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oil painting china edition bibliography have a special liking to yangzhou poetry bureau KeShu

One, the yangzhou poetry bureau and the whole tang poetry
Emperor kangxi gave cao Yin the task of writing "the whole tang poem", and then he arranged the school garden. Five xing sheng driving jiangnan ready and record record, March 18 kangxi emperor kangxi forty-four years in gusu, Peng Ding o "YouHuaJie knock at all to TV", such as March 20, "give suzhou health equipment Peng Ding for each cakes and sweetmeats, such as full working hours a dish". Emperor kangxi, who had been probing the disease of peng's request, gave his royal book a great look and said,photo to painting "you are well educated, and you have good stubble, and the door is good, no matter the clerk." "The life of the doctor and the school of the whole tang poetry, xu beg a false picture to be an official rise of the official. The conclusion is to be in the bureau two, the end is also, and the time to take a leave." On March 22, "the word of the oracle," the king of the Chinese government, was called in the name of the calligraphy of the imperial family of the han dynasty. In early April 6, "in hangzhou, called... trained Shao Yuanping, talk about oil painting and three had nine dry, Shen Kai once, Yang Zhongne, Chen, roughly Chen Bangyan, compose a poem by steel, title fu..." , April 24, in the constant state "called again at the provincial national Wang Zehong, bear , Wang Cai, car ding jin, from Shu, pan from law, six hong huang palace poems appear before test"  P6 oil painting. Here,  Wang Yi Peng Ding o, Xu Shuben, shen has three, Yang Zhongne, car ding jin, pan from the law of the nine were flush, of course, there are several no "life is yangzhou's journal and the school" author trys to research, "qin called bun calligraphy history" records, but joint Cao Yin kangxi forty-four years painting may month ShuoRi booster: "minister Yin ready and be sealed, organizing tang set, life word minister Peng Ding for nine members of the school magazine. Minister Yin has style, the first day of the session may start to tianning temple, has yet to Yang, its application to his school magazine, and would like to when smell. Again, leap April 23, is the academician courtyard precious LiangShiChen YuMei to minister Yin yamen, oral oracle on canvas, life minister YuMei nearby school magazine tang set. Qin here." [19] (P32), we know that the growing number of yu mei has been swept up by the people in the ten jiangsu-zhejiang provinces. "In March, kangxi was on the tour of the Yangtze river," peng said, "and in the book of the ten people of the academicians of the academician," the whole painting of tang poetry, "was in yangzhou. Why does [20] (P741) rise to the academicians of jiangsu and zhejiang provinces? Zhou Xun thought that this is because the urgent task at the moment, in the early adoption of is suitable Syria, with "nearby" AD, shall gather up the boiling point of a class, it also provides a relief the work is not a complete early management but after painting according to the department to pay the reality of [3] (P186). Zhou xun's record in the oval shape with zhu yi's "the collinage sequence" proves the agreement between the two books. Then, from the "kangxi 42 years, st ZuRen days ridge royal" , the kangxi 44 years, there are also two years painting clouds, completely don't have to in a hurry, so the problem the other needs to be continued wholesalers.
Cao Yin created with hall of martial valor edits in the qing dynasty governor KeShu depressed, is published in the qing dynasty of print but hidden in the study of a subject, Cao Yincheng carved qin goes is the author trys to compare the need of a painting. From the original one to remember when trend includes processing of gold "take knitting, fit for Cao Yin KeShu deeds narrative , the roc TaoXiang" qing temple oil painting china edition bibliography "have a special liking to yangzhou poetry bureau KeShu , then talk about version, publishing the works of print are saying Cao Yin KeShu, but the real discussion Cao Yin KeShu fact soon not painting. Zhou Xun early "Syria < tang > written by room" is the first piece of one-sided view of yangzhou poetry bureau organizing paper, the author trys to dig first-hand creativity theory from the history, suffers from example. Xie Guozhen "from the hall of martial valor spoke of yangzhou qing poetry bureau KeShu introduction includes processing of gold" version ", and the gold includes processing of promoting Cao Yin painting made further appreciation and noted, think Cao Yin kangxi dynasty was write a fine fine carved the wind of labor room . Pan Tianzhen bureau of yangzhou poetry of miscellaneous Cao Yin in yangzhou in the organizing of the purport KeShu, melia japonica pavilion editions, this temple, and bureau of yangzhou poetry KeShu, and "edition", etc., the bear and detailed analysis, there is oil painting into [5]; Li Zhizhong "KeShu tests described in the qing dynasty" [6], Lu Xiuju "royal printing career of qing dynasty TuXi" , Han Wenning Cao Yin and bureau of yangzhou poetry and its KeShu , DouXiuYan KeShu home Cao Yin "in the qing dynasty" , just less the Cao Yin KeShu exam ", wong's" Cao Yin and yangzhou depolarization ", etc., are done to cao canvas Yin KeShu gastroscope room different narrative, cao raf Cao Yin and bureau of yangzhou poetry, yangzhou guo pros and cons KeShu activities and his doctoral dissertation" Kang Yonggan book discussion "same place very signet  on the relationship of the bureau of yangzhou poetry and yangzhou work break exercises puts forward a new knowledge. Yale university teach Spence (Jona paintings than d. Spence) with The Cao Yin and kangxi: a royal courtier save reveal "(Ts' ao Yin & The K 'ang - His Emperor) is so far only one department unilaterally seeking Cao Yin for nicotine works paintings . There is also wang cheng's book, the yangzhou engrave, and a large reserve. The results of these studies are likely to be based on the needs of the nest. In this paper, the author of the paper, with a brief appearance, has written "the whole tang poem" in the bureau of cao Yin and yangzhou poetry bureau to discuss the concept of the seminar itself.
Kangxi 44 years (1705) of oil painting, kangxi emperor, the fifth southern march "17, drive luckily gusu, in panic.... on... 19 a, the author trys to command the jiangning weaving Cao Yin yearbooks, etc by academician Peng Ding nine people, still turn up."  (P677-678) "into the tang table" also said: "kangxi four paintings on March 19th, in the fourteenth year announced by order, author trys to minister Yin organizing, I pray, I shen has three, minister of nerd, I from the law, I , minister this tree, I ding jin, I Wang Yi, I heir, I may correct." . It's true that this grandfather is infallible. At the same time, cao Yin's oil painting was made by jiangning (the official thief in nanjing), and was in the first two years of the history of the two people.
At the same time, cao was directed to the bottom of the poem. Zhou Ruchang "dream of the red chamber new card in both Chinese collection", in the classical "to share other words" volume four article sign "tang poetry, and a little oil painting above all remember jiangning (Cao Yin) tang later said:" yi gathered around early tang set, to issue, the author trys to its meaning of perilous Cao Yinqi, kangxi, nominal premise of ear." The  zhou's question is hu shi's "resolute wish," but he is "careful to prove it" because no nomads are in oil painting. Song Luo documentary "on the hair, author trys to command the jiangning weaving minister Cao Yin yearbook", kangxi emperor the preface to drive makes tang also said: "I send in all, the author trys to life the word minister" to-on series sign "the encoding, and revision, search by heritage." is known as the "complete tang poetry" painting by emperor kangxi.the first painting axis of luo zhenyu. In 2013, the 12 territories art painting Beijing kuang-kuang painting news made a "knockout" for 59.80 million yuan.

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