Sunday, February 26, 2017

The world jade case, someone will choose hisui. Just like the stock market ups and downs oil painting

The world jade case, someone will choose hisui. Just like the stock market ups and downs, there are always going up all the three stocks: a stock call someone's home, a call to observe for a long time did not lay their hands on the stock, there is a call yourself just check inventory stock!
Always think jade price will fall
These people every day is looking forward to the emerald collapse, it is best to hand of jadeite jade the boss are at a loss to sell to him, god wants us to meet a few wrong people waiting for the miracle happen!
Forever is always slow a beat
When the choose and buy jade, this good that, when the key is bruised chirp and when broken constantly, hesitant, always wait for opportunities in the past and regret.
Never believe jade jade merchants and friends
These people are self-centered, always can't his I would rather own everybody! May not pure philanthropy jade trader in the oil painting world is not always completely honest friends of jade, after all, everyone is operating business, the key is how do you go to see what to treat!
Always see not buy forever
These people are not don't want to buy, but always want to see a few results, while see eye look at oil painting reproductions higher and higher, the price is more see more low, very not easy like a piece of, asking price is faded, the jade is good a little bit, how and when I see the price difference so much?
Want to buy a perfect jade
In fact have a perfect jade? After watching the N pieces of jade finally felt tired tired, understand the natural jade is not without faults, in case of a "dirty" jade dealer or is the so-called "bosom friend" jade desperately fool head he planted in the next, glistening are hard-earned money buy goods C B goods, finally blame heaven and earth to blame people at home painting all day!
Always wants to rule the people
Always think they taste better than others, always think low price can buy good stuff. But this mentality finally only harmful to themselves. To believe that you are not necessarily good, but good goods must not cheap.

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