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The price is relative to a specific market for oil paintings although the same art

Can be seen from the above analysis, the face as a work of art, we can perhaps meet market price changes, the differences are that the value of a work of art or even academic position macro strong change happened? I think, the answer must be a work of art of the inherent value won't have big change, but the label artwork of oil painting of the value of environment and great changes have taken place in the coordinate system, it is a relatively more destined to answer. Because we know that the value of the art is relative to the process of correlation, and value is a sign of the buy oil painting market. The price is relative to a specific market for oil paintings, although the same art may be at odds with the same art in disagreement. The relationship between the price and value of the Chinese art market makes the art market not only full of change, but also more of a good idea. At the same time, it is also the center of the Chinese art market that is filled with hope, absorption and opinion.
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Here we should point out that art value and the price of the rebellious first refers to the price and its intrinsic value consistent steps and disambiguation of dispute of market dealers. This is mainly embodied in three primary schools: one is the price level and much higher than the shape of the rebel of the art intrinsic value, this is largely due to some of the problems existing in the art oil painting market, the price is not very good and usefully reflect value connotation, and more is dominated by some Cousins than intrinsic value, such as the promotion of marketing hype, interview rent-seeking market, make some market value mute denier old deviate from the intrinsic oil painting reproductions value standard of fire. The second is the fact that the price level of the old fire is lower than that of the art oil painting, which is a good example of the invention of huang qiu yuan and Chen zizhuang. First, it is the result value evaluation standard and its useful information delivery channels do not apply, the value of the inner surface is simple was engulfed by desolate in the market and the ranking of signs, in the dynamic explosion era, in "good wine and they were afraid of oil painting path" tragedy of the market. Of course, these two species of sepium are two relatively extreme situations where the value and value of the species are in disorder. As a matter of fact, it's more a little and repeatedly revealed performance within a period of time value and the price of a shift, is let's speak, absolute consensus is a kind of cylindrical, is painting does not have, the market appears "shake - deviation, callback, resolutely" such a mutual idea of value and value system is the most throughout the reality, and also is a kind of performance, market logic and clever just gastrula need is more time.
In recent 30 years in the process of Chinese oil painting art market, indeed, there is a title has been invaded the people, the subject is the value of the art and the cost. We all know, from the perspective of economics, the price is the value of appear to reflect, but the realistic situation is, in the Chinese art market, cost and value each other meet or is or the appearance of oil painting is only one ambition, and fault section, or even a forsaken in more time is the norm. Due to the gap between art oil painting reproductions on the square send righteousness born great industrial manufacturing under the premise of goods, the value of actual team and the price of the decisive mechanism also is not the same, in a lot of time, this kind of value and the value of the oil painting market dislocation and uprising has become a kind of art market for the power, it's torture people more to create a way to complete the value according to the more characteristics, which is determined by the basic characteristic of the art market. As we know, in the big background of civilization and culture value under the framework, the value of the art of jadeite and painting decisive himself, it is not a accident, making his mark the value of art decisive futile and can be used to invest value standard of decisive, indeed, in the differences of history stage, its itself is equal to a persist variables change according to the invention, plus the market price of the cause is a coordinate system, under the consistent coordinate spare oil paintings, the price of the same piece of art will generally have macro and adverbial. Let's open early in the change, as well as its comprehensive national strength and the degree of the flock together, time is considered to be works of art for in recently seemed almost like to white. Is not allow to suspect, as China's economy and culture network continue to rise, in later years painting month we look at the so-called KeQi sky-high artwork, will also feel development party members at the stage of the real is not very high price. Further assume that society, the society of the insured property greatly lose the fat, then can produce a work of art will become invaluable treasure, because it is not just a work of art, more bearing oil painting AYe and cultural value.
The price and the value of dislocation is one of the art market norm and the power, for the price and the value of the same is the source of this kind of internal energy with inexhaustible root end. Whether the price of one hundred million yuan sale reflects its inner value, the most authoritative answer market, so the time is the most fair and painting gift certificates, we can do is the structure of the operation control and understand the art value and evaluation, and put it in a clear situation with coordinates. In the past year, there have been two unconnected figures: one is in the fall of 2010 and one is the Chinese art market. , in the paintings of Chinese art auction market in 2010 a year pay about $58.6 billion new records of the political section, only the autumn re-building was more than 38 billion yuan, compared with 22.5 billion yuan in 2009 turnover and beyond 150%, far higher than the growth of other economic sectors and rally. According to the west to bask in charge of the Chinese art market of oil painting, the white paper "(2010) pointed out that in 2011 the Chinese art market will continue to improve, art auction sales will break through 70 billion yuan RMB, the art market is always limited will reach 360 billion yuan. If with such ideas and trends, in a major breakout in the capital of Chinese art comes down prices under the condition of oil painting, more time new labels can be seen as a kind of value, is a new kind of milk.
What about the value of being in the million dollars? Is the price of the 100 million dollars inversely proportional to its painting value? This is a problem in 2010 art when Chinese art auction was painting the most turbulent art of the painting market.
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