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Blockbuster Shen Yaoyi red classical oil painting revolutionary ideals than day from 8.5 million yuan to clap

Blockbuster Shen Yaoyi red classical oil painting revolutionary ideals than day from 8.5 million yuan to clap
At the 40.25 million yuan. Compared with contemporary art plate rolling, early 20th century Chinese oil painting plate in the past two years continuously show began in earnest, zao, xu beihong, YanWenLiang, sanyu, Fang Junbi, Li Chaoshi artist's work is increasingly attracting the attention of domestic collectors.
In fact, both chase early Chinese paintings, and pursuit of early Chinese oil painting masters, guangdong is a round but words. As the earliest introduction of China oil painting area, has been leading trend of guangdong oil painting creation, has gone through a journey of 402 up to now. But compared with the growing of lingnan school, guangdong painting seems to have been overlooked.
Oil painting in China in guangdong YouHuaJie what is in a position? Why now, always can't see the let a person see the unforgettable work? Constantly refresh record oil paintings of contemporary art, whether the overdraft of the future of Chinese oil painting market? Or the Chinese oil painting market, at present is only just beginning? These are all very concern of the current fine arts and collectors.
Now is the prosperous period of oil painting in guangdong
Zhao Liping: a lot of people know Chinese oil painting, starts from the Li Tiefu. As the first Chinese oil painting people, he was the earliest Chinese real mastery of the art of western oil painting artist, he is from guangdong, the guangdong region is the earliest introduction of China oil painting. But for this period of history, a lot of people are not familiar with.
Lin Yongkang: guangdong painting people leading have more than four centuries. According to have mastery of the material, the guangdong oil painting in the year to a history of 402 years (1610-2012), which greatly surpass many people believe that the concept of Chinese oil painting but in one hundred. Guangdong is the first western oil painting the incoming and the birthplace of Chinese oil painting creation. Spread western oil painting by missionaries in 1583, the 18th century to the nineteenth century, guangzhou has a number of local professional painter in the drawing, and produce a batch of representative painters. The guangdong painting still walk in the forefront of China. The earliest painter Li Tiefu, step out, to study western oil painting. Followed by Feng Gangbai, Huang Chao wide, tallies, Lin Fengmian, SiTuQiao, Hu Shanyu, FuLuoFei also successively on the road. Founded by he days such as "guangzhou city art school", is one of the earliest public art school. Was opened in guangzhou paintings, paintings and art school up to more than 20, guangdong draw people opened the generation of the endeavor. Various periods after the founding of new China, especially since the reform and opening, guangdong painting creation is more active and prosperity, has spawned a large number of excellent works with time spirit and regional characteristics. Guangdong oil painting creation has always been true to the tradition of the elders, insist on art is consistent with the spirit of the time, adhere to the study of oil painting academic independence spirit of exploration. Therefore, whether it is a national festival or the academic exploration, have made remarkable achievements.
Guo Runwen: guangdong history of oil painting with Chinese painting history is closely linked. Li Tiefu, guangdong painting first glorious phase appeared in the "cultural revolution" period. The oil painting creation, also face political sloganeering constraints, but the painter of guangdong, cleverly the revolutionary subject combined with oil painting language. As Shang Xiaoming never truce, Chen Yanning "new doctor for fishery port", "chairman MAO visited guangdong rural Pan Jiajun" I am haiyan "and so on, these works have the very big influence in China at that time, was created as a model of fine arts. Their rare is that the "cultural revolution" creations of oil painters at that time, is the unification of the "red, smooth, bright" image, but they dare to draw the image of real people, and bold use of gray, is not only the revolution, and the essence of painting language, and also get the government admitted that this was a very not easy, formed the first peak in oil painting in guangdong.
After the "cultural revolution", the guangdong oil painting also emerged a large number of important artists, they come from guangzhou academy of fine arts in 1977 and 1977, enrollment, major publications such as SiTuMian "clay", TuZhiWei "farewell my concubine", etc., has a very prominent cantonese style. Especially Shao Zenghu with scars literary works "the death of agricultural machinery experts", at the time of China has a very big influence.
But after the reform and opening up, guangdong painting has entered the phase of stagnation. A large number of artists "the sea", let guangdong painting in at least ten years at home in a state of silence. At that time, even a joke, "beauty" no painter, everyone is a manager.
Now, a fourth peak of guangdong painting, oil painting art committee changes, has held two oil painting exhibition. At the same time, in many important national exhibitions, guangdong painting winning and ranks second only to Beijing, has been in the second place in the domestic. At present a lot of young artists that guangdong their 30 s and 40 s, also begin to enter the stage of painting, among them, can place on the country to more than 10 people. Can say, now is the prosperous period of oil painting in guangdong. So I want the government to take the oil painting, oil painting in guangdong has so deep origin, if the government try to help another fully capable of building guangdong into a powerful province of oil painting.
Lin Yongkang: I think the government should be like protect the lingnan school protection in oil painting, guangdong province, established a professional collection of oil painting in guangdong. Suzhou city government has made a very meaningful thing, the only Chinese powder painting they established the national museum of art.
In December of this year, guangdong painting will usher in a comprehensive review of the opportunity. Carried out by guangdong do the host, "I soil my people oil painting exhibition" five provinces, Hong Kong, combing the development history of Chinese oil painting, this is probably the largest in multiple areas of oil painting exhibition in recent years.
Now, why can't see the let a person see the unforgettable work?
Zhao Liping: like just for the death of agricultural machinery experts, "chairman MAO visited guangdong rural" and so on, is when people talk about will remember the works of the period. Now although oil painting also got very big development, hand painted family portrait painting but why it is difficult to see a let a person see the unforgettable work?
Guo Runwen: before "a famous painting" examples abound. "Chairman MAO to AnYuan", for example, people don't necessarily know Liu Chunhua, but must know the painting. This is because the work of art is a single, all painted in similar fields, when there is a masterpiece in the field, you must know that. Now, on the other hand, due to the present landscape, genre painting field situation, when you put more attention on their areas of focus, eye wouldn't brought together; Old painter, on the other hand, is willing to spend a lot of time to draw a picture, now the painter, painting who are willing to take so long time?
Lin Yongkang: another reason, in the past for people remembered the good work, and in promoting the no market. The painter in the painting, completely driven by passion, thinking, expressive force has reached the acme. This is very different with the painter painting context. Now see the painter, nobody don't talk about the market, nobody HuaJia. As we all know, in the context of pure without distractions, can be fine, if the net to the painting can change how many money, good for someone, there will be no affection of good works.
If memories of this period in guangdong oil painting in the future, guangdong YouHuaJie after wenchuan earthquake more than 50 artists collective work of large painting to bitterly, rebirth, definitely will be mentioned, because that is the true feelings. Now a lot of the painter willing to work into goods, handicrafts, custom balck and white portrait paining this is very deadly.
Can truly be remembered by posterity, affirmation is to move feeling and technology in place, there is a deep thought of the era. First, first of all about your knowledge, thoughts of art, is not just a school teacher to teach you a few pen. I also advise students to forget the brushwork as soon as possible, my students, can accept my thoughts, don't look like me; Second, to the life could trigger creation passion; The third reading personal technology. All right, this three aspects is likely to create a moving painting. In addition, the information is not so much in the past, TV, computer is the product of new era, if there was a good work, the government will dominate the propaganda, the print is very big, this is also a reason
novel surrealist works, social credit oil painting system,  only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
wholesale oil painting from china stamps, COINS, bronze mirror, Gardner 2009 spring
total turnover of more than 541 million yuan custom portrait painting hand art China painted oil painting especially in its iconic bowler hats,pipe, green apple and famous iron blue sky, very significant influence on pop custom oil painting art

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