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August 1956,ministry of culture was held at the central academy of fine arts "oil painting teaching symposium"

August 1956,ministry of culture was held at the central academy of fine arts "oil painting teaching symposium"
The purpose is to exchange each art college oil painting teaching experience, discusses the basic principle and the oil painting techniques, education methods, improve the oil painting teaching. In fact, the conference centre evolved into "Chinese oil painting should possess what style and look", namely the Chinese oil painting development direction. Experts to explore actively enthusiastically, from personal style to national style, and style to create the source of the and so on. The Dong Xiwen views appear extremely prominent, also the most in the wishes of the conference.
After meeting, NiYiDe talking about personal style, Lv Sibai pointed out that in the form of "national style should accelerate the arrival". In the form of the "national style" refers to the national style of Chinese oil painting. He about the problem of style leads to a higher level, pointing at the meeting. , after Lv Sibai Dong Xiwen made a long speech about the style of the oil painting in China from the performance of Chinese painting methods about oil painting Chinese wind ", the system has expressed his thought of Chinese oil painting, "we should have its own national style of art". "About oil painting, due to our efforts to study the Soviet union and other countries experience in oil painting, there has been a significant progress", but in order to make it not is always a foreign things, "we should not only continue to grasp the western of a variety of painting skills, play oil paintings of various performance, and to absorb it over", "which is to make the external form of our Chinese nation, and make them have their own national style". Oil painting in China, "he unequivocally calls for wind, in terms of painting style, should be the highest goal we painter efforts." He will style formation and performance of national painting method, the analysis and mining, summarizes the characteristic of the essence of national painting art, and highly positive and evaluate the value of the national art. Dong Xiwen view clear, firm, together with the influence of my painting practice, no doubt to have considerable appeal,custom oil painting by hand painted struck a chord with participants of painting style. Zhang Heyun said: "in the painting performance and has a certain expression mastered, should according to their own national customs and habits, hobbies, fine tradition and creation of Chinese style oil painting style, can't just stay in the western performance forms." To this, the unity is strength, the pursuit of the goal of "Chinese style" painting, formal official appearances.
The meeting, on the one hand, is the problem of oil painting teaching, on the one hand, more reflect the culture of the artists in the "double hundred" environment, has carried on the positive thinking to Chinese oil painting path together, the more significant meaning. Can say, this meeting makes the expert consensus that Chinese oil painting development road is a "national style". At the same time, how to make the Chinese oil painting "national style", determine its source for the national traditional art. As a result, Chinese oil painting began to nationalization road of the independent pursuit.
Since then have an important meeting, on May 28, 1958 in zhejiang academy of fine arts "about the ethical style of painting", from the theme, with the discussion of "oil painting teaching symposium" echo "style" has a direct relation. Conference participants have NiYiDe, FeiYiFu, Wang Bomin, Wang Dewei, Li Binghong,custom couple portrait painting USA pan, Shi Yan, etc., discussion, the chorus is pointed out that "painter should study the traditional Chinese painting". This consensus, reflects the profound influence of the political winds in fine arts, show rulers as the criticism of the "nihilism" affected people think about how to create Chinese oil painting. Participants together emphasized the traditional Chinese painting to create the significance of Chinese oil painting style, today still has merit.
As a guide, "fine arts" to "oil painting nationalization" show support, surrounding the continuously published a series of articles, stimulate discussion in theoretical level, to push the proposition to the forefront. These articles from the art of leadership and well-known painter, mainly discusses the aspects as follows: one is the emphasis on learning painting technology, and attaches great importance to the Chinese national painting tradition. Wu zuoren thought, "the Chinese oil painting must have Chinese style, but only proficient in oil painting, is the oil painting nationalization prerequisite." This view is the painter and fine arts leaders agree. Two is emphasized and adhere to the characteristics of oil painting, this is not negligible aspects nationalization, to avoid simplification. Three is to seek traditional Chinese painting can be used. Experts summing up the line, space, the artistic conception of traditional paintings, the combination of poetry and painting, the color pure, pen, etc, to think and discuss the possibility of its use, and correct problems arising from the exploration and reflection in the teaching are discussed based learning and how to arrange the style guide
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