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wanda oil painting group, dragon art gallery, huayi brothers who art auction market

In 2016, the enterprise or eulogy preservation as art auction market a beautiful scenery line, suning group, wanda oil painting group, dragon art gallery, huayi brothers who art auction market. Parables, in addition to suning group with 303.6 million yuan clinch a deal the five Kings drunk to beings, created last year auction site specific, baolong group, with 196 million yuan to the near fire - book of landscape of qi baishi, tricell group with 173 million yuan to wu zhen's "mountain rain figure window... Because changyuan is rich, these enterprises to purchase preservation of all my wallet.
The five Kings drunk to beings winning auction shows art market pursued "real", refined, thin high-standard art treasures, this also is the auction house to accept "mass" reducing strategic place of power. Therefore, the spring of 2017, like qi baishi, chang, pan, Li Keran, panting these famous works with other categories of art will still be a deposit as soon as possible sweet and sour, leading BaoCi taken in the spring of 2017.
New investors to enter the art market
The businesses or dust in the purchase oil painting reproductions of collection preferred structure at the same time, also in going to the gallery or museum of construction itself, omni-directional, more coherent and art value. Dragon group is equipped with art museum, bonhams auction, YanWu gallery, bonhams art painting periphery, suning group also once in nanjing and Shanghai construction suning wealth pavilion, last year big purchase hide Ren Renfa the five Kings drunk to beings, just for the sake of completed suning sectional view pavilion collection was futile. Enterprise group and equipment for the influence of Chinese art market at the same time also affect the preservation of China. Whether these enterprises or hebei bangzi 2017 will continue to be photographed, level, and is one of the racquet to the rear of the deposit as soon as possible all the static.
The tepid adventure has improved in 2016, is the most direct performance top lots quantity increased: more than 2013 yuan in 2013 and 2014 items only 1 piece, more than 2015 yuan by 2015 items arrived in five parts, and in 2016 the 9 items exceeds one hundred million yuan. Lot number of straight line up more than one hundred million yuan by the industry as the chill of the art market rebounded.
Since the auction market into the depth adjustment in 2012, major events on the pat was landing, lot number, custom oil painting art turnover appeared certain persistent, falling on the trend, all because of the art market have strong repair and self stability, not the possibility of ups and downs.
Yangtze river delta around micelle good growth
Every year in the mid to late February in major auction company for spring items collection and auction preview in the painting time period. , kuang shi, Beijing, Beijing poly, of Chinese trade in SAN jia auction companies such as the spring of 2017 items of gathering has open, from the point of sales solicitation bias and each big line supply of pre exhibits, 2017 spring still surrounded by a qualitative, cross-border integration, reducing auction layout beautification of keywords, emerge the trend of relatively strong.
In addition to the introduction of new investors to enter the art market, the art market, there are other can expand the space, this may be in spring 2017. "The current market structure is the public opinion waist, low-end and high-end price clinch a deal price of items is relatively good, two head price, 5 million yuan is very dominant items to clinch a deal relative to less. Along with the market rebound and depend on the enterprise strategy, coupled with government support, in 2017 the auction market still has a lot of diffuse space." China's auction trade OuYangShuYing, deputy secretary-general of the poles in an interview by the media revealed that performance.
Is worth careful, Yangtze river delta around now present the appearance is of high volume, low turnover, the contour and the early beijing-tianjin area is same. Auction market needs a process from germination to long bone, Yangtze river delta around now is at the early stage of development, and high volume, low turnover for grabs great rate reflects the region of the painting problem, this area in order to more bright contrast with Hong Kong. Nothing more than, follow the Beijing and tianjin and Hong Kong two auction main area of sea food and absolute, Yangtze river delta region grow more gold certificate, 2017 spring can may have a relatively bright eye.
From the point of overall development wrinkles in 2016, art auction is still in the Beijing and tianjin, Hong Kong's top handle behavior, the main south auction houses meet in Shanghai, zhejiang, guangdong and other places. Monitoring decoration art market launch of the Chinese art auction market survey report (fall 2016), according to the fall of 2016, the beijing-tianjin area equal volume and turnover in the world fall high proportion. The Beijing and tianjin area as the height of the Chinese art auction market prosperity, its each season performance enough to affect the entire market. Yangtze river delta region in recent years efforts for Chinese art auction, growth rate is striking.
Mention reducing quality remains the same path
Improves the appearance of the seawall Lord if the adoption of the two major auction houses numerous and complicated "reducing quality" strategy, giving a slightly flowing injected some weakness of the art market. Chinese ancient calligraphy and painting genre in quality, and the performance is the most bright eye. In autumn 2016, for example, the five Kings drunk for beings of the yuan dynasty Ren Renfa by 147 bid, finally with 303.6 million yuan painting clinch a deal, this not only refresh the Ren Renfa overall auction records, also hit a 2016 annual global trading record for Chinese art. Ren Renfa works only a little, the five Kings drunk to beings "through Zhu Shangbin since the Ming dynasty, wing kuo, Garry wong, Liang Qingbiao collection, clear and source. Tour in 2007, the collection of painting collection point origin, walter Hou Shitai died after the proclamation in 2009 collection to auction at Christie's in Hong Kong, time to clinch a deal valence is 46.58 million notes.
With regional corresponding micro peaker is to send power of internal blend and layout mediation. 2016 Beijing poly complete cross-border contact with huayi brothers, created the poly auction huayi (Shanghai) co., LTD., enlightenment new size, the new market together. In addition, the auction old face more and more attention from capital market, which makes the monster creamy structure change. And contact relationship of Chinese, for art example,art taikang art life art before and after spending more than $200 million to increase sotheby's, the cerebellum, and become the first art big art shareholder. Internal art adjustment art and changes the art curvature will bring new art painting energy painting to spring 2017.the development painting of cave hi-tech listed companies in 2016 to $2.2 billion acquisition of Beijing kuang shi vividly painting shows such a low tide. At the same time, some painting other social capital are endlessly investment or equity auction enterprises,
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