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Chinese art oil painting auction is underway in the pipeline. From the recent major auction houses

The annual spring of Chinese art oil painting auction is underway in the pipeline. From the recent major auction houses published by action, diffuse yan around in business deals are organized to carry out lots of collection. This spring will be what kind of works of art market movements, nature is the industry attention and words according to the outskirts of the oil painting. What is, in the final clinch a deal out once upon a time, all the sweets are only erected on the warp and woof of if, but, the memory past auction process, we can perhaps from a few modeled after those, the change of reference factors in Iraq to market the heave of cockroaches in the future. That the art of the estimate is equal to a for oil paintings with reference to one of the award.
Sightseeing agriculture, points out that oil painting reproductions in general, affect the sale value of concave and convex ingredients is art price of the auction itself, the mind of the QingTuoRen price, bitch works auction site specific, the recent economic and auction market environment, etc. And do theory is the low value items at a price, or the high valuation painting items with homemade clinch a deal or auction, the auction house for sale value that is a very touchy incident, to configure auction valuation within a reasonable size, test is not only professional knowledge, and to the market, the bidder hobby and so on various aspects factor of appreciation. Lots of overvalued, weaken buyers painting of emotion, that of auction; Value is too low, would be greatly depressed people decisively on sale at a price.
Although no mood to have individual items and make purchase price attack larger luck cash, but statistics show that custom oil painting the auction house on personal items between value and price to maintain in a reasonable, good painting within range. Like in Beijing in 2010 to mark the fifth anniversary of kuang shi fall always valued at 900 million yuan, the total turnover reached 1.57 billion yuan. Beijing poly autumn the total value of about 2 billion yuan, the total turnover reached 5.28 billion yuan. Valuation and follow the art market becomes more and more childish, items and eventually hard into oil painting price gap are revealed gradually the trend of convergence, such as Hong Kong su fu is held in October 2016 (weibo) in the Chinese art autumn, have sprung up in a total of six auction nearly 300 lots, and total value of about 623 million gas, and the final clinch a deal amount is 603 million seismic wave, a sanitary items of oil painting qing qianlong emperor royal treasure jade dragon NiuFangXi, valued at 80 million to 120 million meters, 91.48 million theaters to clinch a deal; Poly autumn sales in Hong Kong, present a total of more than 1800 items, pre-sale estimate more than 700 million times because ultimately turnover exceeds 1.1 billion hearsay that was handed down, nothing more than a few pieces of weight in this auction valuation levels of painting Realism-(1830-1870) items is set to stay, it game-high wu guanzhong "lotus pond" clinch a deal valence is 106.2 million army. From this perspective, more and more on valuation of art auction, for predicting the future market supply a weak support, as well as collectors for art, business supplies a judgment in accordance with the painting.
five art meters deep painting trenches, handheld detectors art , their exploration painting with each piece art of law, with all my painting heart." This is a reporter art on March 6, downstairs painting in downtown chat all city art ancient east cold painting lane of the oil painting work link exchange scene circumstances.
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