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Nanjing built feasibility can be reference to dafen painting industry base how many patterns

Nanjing built feasibility can be reference to dafen painting industry base how many patterns
Known as the "Chinese oil painting" the plant of dafen, is famous for its produce and selling oil paintings at home and abroad. Will the eighth wenbo in the just concluded shenzhen dafen oil painting village branch, a lot of the painter's work even more to get a lot of orders. Foreign economy is declining, however, and the weak domestic decoration market, as industry downstream of the oil painting market, is facing the dilemma of falling demand.
In a "cold winter" in the market of oil painting in the background, the city of nanjing company is inverse, create a set research and development, production, sales as one of the oil painting industry base.
In Xu Zhuang software park digital cultural center, the second floor, two layer, a total of more than 4000 square meters of office, elegantly hung colorful paintings. In the workshop, several painters are triangle the easel painting. Here is the jiangsu art teng art co., LTD to make oil painting industry base.
The art director He Shubing tells a reporter, although just operate more than two months, but works have been exported to Germany, Italy, France and other countries.
Marketing: export sale in domestic market "two legs"
Rise of dafen oil painting market in the 1980 s, give priority to in order to copy the oil painting under the operation of the dealers, the influx of foreign markets, and this kind of demand from abroad also makes the dafen PiFaDe time became the oil export trade. As the rise of copying paintings export trade, dafen attracts many painters of admission, dafen painting production scale expanding.
However, in recent years, the global economic downturn, foreign market demand of oil painting also is restrained, copy of dafen painting overbuilt market presents an instant. Price competition, cut thin profits, this makes a lot of art dealer realized, so the extensive management pattern, is no longer suitable for the present development of cultural industry, must have independent intellectual property rights and core competitiveness, to gain a voice in the market. So, dafen began the developing mode of original and copy on two legs.
Dafen marketing model is made up of the past for export and domestic sales, export oil painting development canvas products for today's original by copy, copy, give priority to the development.
[jiangsu art teng]
He Shubing told reporters, their boss always do original gallery, earlier this year began to production. "A lot of Beijing, suzhou gallery is essentially to shenzhen wholesale, farther north, has not yet formed a painting industry collection and distribution center, so we want to make a painting industry base in nanjing." He Shubing is introduced.
Jiangsu art art company in the domestic market, keep stable development of the traditional hand-painted oil painting, but also continue to develop in the high-end market and original oil painting market. "We will make full use of modern science and technology development, with high simulation and simulation of Chinese painting and calligraphy, let ordinary people also can enjoy and afford a world famous paintings and Chinese celebrity calligraphy and painting, in order to improve the public life taste and make their efforts to literacy." He Shubing based on years of domestic marketing, they are hard to develop the international market. "Companies to develop modern adornment picture on this spring Canton fair foreign watches, such as the United States, Germany, Italy, Malaysia has customer orders. The company in the future will also through an active part in all kinds of exhibition, trade fair and other exhibitions at home and abroad, continuously pushed her innovative products into the international market.
Price: let ordinary people can enjoy art
In dafen, hundreds of millions of sales of a year, ninety percent of line drawing. The characteristics of the line drawing is the thought into standardized manufacturing,, it is the world famous cutting into specific details, every detail, formulate the corresponding standard color, composition, performed by many painters in accordance with the process time. Dafen after hwang river gradually formed a large oil production industry team.
They according to the customer's bulk order sheet, within the stipulated time to copy, copy, or in accordance with the provisions of process flow operation way to complete. For example, to create the history of painting and calligraphy auction for $104.15 million for Picasso painting with the pipe boys, in dafen,oil painting reproductions an ordinary painter can copy 3 days, the price is 1000 RMB. Collect art source of oil painting company in shenzhen as an example, the plant more than 200 painters painting can draw 200000 picture of the world each year, annual sales of more than 8 million yuan.
[jiangsu art teng]
According to the survey, 60% of the U.S. population, household income of between $30000 and $100000 middle class can accept the artwork price ceiling is equivalent to the average monthly income of the family. "Artists works at far beyond the limit, they can only resort to developing countries to provide cheap replica art. Ordinary citizens has become the biggest demand for art." He Shubing is still bullish on the international market.
Therefore, jiangsu art more than half of the business are exported oil painting. Line drawing although couldn't get into the exhibition hall and the auction hall, portrait painting but they are in the international market occupies a share can not be ignored.
Features: the nanjing elements into painting
In dafen, mainly oil paintings of all kinds of operating stores nearly thousand, painters, painters, nearly ten thousand people, formed in dafen as the center, radiation fujian, guangdong, hunan, jiangxi, and Hong Kong and Macao region's oil painting industry circle.
[jiangsu art teng]
Domestic product oil market after 10 years of development, has become increasingly mature, the competition is increasingly fierce. He Shubing, said they, though starting late, but the high starting point. "Company after sufficient market survey analysis, product positioning in the high-end of the market, to avoid vicious competition of low-end products, at the same time, the innovation as the company's core competitiveness, innovation from the subject, process innovation, material innovation."
On the basis of analyzing the domestic and international market demand and fashion trends, they constantly develop new material new products, and through the use of various composite materials for more novel and vivid images, more modern, more in line with the international trend. He Shubing, for instance, they will give the rain flower stones, gold foil, such as nanjing elements into oil painting, which is unmatched by other parts of the country
novel surrealist works, social credit oil painting system,  only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
wholesale oil painting from china stamps, COINS, bronze mirror, Gardner 2009 spring
total turnover of more than 541 million yuan custom portrait painting hand art China painted oil painting especially in its iconic bowler hats,pipe, green apple and famous iron blue sky, very significant influence on pop custom oil painting art

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