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Rubens painting 《The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus》 and reaction of the local social customs

Rubens painting 《The Rape of the Daughters of Leucippus》 and reaction of the local social customs

Two plump naked women was hijacked by brown hair, the strong man, their car fore upright, nostrils. Peter Paul Rubens (Rubens) in the oil painting "the daughter of Lv Xipu, of capture" shows girl was hijacked and scenes of violence, and better to update the close to the theme of the plunder taken captive the sabine women.
Daughter of painting: capture Lv Xipu painter: Peter Paul Rubens
Daughter of painting: capture Lv Xipu painter: Peter Paul Rubens
Like the sabine women of exile, unsuspecting woman was a group of single men think women want to mad, snatched away from their homes and her fiance. Picture composition also gain inspiration from ancient myths: card stowe ear (Castor) and wave flow (Pollux), two brothers from messina, staples (Messine Leucippe) the king's daughter, Phoebe and in accordance with the rai (Phoebe etHila 'ire () contempt, two brothers, one day suddenly appeared, will be two of the beauty. Card stowe ear and wave flow is mythology half brother.
Daughter of the capture Lv Xipu this oil painting, Rubens showed the vivid images of women were hijacked. Capture events occurred in two young girl with a cousin of their marriage banquet. Detailed history of the bridegroom's resistance and fighting with the hijackers. Struggle, Mr Stowe ear was stabbed to death, his father Zeus finally saved his life. Rubens did not adopt the episode, however, he just inked in the men's violent struggle with women were stripping off their clothes. Rubens explicit the character of men's and women's physical contact: card stowe ear to reach into a woman's thighs, wave flow, fingers catch another woman's armpit, one of his legs below the mat in the women's upper body. Painter Rubens distortion of women's body, and the man after touching the body of slightly vibrate very concerned about, and draw the golden mane of horses went up, a woman's breasts stick to summon up the belly, and women's cheeks and lips radiant with blood. Beautiful on rai, due to excessive frightened his mouth, eyes turned white looked at day, one hand to take on card stowe ear arm, at the mercy.
Rubens painting the picture journal Lv Xipu daughter, of capture violent action, through the oblique line type composition. Card stowe ears and wave flow, head, and the girl's head, to form the first diagonal from the upper left corner to the lower right corner, and the horse to the days section lines, make the diagonals appears more prominent. Another diagonals with the first one, to the contrary, it will be two women's body is separated, and phoebe raised his hand and horse's forelegs, is to extend the diagonals. In the details of the painting, slash, occupies an important position in the same. All the action on the screen without any stable direction and pause attitude; Human body curved or bent, arms towards extending in all directions, the hair, horse hair and clothes. Vertical and horizontal lines in the picture does not exist at all.
In contrast, the background of the oil painting is completely different. Painter Rubens in a rough way to draw the outline of a scenery, make the thick across the clouds in the sky, fields and almost imperceptible, drawing on the right side of the future, there are a few weeds in plants, also like still nothing happened. Rubens use contrast technique here: the quiet environment; More foil a fierce action painting figures.
Besides the lines and the movement control methods have obvious effect, the painter Rubens in the picture is to express the artistic conception: compared to other aspects of women's pale color brown color of skin, as compared with men women's smooth skin armor gloss compared with men. Prospects of rose, silver, lux and deep ochre, constitutes the color in the more pictures. Background GouMiao briefly, in blue and green.
These control methods, dealing with classical painting in deeper into subject matter of the original novel, as well as the importance of sports, slash, create a new style of painting
Baroque painter in the aspect of human performance strong sensual, contributing to the formation of the baroque style, also describe into new inspiration for the human body. The "river of Rubens, forgetting, lazy courtyard, fresh and tender meat pillow, where people have no love, but life is still keep stir, like the wind in the air, the tide in the sea." Baudelaire, Baudelaire wrote in 1861 "lighthouse" wrote in a poem.
On the body, especially on the performance of the woman body, is one of the main features, Rubens painting, but also won him the key to success. In Rubens works and numerous nude figures, have accurate typical figure. Man body thin, muscular, complexion is ruddy, rough skin, brown or reddish brown hair. Women are just the opposite: blond hair hang freely, often pale skin, the body is always soft and more curve. In a woman can't see any joint, ankle, shoulder bloated thick parts, such as the belly has many wrinkles, curve. Their attitude is lewd, tender, soft, rich fleshy body tightly wrapped in men, moans, eyes looking up to heaven, with all sorts of twist body posture, touch the man's skin, let a man touch myself. The success of a woman's body is Rubens works, he painted the woman in the body, is an object of desire to vent, for the audience to appreciate.
"From childhood to old age, Rubens heart seems to be some sort of immortal pursuit: a firm idea enables him to enduring imagine love for women. In the two marriages Rubens continued the pursuit of ideals, as he through his works reflect." Artists and critics Eugene ・ frodo mans temple (Eugene fromentin) in a comment on the importance of romantic work "the old masters," when it comes to the woman of Rubens painting to say so.
Isabel is Rubens Brandt's first wife. Rubens in the October 8, 1609 married her, that Rubens 32, Isabel, 18 years old. Custom oil painting Their marriage is reasonable: Isabel belong to Antwerp upper class, she is the wife of the brother Philip (Philippe) Rubens's niece, because of the family, she is combined with Rubens. In many portraits, we can see her with Rubens portraits. Her eyes is very big, nose dainty, looks very cute, but unfortunately died in a 1626 popular plague. Rubens had recalled: "I lost a good partner... she women no defect..."
Helen... Helen foreman (HeleneFourment) is Rubens's second wife, also is really make Rubens a passionate woman. In four years after the death of Isabel, they held a wedding. Rubens had 53 years old, five years later died. Helen became the most wealthy widow. Rubens has known before a second marriage, to marry a noble woman, but he has publicly admitted: "I have a passion for freedom, and can't abandon her to marry an old woman." There are several pictures Rubens is Helen as models.
...... Other women. Rubens life obsessed with women, but only lust fully enjoy with his wife. Rubens was a full expression in the work of the female body is eager to the painter of feeling, but it is a loyal to his wife's husband, this can be from Rubens premarital and Isabel's death, no confirmed in the affair. And it is said that, Rubens never female nude models of the studio, he painted nude is purely imaginary. However, Isabel's sister, suzanne did let him move. Rubens, a total of seven portrait painted, for her than for his second wife painted portraits. Due to the painter Rubens grew up in a pious Catholic countries, adultery is strictly forbidden, offenders will be subject to the law. Rubens, therefore, only the lust of the vent in the painting, which made a great paintings elegantly magnificent and moving.

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