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Liu spilled oil painting tour to Shanghai magic realism painting

Liu spilled oil painting tour to Shanghai magic realism painting
Well-known brigade and painter liu spilled oil painting exhibition in Shanghai art gallery opening. In April last year after the first exhibition in Beijing today art museum responded enthusiastically, the second leg as the Shanghai circuit, display the liu for over 20 years in North America and China have created more than 30 exquisite painting works.
As early as in April last year, liu's first solo exhibition in today art museum spill brought an unprecedented shock to the audience.custom portrait and oil painting reproductions USA Its old friend academy of Chen, Yang Feiyun, xia xiaowan, the central academy of fine arts dean JinShangYi Mr Eternal song dan-dan famous, famous director Feng Xiaogang, famous actors and other guests and all the audience to liu overflowing exquisite technique and unique contemporary breath gasped.
The tour to Shanghai, attracted a lot of middle-aged and old art lovers and the people came to the exhibition. An old man told us that he is through the television news information, think liu overflow painting odd but it is very interesting, so go to the scene to look at. Also said that some of them because you know that the artist liu overflowing masterpiece "Beijing 2008" has come to Shanghai, especially before watch and decisive.
, as compared with the last year in Beijing exhibition showcase the borrowed from the collector from the work of attention to women of the persons, another version of the "Beijing 2008", is the famous actor ms eternal song dan-dan famous collection of oil painting exhibition "mud" and so on, and last year completed the balefire drama seigneur and completed the doors to marry younger sister this year after returning creation did not show in Beijing.
It is understood that after returning the liu overflow next year will be held in Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan and southeast Asia and other regions.
Chinese and western culture in the contemporary
After years of techniques in Canada as well as the study of western culture, liu surplus for the first time the main method of the performance, led by Latin American literary world, carefree dripping wet the surface of his paintings now. He also repeatedly care content of Chinese nations, and continuously absorb nutrition from Chinese traditional culture and the Oriental spirit of blending the forms of the west, in order to create a Chinese cultural connotation of oil painting language. Liu overflow heavily in his paintings to borrow and everyone knew profoundly transformed China props, modelling, symbols and themes, etc., cause we americans admire liu overflow painting, be without the feeling of estrangement and challenging.
Chen said liu overflow painting "is to prove the are irrefutable realistic ability, mainly, depicting ability, in addition to two ability - so far I can think of more accurate word definitions that ability - that is, a dramatic expressions, and hard to read." Although liu show that what you are not a politician, is an artist, the use of visual, the image of art to express themselves perceived social phenomenon, in the image of the picture, we see an artist's humor wisdom and aesthetic pursuit, and his also really also inadvertently create illusions of dreams and surreal. Therefore, custom pet portrait by hand painted in china liu overflowing works at home and abroad is consistently recognized is the "magic realism".
Classical techniques of modern innovation
Liu overflow painting skills are recognized by the industry. Especially his abroad after years of groping, showing a set of classical and new means of performance. This method is mainly the use of propylene do bottom base, with alkyd resin painting, then use oil paints and the so-called "grey" ghost modulation again to complete the painting. This is the world within the scope of the new technique, is also a complete classical oil painting with the new material effect is one of the most simple method, but also greatly save the time. This technique is especially very different and we are familiar with the Soviet union act.
Online for a long time, liu overflow happy to communicate with netizens to explore painting methods and creative experience, he advocates a kind of mill type teaching, his professor for many years, the study of painting skills to friends who want to learn painting, called "6 fatty techniques", such as "fat pressure thin" skills, etc. Liu said, because of China's oil painting is highly affected by the Soviet union drawing, then a lot of people with the Soviet union's painting methods to draw western paintings, and "6 fatty techniques" is a European system method of painting. About the use of "6 fatty techniques" is a book, liu overflow said that for beginners is a good crutch
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