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Zhang yan in tang dynasty in imperial painting "that a good painting, must win

Zhang yan in tang dynasty in imperial painting "that a good painting, must win
And god is particularly important. This picture album of double horse in turn back the moment contains a kind of masculinity, color is pure and fresh and shading, cheng du jin jian brushwork, modelling is vivid, accurate and lasting appeal reflects his ink. Energetic hyperopia ink without gas, almost see brush. Pen, mature, and certainly in penetration, situated in, through the fur layer depleting muscle and bone, each pen has the connotation of the conception, model and embodies the aesthetic effect, the purpose of showing the calligraphy brush in the trend, form a lively and lasting appeal. Sadness Mr Hon's calligraphy work force was very strong. He likes wei rubbings like stiffness, fang structure, uniform white cloth, pen dignified. He will be embodied in the albums each horse. A galloping horse, hooves, suspension containing a wild power. He also in performance when the horse's body is a blend of official script is bold pen; When performance mane hair tail, "FeiBai" in calligraphy and vigorous. The rhythm of the rendering showed both freehand brushwork in traditional Chinese, and show the calligraphy pen interest, thus forming the beautiful feeling, beautiful mind, beautiful, is a rare high-quality goods, of course.
The second Mrs Xu's collection sketch book is even more precious. In the sketch book USES a variety of techniques, such as pencils, carbon, ink, watercolor, at the same time, extremely rich content, reflects the artist's thought condition and a lot of social activities of the period. He seized in India has the characteristics of the landscape in real life, people, animals, etc., with an in-depth observation, special memory, panda, monkey sketch out the cows elves, griffin's brace, as well as the sunrise like flame, such as take hold of the roots of the earth. And, of course, tagore's sharp, Gandhi's steady, drum of joy, and harps. Painter captures the many moments of move feeling, the moment of expression, the moment of the soul, use the brush to record those vivid plots, making both succinct, generalization, and vivid picture is permeated with a kind of fashion and the goodness of life. Such as Mr Nick in the holy land of the drawing sketch "drum", the picture is small, but pen refining, the light of neck of its characters, hand in percussive emf and the joy of expression are perfectly. "Play" the sketch, the play is like intoxicated by a wonderful music, the manner made viewer will be dumped in the silent music that screen. Sad hon Sir To Europe for eight years, laid a solid foundation of the sketch, literary sketch language. The sketch book a self-portrait, is his face in the mirror and painted. He first catch line, has the characteristics of the parts, give little place, through facial expression and eye contact, highlight its unique demeanor and temperament, fully show the ambition in the chest, the achievement of ambition and personality. Sadness Mr Hon's sketch is a first-class master. He created during the period of study abroad has behind, make an organic combination of line and plane, black and white ash layout appropriately, the beauty of rhythm, the change of rhythm, in France after a journal, is known as "Venus" of the east. Mr Hon love through the form of a self-portrait, to express melancholy, the bitterness of self, self mind of self to give full expression to his complicated inner world and stubborn personality charm. He painted a lot of oil painting since writing, sketch the writing and the traditional Chinese painting from writing.
The sketch book tagore and Gandhi,custom oil painting by hand painted when is a good friend of xu beihong. Tagore is a famous writer and poet, also have a passion for art, marketing of the album: tagore, now is Mr Xu beihong was selected for him. Gandhi was President of India, the British occupation of India for a long time, in an attempt to turn India into a colony of Britain. The early 60 s, Gandhi staged sit-ins, marches, etc without violent campaign against British colonial rule, after a long struggle, finally won, India has achieved national independence. Gandhi won the Nobel peace prize. When sad hon Sir Wanted very much to see Gandhi, and at the invitation of tagore. Meet for the first time, he was very excited, hold the hand of Gandhi and perched on a rock, Gandhi stepped back ready to draw sketches. But don't want people to surround the Gandhi to get up soon, some children even on Gandhi's neck. So sad hon Sir By keen observation and profound understanding of characters, captured the moment Gandhi prominent characteristics, less than a few minutes to complete the two sketches (courtesy of xu beihong memorial hall). After that, the side of him, not again when tagore talking with Gandhi enter indoor, from her pocket a sketchbook, write down the unforgettable moment. Picture specifically the facial expressions of two people, will be two great personality vividly displayed. Sad hon Sir Good at observing life, experience life. He painted animals are accumulated, as well as purpose and symbolic, so any sketch he painted with a kind of emotion. His sketch of the elephant is like a kind of loyalty, he described the cattle is a kind of plain, wanted to show his spirit griffin is to reflect a kind of bravery, and often the gridhrakuta metaphor as a symbol of the fight against the enemy. He often praise the gridhrakuta brave to detail to depict the gridhrakuta eyes, peck and claws, make its eyes, mouth and sharp claws. Maybe Mr Xu too strong desire for China. Because, he thinks the Chinese nation is an urgent need to such a powerful force against foreign invaders. A watercolor sketches in the sketch book although small, but very good. Images through red glow and radial cloud is thought of, a red sun is rising. In 1940, is China's Anti-Japanese War is the most difficult s, how sad hon Sir Hope clouds cover, the motherland will rising this symbol of victory of the dawn! About the work of the sunrise (including oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, watercolor painting, etc.) he wrote a lot of (courtesy of xu beihong memorial hall), are called to victory as the theme. In the sketch book and one ink painting sketch, color elegant, shading, to calm the pen of light spirit, expressed the simple sense of trees and the quiet atmosphere of the country. According to Mrs Xu, sad hon Sir Very seriously for hand painting. Can hand, he thought, along with the change of psychological reflects a certain emotional color, gestures are a reflection of some kind of mental state subconscious will be exposed to hide the face, so, hand is the second face of the people. Modelling is rigorous in xu beihong many hand is endowed with rich emotional color. Such as: large Chinese painting works "yu gong yi shan" in the dig mountain more than hand, reflect is a kind of strength and faith; Large oil painting "the field horizontal five hundred strong men," struggling to break the sword hands, manifests the bright is cynical. This sketch works in the sketch book "hand", the painter USES light feeling, deal with the light and dark tone in hand, the hand and the palm distribution stretching tendons show incisively and vividly, custom wedding portrait painting from photos reflected a kind of working people's pristine beauty.
In a word, the sketch book is Mr Xu beihong life accumulation, inspiration, and is witnessing a he walked into the life, life and reality. It associated with xu beihong mature creation of outstanding works, is the painter came into life obtain first-hand material, is also the foundation of great works was born.
These two treasures and Mrs Xu go hand in hand for decades, this time to trade in the holy beautiful autumn, is ms Liao Jingwen for continuing to create Chinese art education career, xu xu beihong art 1250 1953 home, precious imperial collection of more than 1000 and more than books, fell, and materials donated to the state after the feat again. It should be said that Mrs Xu this awesome moves, can comfort the sad hon Sir Loved art career and his life
large, now is not just something, some individuals custom portrait oil painting to pursue the problem, but how to rebuild the social credit system, only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
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