Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Manzhouli customs seized a large number of Russian oil painting is rare

Manzhouli customs seized a large number of Russian oil painting is rare
On May 20, the manchurian clearance the customs officer on duty in the manchurian aviation port seized a group of Russian oil by passengers carrying illegal immigration.
On May 17, 20, wholesale oil painting the manchurian international air port values seen in flight (Russian il library to manchuria) performing the duty of supervision, found in a book by the X-ray machine package, a middle-aged man with four baggage has 2 form inside the bag image anomalies. The passengers from images can preliminary judgment in similar items are printed items, but didn't see the print image neat at ordinary times, hence the 2 pieces of luggage as you focus the inspection object. The passengers please go to the inspection work station beside, for the sake of their passport, and will then open 2 pieces needs to check the baggage check. After the passengers to something more open outfit did not enter refused to out of the box, and emotional, in customs clearance at the scene of the hubbub "why my parcel to open check, Russia customs exit, after returning home,handmade oil painting the Chinese own customs want tube?" At the same time, he also claimed that he was with diabetes, the blood sugar is low, the body is unwell, can't stand stimulation. To prevent accidents, customs officers with candy and drinking water, and then ask the luggage carried what specific items and quantity. With "the passenger said paint painting", but I don't know the specific quantity. Then took out more than 70 piece of paper with ru, claims to be a certificate issued by the Russian side to this requirement.
See the passenger doesn't understand the management of the imported articles stipulated in our country, so the staff patiently explained the relevant state to the requirements of the relevant policy and regulation of the customs on imported articles. Under the offcial patient explanation and persuasion, the passengers finally understand like this also brought a lot of oil painting into national cultural departments at or above the provincial level shall issue a relevant procedure to need, and I agree to the customs for the goods to open packet inspection. As the passengers carried oil painting the 61 painting, cardboard painting 18 picture. Now the case has been handed over to the anti-smuggling department for further processing
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