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lanzhou" oil painting preservation and erecting "JiJianKui happy and on the way art preservation"

Since 1986, a farmer from wuwei hands under the "emergency" after a "xixia Trojan horse, lanzhou" oil painting preservation and erecting "JiJianKui happy and on the way art preservation" torture "for 30 years. Since last year, he every day to collect money difficult and market weakness and impoverished mind "search". In the art market in lanzhou, have similar nuisance than old one overall. Feb. 18, the reporter walks into an antique city zhang ye road, see a lot of shop with the implementation of the "for rent" list, is the third layer of several shop boss doesn't have to open the door. Journalist counted more than 20 store boss, open the door of only seven, and another seven or eight home on the transfer and clearance the disposal of the notice of punishment.
March is not closed, "closed for three years", antique line with what the old saying, of course, but when the shu people the gentleman which has been difficult to be fulfilled. Large part of the antique dealer busy year round and even can't even make the rent back to leave, so run in person. JiJianKui said, antique art market face a precipice type depression, someone wait-and-see hard support, someone by stealth, also some people start transition. Anyway, the art market in lanzhou into weakness is an indisputable consequences.
The art market fatigue
Reporters visited lanzhou Huang temple, wild goose beach and a number of art market in antique city, workers ring beam creates, exist "collectables - autograph kidney branch," said the oil painting reproductions lanzhou city, gansu province Huang temple antique market, since two years ago "to clear delisting" scenery is no longer. The west gansu address few antique city employers, painting is visible everywhere some of the doors and Windows with a "assignment" or "concerns go out, have something called" note. Through glass doors and Windows, several firms see indoor drop off a layer of dust on tea table, I do not know when newspapers plug out of the door were scattered on the ground. A few scattered open store, shop assistants or in a cup of tea, sadly or play in on his mobile phone...
Some say, preserve the market is experiencing the most atrocious inspection for more than a decade, the art market facing recession, many operators experience unprecedented car and worry.
Antique shop them bleak
After the Lantern Festival, lanzhou "poly cui hall" whose proprietor shop owner PangXiangLu very busy on sale "tears", the past price to surpass one thousand yuan of second rosewood hand string now $200, a kind of nearly ten thousand yuan worth of the ice violet jadeite bracelet sold at half price...
"Simple operation collectables - autograph profit, a few years ago is now affected by big cheat opportunely antique market downturn, instruments more and more homemade nobody want. Instead of hard support, career change!" Reporters saw PangXiangLu, his words "assignment" collectables - autograph firms have. "Look what with what, some just for cost, a clearance now!" PangXiangLu said, pointing to the counter of a pile of hand list, like cedar, tridacna, walnut, etc. These collectables - autograph, moves faster than a few years ago, capital recovery faster, less now. All the money custom oil painting in hand pressure on the goods, even rub two years operation is dark already, do collectables - autograph buoyant has also lost a book.
Painting however, 2015 years, lanzhou is a new antique city ning road into the grid hand gong investment, up to now three years have passed, the antique city administrative penalty is still a large number of vacant, merchants request, it can't see the closed permanently.
"A porcelain piggy bank, the 6 months rent in arrears, ran, recently closed hand structure machine contact not here..." KeQi, a Tibetan friend revelation to the reporter: lanzhou zhang ye address antique city silver bullet merchants into dangerous house, because there was no money for the rent shut the door to play missing.
The porch of the hidden treasure of China shop Wang Chengqing stores do antique business since 2001, just three years in lanzhou earned a bitch. "A few years ago drive antique shop profit really fast, but nearly two years of business, become the abruptly, especially since last year, difficult months can't even make the rent to return!" Wang Chengqing appeared, he let his money in the stock up. Assuming now closed, inventory of painted pottery and magnetic became a pile of rotten old lady.
On a stick "for rent" shop front, a self-proclaimed "collection of painted pottery to eat the stuffy deficit" customer statement reporter, two months before his boss in this shop with high price to buy a color pottery, now the shop can is "ma's kiln unearthed painted pottery, may at any time to return." But when he created a board is the tune to return, just know whose proprietor as early as in last year lunar owe the rent half a year from the volatile world, firms have been shopping for lease.
Indeed, from the old lunar into duty hand, PangXiangLu will proceed with clearance. Now painting in he has rented a room in the wild goose beach firms start to do gansu province native goat means, "today, the city value keeping in good health, green pollution-free products are very popular, especially egg is rural soil, soil honey, a variety of small grains, etc by the city of love, try business trading well in January, and online sales, trading do antique art much more than just." PangXiangLu told reporters.
PangXiangLu engaged in antique trading more than ten years, in lanzhou person does and hospitable, tomorrow to sell big art in the future, always give a shooting range to a few small ornaments, Tibetan friend so going back and forth a lot of customers. Six years ago after a struggle, he an antique city in west gansu road rented a independent ancient warships protected whith cowhide, specializing in the jade and various hand accessories, every YiYou years said that has an income of nearly 300000 yuan. And behold, earn money also don't pay the rent for last year.
Into an antique city in west gansu road, more than a dozen most steel doors and Windows closed and the lights didn't see a employers several jewelry store. A self-proclaimed zhang slowly make tea shop owner as she listen to qin. About trading, he pointed to the empty hall counter-question reporter, "a good zha didn't ego private shadow?" Zhang whose proprietor heave a deep sigh, he borrow friend $300000 five years ago opened jade collectables - autograph shop, but business is more than a year that planted to down archers, lose all their shirts. Now don't say no vision of how he "shop" operation already, is equal to "antique geography" population also poor, bulkhead for everyone on the go.
Antique dealer rerouted to sell native painting creation.
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