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Abstract oil painting art in China today,no longer stay at present only one schema stage

Abstract oil painting art in China today,no longer stay at present only one schema stage
But focus on the schema by hiding behind the spirit of free expression. At the end of the day, as a kind of art style, abstract art is art itself,custom portrait painting from photos is a kind of however the spirit of the inherent nature of art. However, if there is no insight into art essence, and free expression inherent nature of the language, then abstract art only the schema. So Paul klee said that a true artist, first should be a discoverer has the spirit of the poet's passion, and the "spirit when reach to the pure land? - in the beginning of". \ that is found at the beginning of the so-called "spirit, to obtain the inspiration of innovation development.
The connection to the consummation of abstract art, expertly grasp abstract art of painting language and the way of new expressionism creation, because of its long-term learning experiences in Germany, he has a unique advantage. But this is just a prerequisite, more important is that he for spirituality in abstract art. His work is not useless in most domestic abstract paintings, accustomed to, from the perspective of the Chinese traditional culture, fusion of western abstract art elements; But from the western abstract art, looking for contact on the Oriental aesthetic spirit temperament, appropriately into Chinese traditional culture factors, such as writing and meaning. In fact, when it comes to writing, today has become a worldwide in the form of painting language and the basic factors, and the Chinese traditional art are not alone. Just consummation the potential for this kind of modelling of the excavations of the maximum possible get the play of incisively and vividly. His entanglement of strewn at random the concise and full of tension, the density interaction, different degree of finish line, with brush strokes of build form, in the form of a unique composition, origin of the spirit of the object abstraction of writing evolution for all sorts of line, colour, abandoned the representational and modelling the "intermediary directly presents people inner spirituality" meaningful forms "and" emotional symbols to show as line is the most essential, the most pure performance.
Consummation work, strive to abandon the kind of elegant beautiful people have become accustomed to the adornment of the boring, confused and surrealism accidental creation way is not satisfied with the pursuit of strong visual effect and the picture, but the true self and collective aesthetic experience together, trying to make the image of the passion for sensitive emotion answer, so that the artwork has become a fait philosophy, more passionate spirit carrier, as the main body of life target. Although his work was named as the "bird's nest", the "face" or "MuGu questions such as' is not a specific allegations, but only a hazy, may let us feel the painter, a kind of mental and emotional way also can produce some of the" metaphysical "lenovo, such as in the past memory seems to have if have no track. Similar to the language of emotional release potential like? And for the consciousness of life,custom house portrait painting USA the morphology of unspeakable, and so on, can think differently, going.
Reminiscent of the abstract art pioneer kandinsky's first book "the theory of artistic spirituality?, he pointed out that art is bound to find a kind of spirit as its form of expression, points out that" the harmony of color and form, in a strict sense must hit the principle of the human soul as the only basis ". The thought of another a abstract art master mondrian's famously "inner life and a strong and active power determines the art form. When the artistic expression of the nonphysical, art is only one meaning, because only in this way, the possibility of art can give the human to go beyond their own." in the present, people are usually the abstract painting as one of the most able to reflect the modern spirit of artistic style, it is because it can not pass left spiritual this basic concept of figurative narrative approach, has brought us to a state, don't have the time, place and space to the origin of art, the most pure feelings of the human mind, and the most essential things. We feel in the consummation of the work, it is such a state
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