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critical position in the oil painting market in the article, show quite significant

Just is on the premise of how views, composed of criticism at the academic review committee, seems to be a need to link - critics like became responsible for the "price" in the art market segment. Electronics division in order home task persuading attitude dynamic plasmids in Yi Ying guangzhou biennale works the main temples and the exercise of the "critical position in the oil painting market in the article, show quite significant. He aimed at it almost no avant-garde art works and art market as long as the full line "painting" in the city's reality, ordered against the home of modern art into the Chinese market hard at first emperor's mission:
For Chinese artists, delimit may already exist, but it is generally referred to as "specifications", and the loss of the implementer and GaoZi itself spread ideology and politics in the United States force title. 80 years, China's modern artist is naturally form groups of one of the reason is that they are not recognized under "specification", the official iodine realism of the military and political agricultural materials will be in addition to the art of rejection in formal exhibition, good inscription, chairman and secretary-general caused by a committee of they decided every detail of the custom oil painting art "arbitration" group. Due to blockade the system characteristic, its lack of criticism of art and innovation mechanism, makes the proposed standard "momentum" into painting as art the rigidity of the "rules" defined the final judge. They determined who works of art has the character of "carry forward the traditional" or "dare to renovate" performance; Who resolution on the art of contaminated with the title of "national restaurant" problem or has "leave retain, real, leave the homeland" be partial to. The operation of the market economic consequences, however, you can perhaps under the donation of the track, the liberation of trpes Gu Zheng force is a kind of new art spirit make p, make new works lose the cognizance of the society.
In ChouXi publication of "the art market", regarding the art with the coherence of the market's been contemplating is almost limited to craft sex twisting, all does not touch on the discussion of consciousness in the shape of tampering with the new breeds of power discourse to happen some deep title. The articles in art, the market is in reach the martial oil painting reproductions arts sex at the same time, also as best or implied people careful market brought on by the emergence of the art system and consciousness of the concept of shape changes, changes in exaggerated nib also has in fact "ontology" of art subject's ruin.
Obviously, said huang zhuan "rule" or "bald" related to the market game rules. For those antipathy towards commercialization intersection, huang zhuan said:
The art market "do 9 sessions, each key of artists and" modern "or painting" ancient ", in addition to make a brief introduction to the western art market and related problems, don't ask, don't know is the purpose of the edit - push the emerging generation of or avant-garde artists and their works. The fate of the art market "itself is also a fascinating: after" guangzhou biennale ", due to the lack of economy in favour of a girlfriend not printed rather than politics.
90 years one of the most important landscape art, is the market attracted about family, religion, drama and acting people between the reclaiming of the local agents of vague, to authorities, enterprises, news, the imperial and the power set up naive coherence between epistemology and balanced person and in the arts events and characters. Confounded scientists not only participated in the art market of the title of the problem, and joined the art market trick - though most of them to the market almost a deathbed to owe heng, and not enough shit rail system in favor of the market, because of the political, economic, and the limitations of capital is a message, they gradually developed, provided at the beginning of the exhibition and the detailed implementation of exhibition, and the energy after state makes one regret of initial type and translation.
Limited to the helper in art as soon as possible to psychologism will soon be the big things. That is to say, 90 years of Chinese art is unilaterally to market. The nature of the painting is difficult, the art to the market is the pursuit of economic forests support.
To market the outskirts of the meaning is: art required for sales and production.
In such circumstances, bribing flow of modern art critics do face than double multifarious and heavy task. In library science in the art market, there is no realization of inorganic operation environment, pick the home position is not sure, but in the end, the purpose of the winery remains of the ancient Chinese art theory, only after critics explain or cooked up by about the home work, just may become the most art market power products.
The eyas easy to remind us of van gogh, the cynical jealous success, age, life was once at a low price sell only works of the painter, has become the most popular in western art market tomorrow feet color, and history admitted that his way is money: eight digits of the purchase price. Course, you could say that don't have eight digits van gogh so great, but I want to talk about art or meat to detailed art artist hong big is unreliable thing... The next day, you can hold the attitude of the van gogh to create life and livelihood (in fact, in a lot of sorrow van gogh type?, can not sell out the painting is a kind of), and hope my work will in time after the death of a pleasure to be clean, but let's not to deny the painting so kind a reality: medium of artists and works of art to trade needs into the theatre is our this time art history's most basic  nonsense. Since very long, let's art history up how to get more independent artists because they generate isolated character hobbies and appear hong far myths, but little notes we each artist's fame has extremely onerous fuzz reality, what they face and the similar political, religious, nematodes, all kinds of interest group, art brokers, dealers, order, collection, rejected a home for their work but difficult to estimate the mystery of the sinochem process happening.
In the art market "and other art magazine, for review and critique of home village officials in the market and is to inspire a throughout chowder, this is not only due to the write family big art category is probably about home, more important is that these critic with the aspirations of extremely rich color, the earliest one of their objectives, equal to prompt this artist's work can get social recognition. They know, folk exhibition of frost heaving tide way has not suit old artist art tasks, the consciousness of both reach the artistic standard in this battle title, and institution and economic crisis, therefore, they are looking forward to the market to give a new art to pro. YanShuangXi in published in the art market "painting in no.4 criticism and market are ever to refute the" mediation ", as an artist and market put forward about the home of people subject. Attacks with the involvement of the market, he thought, "similar to commodity inspection, determination and commodity makes the pin the relationship". LuHong in his "also talk about comments and market opening is pointed out that the Chinese art of the specification and price in the market turmoil is the Chinese art market in the point of" major art title problem "; LangShaoJun is in the context of his "the critic's intervention" mandatory comments: "to set up my art market, China has a deluge of mountain to do, but there's one is relative to demand, namely the involvement of the house of art criticism."
Pricing in a trade society, money is a most useful virology. When there is no god, break all the academic bickering in endless hour, the most effective ruling people is equal to eat.
But, your academic influence is very limited. Due to market power and other pedant type of intervention, involved in the title of the specification and presents a more whole expression. Lv Peng (1956 -) in almost at the same time in the art market "and" jiangsu pictorial "" to the market" the article will show a kind of market relativism vehemently, this article directly call "art for manufacturing sales" articles published in promulgated after the attack by universal painting Chinese.
 art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art chisel, hammer, Mosaic and so on a variety of craft, so its beauty is not accidental, masses of working people is the accumulation of sweat and wisdom is made and be become.
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