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Peter Paul Rubens climb the summit of creation is rugged, dangerous road. Young painter with Flanders in Antwerp painter took after the training

Peter Paul Rubens (hereinafter referred to as Rubens) climb the summit of creation is rugged, dangerous road. Young painter with Flanders in Antwerp painter took after the training, produce a kind of hard to suppress strong desire, hope to continue to climb the heights of art. Rubens to Italy - the birthplace of Renaissance, painting, sculpture, architecture masterpiece made him ecstatic. Rubens diligent study great rafael carefully in the Vatican murals, exploration to the line and color of the secrets of the structure, rhythm and harmony; His paintings copying titian and veronese, appreciate the Venetian school the magic of color; Rough tintoretto's works make him understand the incredible picture thumbnail skills and the creation of all sizes in a short time frame. However, Rubens real idol is the creator of the Sistine chapel fresco Michelangelo. Young painter Rubens spent hundreds of hours in the Sistine chapel, he was "the last trial," and the strong beat of the zenith of sharp picture stunned, above that each small images are difficult to achieve the art of the peak! In a word, just beginning painter Rubens did everything ready to become a master of art in the future. As a result, he really became a master of art.
Oil painting: Venus and Jupiter, the painter: Rubens
Oil painting: Venus and Jupiter, the painter: Rubens
But, in the recognition of Europe and is recognized as "the king of Kings of painter painter", Rubens never forget the Renaissance radiant peak, he have the courage to climb. Rubens three years before he died, the draw for the deeds of the st Peter's. Rubens decided to paint "is poured on the cross" Peter, he is sure that it will receive the effect of the "unusual". Can't help but make people immediately think of Michelangelo the outstanding paintings.
The Vatican, small church of Sao Paulo. Michelangelo created huge murals, a 75 - year - old Peter was crucified. In a heavy cross, the prophet, with his head down his eyes are very scary. It's hard to imagine that Rubens doesn't know the existence of the mural, he know. Rubens is hoping to create a picture of his own also carry weight.
Oh, great man's fantasy! Everything in the art masters there are baroque art. But Rubens ratio who all know more about their own weaknesses, his lack of Michelangelo has rugged in neat formation of the firm. Michelangelo devoted himself to the art, his inspiration is incomparable. Michelangelo in the eyes of many, is rude, hard to get along with, even rough. However, Rubens, clever Rubens felt the great mystery and incredible mood in the minds of Florence. Michelangelo not heavy luxuriant appearance, not with palace figure of the world. But no Michelangelo is the depth of the Rubens. In fact, Rubens has this effect is often just appearance, this performance in his design of the dream-like scene. Musician Beethoven had talked about this kind of hard to suppress, want the desire of the perfect point: "a true oil painting artist... very understand that art is endless. He vaguely felt the distance between with the target, may be when people praise him, he is due to have not yet reached its peak, peak is emit the light of the greatest talents, as the distance of the sun's light."
Oil painting: with Isabella Rembrandt's self-portraits, painter: Rubens
Oil painting: with Isabella Rembrandt's self-portraits, painter: Rubens
In Rubens's vast of text information, we can't find any place to direct to talk about this problem. On the question on creation, he remained silent. However, speech discourse, Rubens spent in busy life has showed deeply regretted. Rubens admits that he is "the most busy person in the world". In later letter, he relaxed and happy, who said: "thank god, I quietly refused to take part in all the activities of has nothing to do with my job for three years."
Rubens life finally crushed the last years of the "gold chains", fully engaged in painting artist. Despite the gravely ill, he is in pursuit of perfect ideal, to create a masterpiece one after another. Rubens hopes to draw the prophet Peter, but he failed.
Is not to be sad, but in the great man's life, as is often the case. Vicious disease afflicting Rubens, so that he can't do everything he wanted to be.
Rubens, like a magician, to show people the color of the fascinating world and the world of joy in life. Rubens was a let people surprise of artists, in his own painting show a sober view of life. Rubens stunning depiction of human body strong, this kind of paint, abound in his painting. We could feel the blood in the heroine Rubens painting bulky flowing in the blood vessels, heart beat blonde goddess in the breast in his painting. To describe the living human body art skills, Rubens master better than anyone else, as if a painter in his pigment mixed with the blood of the people.
However, the secrets of the Rubens custom oil painting is not here. The secret of Rubens creation is simple. He understands and is good at depicting everything! The use of he can follow one's inclinations, command palette. Rubens solves the problem of light and shade contrast, as long as he was a stroke of a pen, he made effective. No wonder artists in the 19th century seems to have rediscovered Rubens, this is not for no reason. art His vivid and fascinating form, sparkling, concise and bright colors make people admired. Rubens use five or six kinds of color can draw a picture of life on earth in front of us grand symphony, the colors of the rainbow. The great painter Rubens has surpassed the era indeed!

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