Thursday, February 23, 2017

Usually use brown or green translucent color, first randomly and draw the overall effect

Oil painting color painting, it is in mainly monochrome is tonal, gradually improve their color and form. Usually use brown or green translucent color, first randomly and draw the overall effect, in general terms with middle color, then smoothly draw many levels, make the oil painting color is rich charm. As the foundation of the main color to add the color of the work after all, the oil painting produced a harmonious whole is tonal, has a unified fundamental key. This is because all colors are mixed with the result of the common wet impression. This kind of background the past tradition is usually brown. So the original color is dependent, auxiliary, only in order to strengthen gradually. Start painting appears weak and flat, through strengthening the light and heavy boldly to deepen the important effect of shadow to get the oil painting picture. Rich color change and no coarse dazzling colour, make the color painting oil painting has a special charm. Lai borzekowski of painting and taber's early works shows the oil painting color illustration how suitable for beautiful and unusual expression effect. Using a single color of subtle level or slightly different many changes, can obtain especially beautiful effect. Use the simplest way to slowly and gradually enhance color, more color, and avoid the color disharmony. In the oil painting color painting painting effect of main body is the middle value. It makes the painter can leisurely in the painting begins work [and dark in both directions. Painter using the strongest color should not be too early, to avoid the darker too obvious, and the light is too dazzling, this restraint will bring benefits. When painting the picture has satisfactory effect, abundant color changes can be used at any time after the intense light and dark dark, make oil painting has vivid impressive power immediately. The most bright light and dark dark, be sure to naturally drawn oil painting reproductions at the end of the painting. If they look not convincing, painting will lose its charm. There are also applicable to sketching techniques, namely in a warm and bright transparent brown (ochre, brown, golden ochre, etc.) of wet color, vivid and boldly draw on the inherent color, also should be as bright as possible, not grey. Available grey where is necessary to reduce tonal, also can be mixed into the grey highlight color and some form of complementary color, to neutralize its color. Obviously, often with little was enough to make the color to get the required effect, and not lose the inner angry. The basic rule is to use the most bright colors to drawing oil painting, and then use translucent neutral colors make reduce oil painting color to the required effect.
, in turn, can also make oil painting with gray effect first, and add some fresh color, this method can keep oil painting picture coordination of grey color, the color even under the most bright color, also won't disappear.

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