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art oil painting market in 2016 Chinese oil painting market gradually to a rational

Wind ring medicine according to the 2016 art oil painting market ", in 2016 Chinese oil painting market gradually to a rational, personal "bottomed out". This painting and calligraphy, market heat continue to landing in 2016, clinch a deal the number, volume of business division fell 32.68% year-on-year, 32.68% oil paintings. From the point of transaction WangNian, contemporary painting and calligraphy confronting continued weak eminence.
Prices have rebounded trend
According to the daily economic activity reporter understood, that art Canon China's auction "high yield" series of artists have zhou chunya, HongLing, QiuDe tree, less oil painting yanyan, grace tan poi chiew, lu XiaoFeng and Duan Zhengqu, etc. In recent years, whether you know them, their work in the market of an auction target have the same parabolic - works auction price has reached the market thief, fell back to the low today, so that some back to the private affair leave ten years before painting.
From the above, some oil painting reproductions artists auction index does not lose face in recent years, zhou chunya, Liu Yanshao, QiuDe auction of trees and the developmental policy, has a tendency to the dips back; XiaoFeng, Duan Zhengqu and grace tan poi chiew auction guidelines are still low. To appreciate the artist auction details on purpose, you also oil painting can login finance not two cows (WeChat ID: buerniu5188) examination.
If it is said, the art market with cow bear market, also has a voice wheel, in common language appreciation for stock market, the purchase of a low value of work is not without principle.
Comply with ya chang data painting pleated skirt in the dinner, the artist HongLing auction in 2016 for an average of 40000 yuan per flat feet, with the value of 2013 nearly unchanged; In 2014, its hand painted oil painting work age two season auction for an average of 55000 yuan each ruler; From 2013 to 2014, the yield of nearly 38%. With is, if a painting may complete income, still have to follow the market agricultural.
Is auction every day have a preview to see every day, but bare out, "estimates more than 100000 high yield of flowers will start shooting", "Shanghai works worth staying power is big, every year's 15% gain the most consistent investment" paintings auction, it is not much.
According to ya chang purposes, in the autumn of 2016, HongLing works every ruler for an average of 35000 yuan, the average price nearly unchanged, in four years ago, have; In 2014, the director general of the value of their work is in recent years - every ruler of 70000 yuan.Vincent van Gogh In addition, zhou chunya is urgent painting series fire today on prices also fell to 450000 yuan; And if domestic autumn 2012 years, its trumpet creeper works "beginning in 2010 as a shaolin in full bloom" clinch a deal valence nearly 140 million yuan. Similarly also, QiuDe tree's works, the average price of 2016 also fell to 10000 yuan, the value of the painting is almost a decade ago levels. Price movements, and a few other artists generally also if anyone from the chin down to the lows, today in the low spin GongXueGu.
Price is parabolic
Recent boom in the art market. Recently, humble abode auction market and the oil painting because Chen Rong $340 million to clinch a deal the six by the fire. But to deal with this kind of collection, and for a lot of people can only see xiao suo.
Art preservation or buy right, figure themselves in love; Or a local tyrants purchase price is high, buy a masterpiece. And ordinary investors increasingly tend to be more lots liters of oil painting value space and investment potential. In every year's 15% gain, nature has attracted a lot attention. Exactly is who works so promising? Their value direction how everything works? The current really worth the investment?
If from the point of view of preface, investment always fastidious bottom oil paintings, emphasizes the buy low sell high. And art market of uncommon and determines it is long-term has mark, so chase high double irrational investment, more critical investors on dips. As for the spread of "15%" a year, also still matter from market conditions and investors hold time to comprehensive judgement.
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