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Some art managers,entrepreneurs,relying on unique geographical advantages,Russian oil painters and their works to heilongjiang

Some art managers,entrepreneurs,relying on unique geographical advantages,Russian oil painters and their works to heilongjiang
In Harbin, the collector not only has a personal collection of professional exhibition hall, and Russian HuaGuCun located in sun island park, every year there is a group of Russian artist all the way to tour the creation in the "village". Why the Russian oil painting market in heilongjiang is on the rise? The degree of specification and development of the Russian oil painting market prospects?
Government enterprises as a "base" to "medium"
When it comes to Russian oil painting, had to mention Liu Mingxiu and his Russian art museum. On the sun island, Liu Mingxiu of Russian art gallery will open a door for people to understand the window of the Russian history and culture. The pavilion is a layer of Russian building, a total of Russian art treasures exhibition more than 4000, including nearly thousand is a prominent painter Russian modern masterpiece.
Liu Mingxiu born in heihe city, a chance that he obsessed Russian art collection. In 1994, Liu Mingxiu opened the first Russian art gallery in heihe. In 2004, the Harbin city government's decision to free on the sun island offers a more than 3000 square meters exhibition hall, art of Liu Mingxiu "wealth" share with the public. So, Liu Mingxiu with his more than 3000 exhibits in sun island.
With the development of cultural industries, in recent years, the government is also actively groping towards Russia's oil industry. Similarly, suifenhe, culture and art exchange between China and Russia exhibition hall is born under the cooperation of enterprises and government. According to suifenhe Wen Tiju spring yan, director of introduction, in 2010, the government put the suifenhe city to provide the old museum exhibition space, responsible for plumbing electrical charge, by Harbin Orient culture company in operation of the museum of art.
In Russia's oil painting collection and distribution center in heihe city in heilongjiang province, there are a lot of Russian oil painting of the individual business households, decentralized operation have not formed the scale and industry, in this case, the heihe city government intervention guide, integrate resources, set up in business Russian oil painting primarily state-owned cultural industry co., LTD., in heihe and heihe china-russia art gallery exhibitions at the museum, to exhibition promotion, based on the pavilion to exhibit the sales, the pavilion based on company business, keep both public properties of the pavilion, and let it have the function of industry.
Works good and bad are intermingled by "self-discipline"
In heihe, Russian oil painting collection special popularization, flying off the number of oil painting a lot. Reporters also visited several galleries in Harbin, found that have marked sale of Russia's oil painting works.wholesale hand painted oil painting Russian oil painting behind the burgeoning market in heilongjiang province, what concerns?
Liu Mingxiu revealed that Russian oil painting in Harbin market has not fully launched, the price of 3 to 50000 yuan to sell more, low-end market is good, but high-end market development space is very big. In addition, the Russian oil painting on the market level the good and bad are intermingled, filled with false picture, this is also a big problem in the Russian oil painting market in heilongjiang province.
Liu Mingxiu said, into some Russian paintings are some of them are on the market of shenzhen dafen "manufacturing", is not really Russian painter's works. To this, he thought that the Russian oil painting market has yet to be standardized, to make it to a healthy and orderly direction. Market regulation depends on the government guidance, but largely depends on the owners of the discipline. Some owners sell fake picture may in the short term profit, but for Russian oil painting in heilongjiang province of the industrialization of the long-term development has a great deal of harm.
Please put my picture in your "home"
Spring flowers on the sun island, in May, a young woman from Russia ohm city painter column, but no mood to appreciate beauty, in the paint with the kama sutra disease "painting" in the studio. Column, 29, na is Russia ohm, college of art teachers, the ohm city artists association chairman recommended to sun island HuaGuCun painting in Russia. Na is the first time to come to Harbin, will stop in Harbin for a month, during this work will stay in Russian art exhibition hall.
Column na is arrived in heilongjiang province in recent years one of the many Russian painter to paint. If the Russian oil painting to the market, in the middle of the program is very complicated. Suifenhe Wen Tiju director, spring yan said at the beginning of 2008 suifenhe, Russian art exhibitions, the Russian oil painting for local sales, but return fee is very expensive, customs we charge you 30% of the tax.custom house portrait painting USA Therefore, the Russian oil painting in the industrialization development of heilongjiang province, the best way is to transform ideas, please come to Russia.
Today, most of the Russian art gallery in heilongjiang province are also follow this pattern, invite outstanding Russian painter came to China, there have been several outstanding painter's works for our "home", to assist in the development of cultural industry in heilongjiang province. But please painter to paint this model also has its disadvantages: oil painting is not painting, need to be integrated into the artist's imagination and inspiration, the real painting master sometimes didn't finished drawing a picture three years, the painter to paint, please, can appear sometimes attaches great importance to the "quantity" and ignore "quality" problem, it is not easy to produce high-quality goods. Therefore, how to weigh the good painting of the relationship between the quantity and quality, is a question worth thinking about.
In Liu Mingxiu Russian art exhibition hall, feeling the familiar native art atmosphere, the Russian painter Ivan to creation
novel surrealist works, social credit oil painting system,  only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
wholesale oil painting from china stamps, COINS, bronze mirror, Gardner 2009 spring
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