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generations to summarize khalim oil painting in four key words: the golden, lust, decoration, symbol

2010 years, 1.4 million readers: The Times questionnaire which 200 is the greatest artist since 1900? Ranked the top five is Picasso, Cezanne, gustave khalim, monet and duchamp. One of the most should be gustave khalim is strange.
Later generations to summarize khalim oil painting in four key words: the golden, lust, decoration, symbol.
Gold painter loveliness
✪ suburban khalim was born in Vienna in 1862, my father is a gold jewelry engraver, living in the austro-hungarian empire, although the imperial palace foundation has already begun to decay, but khalim works depicting the's "obsession" side of that age. His works always give a person feel the magnificence, beauty and not common sense, look from the picture form feeling, is painting also has the design feeling, combine the two.
Portrait of the content is mostly upper-class lady, its composition is mostly female characters combined with points, lines and on the surface of the block, magnificent picture. In his creation, women became the idol of. For the appearance of fairy tales or upper-class lady's portrait, the women in his painting is full of mystery and fatal attraction.
The hold fan girls "in 1918, oil on canvas, 100 x 100 cm
✪ his landscape paintings visible in the impressionist and post-impressionist artist, including Claude monet, Vincent van gogh. 1902 ", the lake island near lake drawing is similar to that of a monet, his 1912 work "Kammer palace boulevard like van gogh to the trees on both sides of the road in the contour lines of black, tree trunks and branches of line is also more rich move feeling.
In 1902, the lake island, oil painting reproductions on canvas
Kammer palace road, 1912, oil on canvas, 110 x 110 cm
✪ khalim's most glorious period is 30 to 40 years old in this stage, then is considered to be his "golden age". This not only because of his most outstanding works are completed in this period, but also because of these works in a frenzy of gold, the gold and silver from craftsman family man, starts to use his childhood encounters, not into the mainstream of painting elements - gold, Mosaic, together with a large amount of filling spiral and geometric shapes, the image stack is stunning.
Cloth "kiss" in 1907, oil painting, 180 cm by 180 cm
Beauty Palace Museum in Vienna, Austria
✪ khalim when I started out, is an academic, the identity of the neoclassical artists. But he has founded the Vienna secession, become a cultural representative of Vienna. Today, he has not only is "gold painter" stunt, also have a solid knowledge of the painting language, more have a heart to dare to explore new style, his achievement doomed his position in the auction market well.
Khalim works in the field performance
✪ date, khalim works trading record was in 2015, the Russian billionaire Rybolovlev sold for $170 million buy oil painting in private the water snake II, bought by Asian buyers.
"The water snake II" in 1907, oil on canvas, 1907 x 145 cm
✪ it is worth mentioning, recently, according to bloomberg, the mysterious Chinese buyers in 2016 for $150 million (RMB 1.03 billion) at auction buy khalim in 1912 portrait paintings "Adele bloch-bauer II" is in the sugar industry in Austria businessman Ferdinand Bloch Bauer's wife, the seller is a famous American talk show host Oprah Winfrey (Oprah Winfrey), her back in November 2006 for $87.9 million from New York, Christie's take a picture of the work, today, about 71% rise in value.
"Adele bloch-bauer II", in 1912, oil on canvas, 190 x 120 cm
✪ portraits "Adele bloch-bauer I", has been in June 2004 by the United States king lauder cosmetics collection for $135 million, once Picasso's pressure with the pipe boys become a single painting for the world record.
✪ khalim to drain powder, paste gold foil and other special techniques created is known as "Mona Lisa" Austria "Adele bloch-bauer I". Painting, Adele was wearing a gold dress, elegant manners, his eyes blurred, arms crossed on his chest, conceal a disability fingers.
Khalim at sotheby's in London
✪ London 2017 sotheby's spring, there are two lots to cause the attention of small art jun.
A process for creation of gerhard Richter in one of the best landscape - "iceberg" (1982), will be in London on March 8 sotheby's contemporary art later on for the first time.
Another is Gustav khalim (Gustav Klimt) to reaches of ─ ─ the flower and grass plantation, had just finished this khalim's landscape painting works exhibition in Hong Kong, will be in London on March 1, sotheby's impressionist and modern art evening sale court appearance.
One of the greatest khalim masterpiece on auction history
✪ the plantation of flowers and plants is one of the best scenery paintings khalim, created in khalim's creative peak "golden age". In Vienna in 1908 debut in "Kunstschau" art exhibition, the exhibition has caused a great sensation, this time has become the key to his artistic career, thus established the position of khalim's leading modern artist. After the national gallery of art in Prague to save for two years.
"The garden of flowers and plants" in 1907, paint the canvas, 110 x 110 cm, appraisal to ask
✪ khalim's portrait paintings mostly commissioned works, and the landscape painting reveals the other side of the inner artist, experimental spirit, is an integral part of his art works. The pleasure of this picture tells a story, every summer, khalim will stay, lake shore with family and friends for three months, apparently this is a happy time, the flower and grass plantation inspiration is come from local farmers plain garden, colorful poppy, daisies and roses in klimt's became a gorgeous color, bright clever colour is desirable.
Carries on the auction and Picasso "tomato", the white background of woman's statue in the armchair, "lie down naked women and men's head" and Anne in modi "baranov, portrait and so on.
 art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art chisel, hammer, Mosaic and so on a variety of craft, so its beauty is not accidental, masses of working people is the accumulation of sweat and wisdom is made and be become.
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