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Modern oil painting cartoon tendency from a resemblance to a new kind of same

Modern oil painting cartoon tendency from a resemblance to a new kind of same
For nearly 30 years, modern oil painting from humanity, household, cartoon... Along the way, it may be said JiGuangYiCai, but on the surface of light, let us see the historic progress already, also saw walk from a resemblance to a new kind of similar, from a paranoid to a new kind of paranoia, from a listless walk to a new kind of energy.
Because of the influence of the ideology and the change of social life, we have chose the Soviet realism painting, in addition to other genres, and reached the red light in the "cultural revolution" unify the whole country of extreme position, therefore, we in the end after the "cultural revolution",oil painting reproductions by hand painted in china from the aspects of ideology, academic, art for many years and liquidation, sorting, so as to bring order, including the eighth trendy "on the basis of agitation, etc., which makes our modeling artist in few fetter is engaged in the artistic creation, in a few no request to create a personal style, if so, the artist's creativity got the outbreak, the artist's personality has been make public, heaven and earth and various art, however, came from this, it has been found that not all artists have profound humanistic ideas, not all artists have profound humanistic feelings, not all artists have extensive knowledge of humanities, not all artists have the ability to consciously reflect on and also not all artists have strong adjustment and the ability to reinvent itself, as a result, we have a lot of disappointments.
We walked out of the red light of dazzle eye dizziness and have a sobering scar art, there is a hole deep and remote candle micro reflection of history of art, an insight into the bone marrow of explore the art of human nature, with the view of the features of street art, shows the lower people have a straightforward heavy the art of life, however, any artistic exploration achievements determine later, in "can win" and "sell" non-artistic flag, in a burst of irrational and others to imitate to repeat itself, the art of high passion in a few days is let a person in distress situation of generic conversion become dull, exchange became tacky... And someone euphemistically called: style. At present, in a spate of young artists painting cartoonish are fall into the cycle, and worrying.
These born around 1980 art students grew up in cartoon gradually prevailing s, cartoon is their humanities environment characteristics, therefore, when they enter your personal opinion is engaged in the artistic creation, naturally was borrowed from the cartoon, this is understandable. The point is, they in the cartoon as a new medium, and may give the impression that find everything new and fresh, most people stopped footstep, stay on the language itself. They spend their main focus on how to make everything in sight into the cartoon image, social life and put everything in sight contains movements, why wait for humanities mean abstract, played down, buried, ignored, or even rejection. They are in a great era, only a pile of complanation in their works the doll. High resolution, deep be filled at the same time, the art should have humanistic spirit have been dispelled by the bridge. At the same time, the shortage of the life circle is narrow, low vision flat also affects their breakthrough. Friends pay attention to these questions should be young.
From the creation of the young people can be seen in the young man's question, also can see this social problem, also can see the whole problem of art, that is to say, our leadership department, management institutions, mass organizations, and institutions of higher learning and scientific research units in the artistic creation, the art exhibition organization, to carry out art education, set up scientific research topic selection, ever under the slogan to determine the implementation plan, have certain tasks under the scheme, is there any in the task to determine, is there in person to consider age phase, is there any in daily work arrangement of old and new alternate, context inheriting the achievements.custom wedding portrait painting from photos If we don't put the young students in the learning, experience, create -- and, in view of our experience and creation work, scheduling in our activities, reflected in our achievements, our organization's creation is not for celebrities to set? We host the exhibition is not working for the same? We carry out art education are not always the end? We are engaged in some scientific research do not become the so-called view of tautology?
No matter how much we have, no matter how long the art world, the future belongs to young people, therefore, we should provide conditions and request, let the young art student open the window, to open up, embraced and deep social life, understanding and expressed great times, otherwise, lest shuangxi boat boat, carrying many sorrowactivities, make contributions to carry forward the brilliant culture of the Chinese nation
large, now is not just something, some individuals custom portrait oil painting to pursue the problem, but how to rebuild the social credit system, only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
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