national fine arts study" (that is now studying Chinese art academy art research institute), it is also China's first ever country level professional art painting study institution. After the founding of new China, the authorities also gave Chen Banding high cold, he repeatedly by MAO zedong, zhou enlai, liu shaoqi, such as meeting led by the party and the exhibitors, enjoy the glory of the noble in civilians.
"South wind north" generation
In the 20th century, Chinese painting, oil painting, the giants of how a love calligraphy and painting, brush life ceaseless, calendar in late qing dynasty and the republic of China, the "ancient" profound and thorough, in according to the life of more than 70 years, for painting and calligraphy seal cutting BiZi career, Benedict to power line reflects the era trend. He was born and qi baishi said that after the death, a long period of time is opposite to the painting of the "half - ding white people" - Chen.
As an eponymous CaoTai team leaders, have long-term and qi baishi Chen Banding JinDangDai made a good filial piety of art history for China, in the art market has long buried and flashing market constantly tepid. The reason is that the oil painting is precisely because of the fact that Chen banding is outspoken, if the characteristics of the dark to accept MAO suit, and the dispersity of his position has been affected. As a result of this, after the reform and opening up, the study of Chen's art has not been paid enough attention to the research, nor can it constitute a detailed study. When, with the determination and the art of Tibetan painter against Chen Banding winding continued to deepen, and deal with the Chinese ancient art history was carried out, the work of the market will probably complete return value.
Chen was in Beijing in 1956 to hold a small exhibition in Beijing, with qi baishi. In the end, as early as the republic of China, the works of the oil painting Chen - ding were popular in the market, not only good, but also the price of painting was higher than qi baishi's works. His work with qi baishi is well displayed on the shooting court. Like qi baishi's "flourishing evergreen", which was signed by MAO zedong to sukarno, the former President of Indonesia. After the death of sukarno, the painting returned to China, and in 2005 Beijing hanhai spring was sold for $2035. In the 2011 Beijing rongbao Spring Festival, Chen and qi baishi helped to clinch the deal with "four screens of flowers and birds" for 3,248,000 yuan. In 2014, the Beijing hanhai spring photography, qi bai oil painting stone, Chen half of the painting "scratches" a deal with 12.65 million yuan.
By comparison, Chen's works have been reduced in price. Chen is a painter of the age of the aged, whose works are many, and his works are sold at the Beijing gallery, and a lot of works are flowing to Hong Kong. In the early years of the last century, the works were sold in Hong Kong for only a few hundred pulmonary veins. By the mid-1980s, Chen's works were the first to appear on the scene, most of them in the thousands of new ones. In the late 1980s, the prices of Chen's works were on display, such as the 1989 "long song survey" in Hong Kong with oil paintings of 5.72 million.oil painting
Wing flavour.first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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