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Ten painter of 2011 annual price increases fastest,price is closely related to economic development

Ten painter of 2011 annual price increases fastest,price is closely related to economic development
After combing to artists auction record in recent years, this reporter selected 2011 works fastest rising price of oil painters, analysis of its market value is the basis of academic, explore its unique artistic style and artistic growth environment, and take the belt line, listed in the auction a record or with special significance in the typical representative works of artists, explore the artists of the rising value of the line.
Clinch a deal the highest price in 2011: "the five naked women" (1950)
Price: RMB 107 million (the roaf, 2011-05-30)
Comment on: sanyu's work in the entire Asian market acceptance is very high, in 2011, his works of this new pricing record.custom handmade oil painting china He is the only have published the first generation of oil painting at home painting corpora, collectors has clear context about the source, to sell your is understandable. The market sanyu's work has a foundation of nearly 30 years, in recent years, is more popular with collectors, auction record steady rise.
In 2011, clinch a deal the price: the 10.1.68 (1968)
Price: RMB 56.56 million (Hong Kong su fu (weibo), 2011-10-03)
Comments: as the linkage between the modern Chinese art, zao in inherits the essence of Chinese traditional culture, on the basis of bold innovation, leading the marked a new epoch in history of art. At sotheby's autumn special "art" in the 20th century in China, zhao in 1968 as the 10.1.68, clinch a deal for 56.56 million yuan, hit a auction record, the auction works also refreshed the painter works auction record.
Yang Feiyun
Clinch a deal the highest price in 2011: "red" (2007)
Price: RMB 11.5 million (Beijing poly, 11.5 million)
Comment on: Yang Feiyun is one of the representative figure of China's academic, his works, in the realistic status of the artist's painting is China famous for its pure classical MeiZhi and painting. Auction record from the artist's work is not hard to see that his works before 2010 increase rate is not high,custom pet portrait by hand painted in china but also steady climb year by year, in the spring of 2011 the beat every breakthrough must then, Yang Feiyun academic value of the works does not match the market sale price, the future will also have a great appreciation of space.
Clinch a deal the highest price in 2011: "the third century landscape" (1995)
Price: RMB 19.55 million (Beijing HanHai, 19.55 million)
Review: poly in 2010 autumn, LengJun ronaldinho with 31.36 million clinch a deal valence is collectors bought, the highest auction record refresh the artist piece work. His works the overall price rise, LengJun with extremely realistic art technique, with its different from other XieShiPa painter's glamour conquers the collectors of the heart, in the spring of 2011, he again reached ten million yuan, have two pieces of works become another charming in the art market.
Zeng fanzhi
Clinch A deal the price: 2011 "marriage A series # 3:" (2001)
Price: RMB 41.25 million (Beijing poly, 41.25 million)
Comments: although the works of zeng fanzhi, piece the highest auction record for 2008 at Christie's in Hong Kong "mask series NO. 6" in the spring, but also can not cover up the global financial crisis, he still standing pat field is bright, the representative works comfortably in ten million yuan, became almost 2010, 2011 two years auction season, there were more to the auction house win full top of honor, its momentum.
Zhang xiaogang,
Clinch a deal the highest price in 2011: "forever lasting love (triple a)" (1988) price: RMB 66.568 million (sotheby's Hong Kong, 2011-04-03)
Comments: in spring this year, zhang xiaogang, early masterpiece "forever lasting love" clinch a deal with the high price of 66.568 million yuan, artist personal work auction record, the auction completion price rising steadily. A bloodline: big family "in 2008, clinch a deal valence is 20.29 million yuan, only three years prices tripled, can yet be regarded as a high return
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