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the oil painting owner of the "stone mountain taxus room". His earliest in the field is a snuff bottle

MoShiHui (Hugh Moss), the famous British dealer, the oil painting owner of the "stone mountain taxus room". His earliest in the field is a snuff bottle, is the world recognized as one of the authority of the research on Chinese snuff bottle art, then set foot in four miscellaneous, religious art, porcelain, furniture, and many other fields. Sotheby's auction company (weibo) cooperate with he has held six stone mountain taxus room four specially.
In 1990, Hugh Moss (left) and Wang Shixiang (second from left) in the bright type furniture appreciate English conference.
MoShiHui (Hugh Moss), was born in a British dealer family, his father in the late 20th century Davis street in London (daviesstreet) to operate the Oriental art business, the well know. Have been gradually influencing, inheritance garment Portland at the same time, he also started the collection of their own career.
Starting from the snuff bottle of China's four art collection tour, for MoShiHui opened a colourful world of art. If you want to comb collectors in the west and China four strands of art, MoShiHui is absolutely worth mentioning.
The first big collectors of Chinese buy oil painting snuff bottles
MoShiHui dabble in the earliest Chinese art field, is a snuff bottle.
At the age of 16, he's portobello road market in London, first saw a snuff bottle, was deeply attracted. Later in his autobiography recalls.
"It was a Saturday afternoon, money to buy a snuff bottle is my morning from Wimbledon Park (Wimbledon Park) store part-time earn more fruits and vegetables. I was fascinated by the exquisite snuff bottle... then salary is poor, but because I too love the snuff bottle, so hard work also sleep is worth.
Today, I still remember early with the excitement of inexplicable feeling when several snuff bottles. At that time, I always put the new buying snuff bottles in the bed, before sleeping to repeatedly. More because I'm not surprised that fine snuff bottle, can have such a wonderful art and deeply in the world. When I get to understand this kind of art form, also can understand why. Every night, I always had unexpectedly again and again wake up, get up bright headlights, appreciate the snuff bottle again and again. "
Snuff bottles as the typical artifacts in the qing dynasty in China, with small and unique artistic modelling, rich and colorful forms, strange material texture, exquisite craftsmanship. During the late 16th century, western missionaries will snuff was introduced into China.
MoShiHui enthusiasm for Chinese snuff bottles, can be used to describe the madness.
The antique shop in London during the oil painting reproductions work, MoShiHui buying snuff bottle, its most of the palace. Various materials, jade, glass, ceramics, feeder, paintings, etc. After decades, he often appeared in places such as Hong Kong, London, New York auctions, collecting all kinds of valuable snuff bottles.
Qing qianlong Green jade pave ear snuff bottle, the first title ring MoShiHui old Tibet (image: sotheby's Hong Kong)
Such as the 2004 Beijing HanHai spring, he 154 Wan Yuanjing "qing qianlong's water color enamel fine flowers snuff bottle". , of course, also have lost, in the industry have seen him in an auction at sotheby's, with rival bid is very fierce, but in the end there are three pieces of no, very depressed.
After many years of collection and study of textual research, he has published works also specifically for Snuff bottle focus, eight copies, containing the pipes of journal (Chinese Snuff Bottles) six copies. The other two books for the special material of Snuff Bottles (Chinese Snuff Bottles of the Silica or Quartz Group, 1971) and the Chinese Snuff Bottles (Snuff Bottles of China, 1971).
Now, already a snuff bottle MoShiHui deserved authority, Mr Pipes of international reputation. Transmission through his promotion, the value of snuff bottle is gradually cognition, acceptance, and raised a hot wave collection again and again. He is making a collection of snuff bottles, also vigorously sought after by collectors, not hesitate heavy gold buying. At the same time, Europe has gradually formed a mature market of snuff bottles, from the collection, research, propaganda to auction, has a complete industrial chain.
Research was carried out on the court implements projects
Because of the father, MoShiHui met two of the 20th century's leading Chinese antique dealers and collectors: Dai Runzhai (wear jianzhang, bartender) and QiuYan. Then Robert chang become bosom custom oil portrait friend with Chinese collectors. , from their body MoShiHui benefits, whether in business or collection of art.
In the early 1970 s, MoShiHui began in the Ming and qing dynasties porcelain. First buy is the official kilns in the Ming dynasty, and then focus to drive makes porcelain and copper foetus enamel in the qing dynasty, to now look at a very low price to buy a batch of important items.
In 1973, the world's oil crisis, MoShiHui finances are affected. In 1976, he with keen market sense of smell, and transfer the business to Hong Kong, when the company opened a local antique shop, the ancient Chinese art. Hong Kong is a most collectors of his regular customers, establish a good relationship with each other. As time went by, his understanding of the ancient Chinese art more profound, and found some significance and value has not yet been found.
MoShiHui thinks, from the perspective of scholars to study their favorite work of art, would be more interesting and more valuable things.
In 1976, he wrote a book on important "drive", the book points up and down two copies. For the days of the project, part ii includes 87 palace, mostly colored enamel wares. Book description of multiple items in a more expensive auctions a record, such as the famous "qing qianlong golden pheasant enamel double ears" of the "qing qianlong material tire painted enamel western mother and child brush pot" and so on. After this book for more than 30 years of international court implements the direction of the market has a great influence.
"Drive", includes 87 court colored enamel wares.
For the first time to China four play as a special exhibition
With the rich experience, MoShiHui also dabbles in four kinds of miscellaneous, in ancient China as a paperweight, bamboo, literati for stone, and so on. Four, gradually become his tags. And then he will even famous calligrapher in the late qing dynasty fostered numerous eminent people like wu changshuo scrawled "stone mountain taxus room used as tong he tong".
Today, in Hong Kong and the west, he and his "stone mountain taxus room", representing the world's most outstanding new heights of four private art collection.
In the 80 s, Oriental ceramic society and the university of Hong Kong chemical nitrite mountain museum jointly held a "collectables - autograph extraction Jane" exhibition, MoShiHui is one of the main planner. The taxus drive makes flexibly, to admire the stone in the collection of the rocky mountain house also appears in the exhibition.
This is the first time that westerners in Hong Kong will play four in ancient China, as a special exhibition, and began to spread in the western world the culture of miscellaneous and literati art interesting.
Nowadays, "collectables - autograph extraction Jane" exhibition of some items have been transferred to the commercial market. "Qing qianlong of taxus stone mountain house old Tibet Drive makes tabasheer drive makes the poem "nine such as ganoderma lucidum" satisfied ", in Hong Kong su fu in the spring of 2010, clinch a deal with the high price of 13.88 million yuan.
There is a stone mountain taxus room of old Tibet "blue and white dragon grain fights the qing yongzheng cover pot", was a famous Chinese cultural relics scholars Mr Wang Shixiang MoShiHui and Wang Shixiang met early, out of common interests for cultural relics, two people feel. In 1990, he also appeared in the bright type furniture appreciate Mr Wang Shixiang English version of this event.
MoShiHui dust in 2014 as a critical biting the rod frame ink printed (image: sotheby's Hong Kong)
A minority of ink painting artists in the west
As foreigner, MoShiHui but have a passion for Chinese culture. His inner spiritual world has flow with Chinese literati. In addition to snuff bottles, four miscellaneous, such as his collection direction also includes traditional Chinese painting and calligraphy. MoShiHui a 15 th-century house in Britain, everywhere Chinese ink painting and calligraphy works.
For example, panting seven sages "bamboo forest" is one of the important items. Painting is a famous American antique dealer Alice PangNai Boney (Alice) during the period of Japan. He was deeply impressed by the appeal of its artistic, from Alice PangNai bought this collection.
Focus on Chinese painting and calligraphy after long period of time, MoShiHui had the experience, which are summarized, published in 1983, the "stone mountain taxus room to hide in the 20th century Chinese painting". This book included 96 famous works, including qi baishi, chang, Lin Fengmian, panting and other products. In the 90 s, he is also the agent of dina liu, liu kuo-sung, ho huai-shuo artists such as China, is an important force in the Chinese contemporary ink painting.
Immerse the results of art circle, even MoShiHui head to go in, he began painting ink and myself. Stone is he fall in love of show.
Nowadays, MoShiHui is a few ink painting artists in the west. Hold too much ink painting exhibition. Check concept art museum in 2016, Beijing has held a "mace, peak, zen and the" contemporary art exhibition, display the MoShiHui creation of 14 pieces selected.

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