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Rubens painting artistic achievement and the painter's great influence on later generations

Rubens painting artistic achievement and the painter's great influence on later generations
Peter Paul Rubens (Peter Paul Rubens 1577-06-28 ~ 1577-06-28) on June 28, 1577, Peter Paul Rubens was born in Germany, root town of a lawyer's family. Rubens was originally from in landscape painter, hash and versatile painter Ada's van Noel, on their door for 4 years time to study, has laid a solid painting foundation, soon be was a disciple of the pooh uz returning from the Roman, benefit the Rubens is very big, this makes young artist to Italy, especially in Rome is full of beautiful yearning. When he was 21 years old to become a member of the Antwerp painter association. Two years after achieved the dream of studying in Italy.
Rubens came to Venice, Italy in 1600, he is extremely devout attitude study titian color art and d she has a lively rhythm composition and shading. Later visit to Rome and fiorentina and Genoa, carefully copying ancient art and research masters paintings from the Renaissance stage. At the same time, caravaggio realism famous oil painting, strong artistic effect also attracted him, and the most interested in is on the rise of Italian baroque art. The art of the baroque style dominated the he wrote almost a lifetime of activity.
Rubens life creation, mainly religious myth is the subject of his creation, in Christianity inevitably restricted by the church, but in the mythological creation, can free play to his own artistic personality. Rubens from Venice masters colour modelling of the enlightenment, in his creation, color art got perfect play, more than what he respect Venetian school achievement.
Rubens life is extremely abundant, work have a grand scene, strong movement, powerful modelling, imaginative and dramatic plot; Comparative and bright, loud, full color; Flow line, exciting picture art effect, give a person with a gorgeous, colorful hot, exult encouraged artistic feeling.
Rubens life live a life as a prince, died at the age of 49 wife, at the age of 53, with a 16-year-old girl Helen rich, married and still live a happy life. During his 63 - year - old covered his own artistic life, human art treasure house for more than three thousand painting art treasures. French art historian Dana said: only a Rubens Flanders, as only a Shakespeare of British, no matter how great the rest of the painter, the total lack of part of a genius. Rubens painting of Flanders and the development of western oil painting, is of great significance, in the late 17th century French Royal Academy of fine arts in Paris there is a batch of Rubens. 18 ~ 19th century French painter, delacroix, renoir and Reynolds, a British painter, constable cloth such as in different extent influenced by him.

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