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Ming a another identity is curator of the museum oil painting of shandong huaxia plaques

Since the spring and autumn period, plaques are widely used, forming a unique cultural phenomenon in our country. But along with the social development, once hung plaques are now gradually fade out of people. Where the board to? The value and significance of its existence?
The folk force in action
According to the survey, at present our country a considerable number of plaques from private collections.
Shandong force of science and technology vocational college, chairman wang li Ming a another identity is curator of the museum oil painting of shandong huaxia plaques. The museum plaques over 3200 pieces, give priority to with wooden ancient tablets. Data show that 80% of its plaques of fame is inscribed, only scholar in the qing dynasty TiBian alone 24 piece, the academician TiBian 200 block, the other is calligraphy masters, historical figures inscribed plaques. For more than 20 years, from the jiangnan remote ancient village to the north of deep curtilage courtyard, wang li and his companions have left footprints.
WeiGuoPing of Korean city in Shanxi Province are also trying to. Since the late 1990 s, he collected all kinds of the lintel signboard of more than 600 pieces. In July 2016, shaanxi culture industry investment holding (group) company cooperate with WeiGuoPing co., LTD., Seoul, Seoul city culture blocks five-arched Huang temple courtyard as exhibition base, 13 bar set up Seoul museum, display WeiGuoPing the second part of the collection. After the collection of the first batch of 326 pieces of the lintel signboard WeiGuoPing has been Seoul museum collection in the library. Seoul lintel since free and open museum, has received visitors over 100000 person-time, become one of the travelers to Seoul cultural window.
Folk force action at the same time, some local government departments to take concrete measures to protect plaques oil painting reproductions also culture. With a total investment of nearly 5 million yuan of luoyang museum of plaques is the first to collect, display and protection of all previous dynasties plaques of its state-owned plaques. Since 2001, luoyang plaques CunCunZhaiZhai museum staff visited the city of luoyang, dengfeng, gongyi, jin and other old luoyang land or land of radiation has left their footprints. In addition, they also have to shanxi, hubei, jiangsu, hunan, jiangxi and other places, the cumulative collection ancient 2300 plaque.
Rich connotation value
"Ancient plaque horizontal Chen, dignified, heavy BangShu potential, like the rainbow art is written imperial examination, the Chinese context; residual amount is high, elegant solemn, brake the beehive shape victory, reveal a motto of one hundred generations, the national spirit." This pair of couplets is wang li from a pair of plaques real grand momentum and verve. Wang li a believes that the ancient emperor to the reward of his buy oil painting subjects, or folk town, self-excited jing mian of literati, etc, are closely related and plaques. "Plaques collection literature, calligraphy, sculpture, decorative art at an organic whole, vividly shows the social, political, economic and so on, its diction and refined, rich in philosophy, have strong artistic appeal and high academic value. The board as a unique carrier of national culture, reflecting the ancient cultural traditions, customs, ethics, to study the history of our country culture has a high academic value."
WeiGuoPing think that, as a special kind of culture symbol, Seoul's plaque inscription speech will be called sage, language will be out of images, rich in content, profound meaning, is the study of Seoul valuable historical materials. A 'top street "Seoul, but why call' top street, few people know." WeiGuoPing said, through the "top" records, the horizontal board know this street is in memory of the qing dynasty scholar, Seoul only shaanxi wangjie.
Some important plaques can provide important evidence for people to study history. Such as luoyang plaques "and his first" plaque, in the collection of the museum is qing dynasty statesman, calligrapher liu yong for Luo Gu group of ancestry plaque inscribed, praise its loyalty RenYong Dan, write time is jiaqing six years (AD 1801), more than 200 years ago. The plaque is 2.13 meters long, 0.75 meters wide, red and yellow character, regular script Yang, font fruity and elegant. The study of liu yong's calligraphy art, such as political exchanges have important significance.
The value of modern from multiple perspectives
Wang li is a spare no effort to mine, plaques culture, strive to make. They establish huaxia plaques museum website, strengthen cultural cooperation and exchanges with the social from all walks of life, public welfare activities, not on a regular basis to exchange exhibition, the museum collections make plaques culture out of the exhibition hall, close to the people. Wang li also pay attention to using rotational basis for traditional education.
"In fact, the bar of the museum is a small step out of the display board culture. How to protect, innovation, let private museum can not only protect the collection, and benefit, can sustainable development, it is the key." Shaanxi culture industry investment holding (group) co., LTD. Seoul company general manager Mr Li, "much starker choices-and graver consequences-in" during, Seoul plan in one to two years, set up 10 of the distinctive folk museum, strive to continue making the traditional museum with folk culture as the theme, set sightseeing, experience, education, leisure as one of the modern museum, and thus lead to Seoul the development of tourism, wen gen products industry.
In luoyang, curator of the museum of plaques and the king support, plaques culture does not eliminate, just changed in form. "In the past our building is basically DaWuDing, very suitable for hanging plaque, now no place to hang building community. But now the rural building a house, door head with tiled" home and everything ", etc., are all plaques variation and extension; more serious antique buildings, also use plaques. Although these markets are small, all continues." Introduce the king support, the luoyang museum of plaques are trying through industrialization make the plaques culture into the modern life. Luoyang plaques museum has a batch of repair of horizontal old master, they will sell the horizontal board according to the market need to customize. In addition, luoyang plaques museum for more than 20 pieces of high-quality goods collection by plaques using 3 d printing technology copying, through the replica to make rubbings and exquisite packaging, make cultural gifts.
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