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For the classical realistic oil painting, "value plays" is just a relative concept

For the classical realistic oil painting, "value plays" is just a relative concept
Especially since the last two years, realistic oil painting can be said to be the market to be bestowed favor on newly, every year there are excellent works of literature and art, from the early JinShangYi represented by the old man, the most effective artists such as Chen, then can say is the price of their paintings is a rising tide lifts all boats, but compared to the overall situation of modern and contemporary art, classical realistic oil painting price far did not reach the high price of contemporary art, wholesale hand painted oil painting its price has been hovering at a relatively low stage, although not like a steep sell-off in the Chinese contemporary art, but no Chinese contemporary art had glorious, that is why we will say classical realistic oil painting is still a value to the cause of the depression.
In the big background of the development of the modern and contemporary art and classical realistic oil painting market
Once created China's record on modern and contemporary art works of Mr. Liu "in the three gorges immigrants" 22 million yuan
In the early 1990 s to early in the new century, Chinese oil painting market has been rising stage. During 2003-2005, China's oil market is "jumping" phenomenon, and many classic present "blowout" in a short time. At Beijing's poly autumn auction in 2006, zhang LAN, with 22 million yuan prices to Mr. Liu oil painting "the three gorges immigrants," were not only set a the Mr. Liu's personal auction record, at the same time its the highest level in Chinese contemporary art. After a period of time, you suddenly realize that a modern figure unexpectedly can also auction to have such a high price, modern and contemporary art collectors also began in the salesroom regardless of the cost of the artist's work competition, coupled with the next few years, China's economy is relatively stable (later proved to be the calm before the financial crisis), which is the cause of the Chinese contemporary art in these two years. The subsequent financial crisis makes the Chinese contemporary art fell into the trough, suddenly into the winter, and this phenomenon was extended until 2009, contemporary art market has improvement.
Throughout the development of Chinese modern and contemporary art, we will find that there is a relatively stable category, is the Chinese realistic painting. According to Chinese realistic painting index released art net 30, according to data from 2000 to 2004, the index trend has been smoothly, begin from 2005, influenced by the background of the development of Chinese contemporary art, realistic oil painting by leaps and bounds, the soaring price, impressive. Although since the fall of 2008, affected by financial crisis, the index fell, but compared to Chinese modern and contemporary art of other categories, or not too big, basic or remain at a relatively low price range.
Chen "mountain wind" to create a record for a Chinese realism oil painting clinch a deal of $81.65 million
In 2011, the modern and contemporary art market emerged a large number of XieShiPa artists' outstanding works, the such as Chen, custom house portrait painting USA Chen, Wang Yidong, Li Guijun represented by the artist, the artist's work is above the price is too million level, have been breached must level, there are some artists at the edge of tens of millions of level, still not exceeding RMB ten million, while the early Chinese contemporary art works have already relaxed broke through fifty million yuan mark, it was the early works of contemporary art in China after arriving in "top" decline stage. Like autumn sales in 2011, zhang xiaogang, the important work of the blood: a family "clinch a deal with the high price of hk $65.6 million, and was the highest at this time in addition to the Chinese realistic oil painting Chen the mountain wind to 81.65 million yuan in her autumn record, it is far less than some other realistic painting artists second-rate prices of Chinese contemporary artists
novel surrealist works, social credit oil painting system,  only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
wholesale oil painting from china stamps, COINS, bronze mirror, Gardner 2009 spring
total turnover of more than 541 million yuan custom portrait painting hand art China painted oil painting especially in its iconic bowler hats,pipe, green apple and famous iron blue sky, very significant influence on pop custom oil painting art

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