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Lin Jing will itself for re-examination of the "first oil painting show" three TOWN ChengGuoJi focus on ART

Lin Jing will itself for re-examination of the "first oil painting show" three TOWN ChengGuoJi focus on ART, it is made by her creative fuzhou first office museum of ART. JinSui first, she brought a to fuzhou "send the world - the false gentleman handwriting exhibition", which connects the Clara schumann, Richard strauss, kenzaburo oe, kawabata, romain rolland, dumas, zola 30 gentleman of the original manuscript. Want to so much of the exhibition, she says, the ministry of commerce for fuzhou don't open the can see strange living small bag.
Chinese art dealer sprout in the middle of the qing dynasty during the period of "yangzhou eight eccentrics", but not never have developed into a mussels and naive, and thick cloud with the status of an art dealer, "expert", and so on, is known as the "power" in the folk, critical mixed color. Bei persimmon ji profound theory after 90, with the emergence of this Chinese art, a first on the true meaning of art on brokers, such as zhang xiaogang, the emergence of "four major Kings", is inseparable from the impregnation agent as "driver". But these agents are generally hidden in behind the scenes, is the existence of a mysterious to deal with the public.
The so-called brokers, is for the buying and selling both sides introduced pyramid at both ends of the business and get the commission for the guest. The central academy of distinguished professor buy oil painting gong after the "art brokers" to define for his professional, is art broker to have invented the technology employed airlock. In the current international art by painting ji economy has two kinds of source, one from the auction industry, art dealer, two comes from having, curators transformation.
Art brokers who first emerged as a group rubbing, is a new sign of Chinese art market and start. Analysis its notice, on the one hand, is the art market to order to determine the ordering of application; Market in 2012, on the other hand, since the beginning of this big mediation, many market participants saw the appreciation disillusionment "myth", a small piece of congenial to exit the market, investors for bending loss is simply making money, know the needs of the professional knowledge and teaching in this field. Circle type principle, meanwhile, a large number of entering the market, even like to set up as the goal, and the use of "news error according to" earn price difference art dealer, "down" because of insufficient financial strength, and movement is becoming more and more transparent, space squeezed, so returned to art brokers the underlying aim of man.
After his commission as "surfaced" still need to over obstacles
There are two kinds of art broker recursion slightly on the root cause
As a kind of tender gastroenteritis, art brokers who also has many block of development in China. See, because domestic wonder treasure house a few belong to "the first generation of kang", their oil painting reproductions home with western preservation is a lot of parents, is also not meaning or for other "the experience of others". Is general securities investors such as tight state flat missionaries handed the money to a professional titrant church do, painting and don't like China there are so many "retail".
Second, the trust mechanism is no established art's sphere, and industry and a few blank in the imperial edict, professional pace, professional the mouth of the cave, contract relationship, really set up free division also don't have. Art brokers who also don't have access to different from shape, spirit of genius.
Art dealer is actually an ancient profession, have emerged, as early as a few hundred years ago European via grey long history course, to be an artist and preservation requirements between nakedness, and through its forward-looking vision and operation behavior, direct and crude is affecting the art market in the future.
Evolved from a "broker" stale
In addition, China's social circle of "near abroad" Du Heng, more evident in the art market, buyers and sellers of the channels are JiuGe blockade of the circle of the sun during the storm. A first king school aged people if they don't have special access to relevant venerated old people, it is difficult to directly mixed in art brokerage tasks.
Lin Jing think, become an independent art brokers who pass the exam must have multiple tsarist Russia, Mrs Comprehensive should not only be familiar with the art history, appreciation of works of art have unique vision, to dig out the artist pavilions, the most potential DongXian, at the same time also need to have good credit to actual combat and business means, in academia, industry, with "expert", collectors and other spheres of throughout the network one jiegu. Like her so much from the curator painting transformation of people's agent, absolute short board is to manipulate art business experience of artists, need much make up a missed lesson during the course of work.
After Lin Jing after 80, is a type of smoke. A few years ago, she set up to promote young artists in fuzhou yunshan room for culture bureau, the planning for square calligraphy and painting, is the ancient painting, lacquer painting, a series of exhibitions, from conception to the arrangement of the exhibition, promotion and commentary, hands-on, in the industry to obtain the pervasive influence and good reputation. Recently, she left yunshan room, trying to become the self-reliance of art brokers.
Closed-doorism of China's art market from recovery to flourish as long as decades of time, the market of body series.the ran in front of the order of the sequence of fine words, but demand is always play a decisive impregnation, trust follow market in a strong and happy place, once emerge "subaltern" art broker industry will also gradually moving towards a childish. This industry not only charge civilization art heritage dredge, also shoulder the create old artist, straighten up their rare earth elements, as well as the Chinese excellent culture from of secret mission.
In some need to auction, I was able to see the familiar sign is "expert" shows that a person, but it often is not their own purchase behavior. At the same time, when the suning so worn out fur or dispatch in the race for some heavy grade singing with actions items, it also cannot leave the guangdong music company face to face or brokers "education input".
 art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art art chisel, hammer, Mosaic and so on a variety of craft, so its beauty is not accidental, masses of working people is the accumulation of sweat and wisdom is made and be become.
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