Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Painting on the successful experience of absorption HuaXiang past all over the country

Drawing on the successful experience of absorption HuaXiang past all over the country, in the face of modern folk painting on the issue of how to sustainable development in the new period, can be summarized into two cross policy: eutrophic, leadership attaches great oil painting importance to the fertile soil, counseling well, painters create, market opening. The national each HuaXiang may have common sense, because the problems faced by each HuaXiang very much the same. Fertile soil eutrophic, refers to the Chinese cultural tradition of folk art as a living states, contain the deepest roots traditional culture, embodies the vitality and creativity of the Chinese nation. Modern folk painting is in a traditional folk art of soil, take root, sprout, grow up. With the accelerating of China's rural urbanization, the modern industrial civilization is gradually replace old farming civilization, especially in the coastal developed areas, the traditional culture to survive this piece of soil is declining, and the authenticity of pure culture and local natural landscape, is the soil to the survival of our modern folk oil painting reproductions and the source of inspiration. This kind of "soil erosion" sense of crisis, need attention. Leadership, "farmer paints" since birth, it is not to die of spontaneous folk art, was organized by the government department of culture support, cultural center, and stood for places to efforts to develop mass art activities. This mechanism continues today, therefore, the development of modern folk painting to get healthy, the attention of the government leadership is very important. Tutoring well, due to the historical causes, the creation of modern folk painting has always been inseparable from the mentee, "no coaching, no farmer paints, how how farmers painting", in the cultural centers around the art cadre is a facilitator, acted as the important role. Shanghai jinshan HuaXiang mentee Wu Tongzhang tutoring art gave us the best example. He said metaphor: folk painter "contain excellent wine in the bottle", mentee's mission is "to open the bottles, let the wine poured out, without the need for wine of themselves to their" in the bottle.
But if you want to open the bottles, you have to "understand and familiar with the farmers' life, emotional, aesthetic habits and aesthetic ideal, and interest". On this basis, respect each author's artistic personality, by giving a supplement, help them to clarify painting language. Artists to create art need to individuality, in keep around, on the basis of regional characteristics, create a painter his unique artistic language, reveals the true meaning of art, is very precious. Some HuaXiang, though the overall regional characteristic, but a lack of personality, the painter and even imitate each other like a man. Therefore, the grade of the HuaXiang difficult to ascend. Modern folk painting of the author, with a pure, innocent, pristine quality most of them are ordinary workers, put in the daily labor production, ethnic customs, old times to the activities such as intimate feelings and discover the beauty of represented in painting. Should be the formation of such atmosphere, as long as you have can not be buried, everyone has the opportunity to give prize. Market opening, the modern folk painting and the professional painter, art is also a commodity, can enter the market, that's the way to meet the demand of people's cultural life. For HuaXiang material conditions and the author can improve creation and life is needed. To enter the market, HuaXiang must first have a guidance for the development of modern folk painting industry coordination mechanism, and then to know concentrating on art and understand market marketing talents, build up a high-quality management team and a sound sales network. The last is to pay attention to the modern folk painting and derivatives of intellectual property protection, rights to relevant regulations.
"A dream" is the voice of The Times, the modern folk painting is just round the hundreds of thousands of ordinary workers "painters dream". Modern Chinese folk painting rich content is broad, beautiful form, its bright future is infinite.
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