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Oil painting nationalization discuss both in wholesale Sue to national nihilism in construction of new China's art thought a backwash

Oil painting nationalization discuss both in wholesale Sue to national nihilism in construction of new China's art thought a backwash
Also is a kind of copying the Soviet oil painting practice at that time. Theory to explore for oil painting style conscious pursuit laid the ideological and theoretical basis. At the same time, the "Chinese style" painting pursuit, prompting painter based on local traditional arts, excavation and research the national art, and integrate the national art ably in the oil painting performance. The painter to our national, understanding and grasp of the traditional integration, transformation, and some have the characteristics of the nationalization works.
Wu guanzhong's second-most depicts the Tibetan special landscape, shaded by trees, and in the surrounding mountains, the Tibetan buddhist temple. Weakened the painter painting scenery in light and shade, with brushwork "to write" character, the trees, and the buddhist temple, the pursuit of atmosphere and artistic conception expression. WenLiPeng of the British male nair Turner must realize performance a group of the revolution who are determined, its modelling as a "mountain" glyph dense, rich color, dense texture of the brushwork, the modelling of succinct summary, deepen the connotation of the works, to strengthen the work. In terms of application of decorative color, Sun Zixi from 1964 oil painting "tiananmen square" is a typical case. On the composition, the color and atmosphere build, the paintings obviously affected by pictures. Wang Wenbin "rammers' work chant" it.this is using color to express, the lines in the picture is the outline of the character image, with its smooth conveying characters move feeling, also echo the labor rhythm, convey the considerable tension with picture composition. Su Tianci paintings has exquisite pen, the brushwork contains rhythm, dynamics, the change of direction, the sophora japonica by writing style to write the modal branch, leaf, flower petals. "purple and white chrysanthemum", the depth of the flowers, the density is very rhythmic, in the cool clean blue green tones, with shallow warm yellow ash to mediate, build give a kind of elegant artistic conception.
These works absorbed the characteristics of Chinese traditional art, such as: rich decorative color, the space of complanation, oil painting for sale by hand painted imagery, a simple modelling, concise verve line, means writing pen and lyrical style of artistic conception, reflects the comprehensive exploration of "nationalization of oil painting".
50 s "oil painting nationalization" is different in the past, is a very special art phenomenon, it represents the new China's pursuit of painting national style, is a kind of reflect the will of the state. "Oil painting nationalization" set, do not rule out political situation, carrying the strong cultural nationalism, is also included in the form of distinctive national, China air express national self-respect and self-confidence, to seek an independent development path of cultural attitudes, map it China, as a new national cultural ideal pursuit of self-improvement. In this process, although there are executed, but in the end, the theory and creation of oil painting localization harvest fruitful results.
Four, free inquiry (1980-2000),
End of the "cultural revolution", after a brief thaw, arts world full of vitality, a series of problems recur to set aside of years of art, such as art character, content and form of art, oil painting nationalization. In the early 80 s, in order to promote the development of oil painting, Beijing, Shanghai YouHuaJie, respectively, painting seminar was held in the conference, the oil painting nationalization issue been pushed to the front desk. Of oil painting academic seminar in Beijing, ZhanJianJun and Chen expressed oil painting nationalization of the slogan is good with no mention of, the former is pointed out that the exploration and pursuit of art is determined by the artist's subjective initiative, the viewer is looking forward to work in the true sense rather than a "national style". They think that the oil painting "nationalization" has already started to hinder the development of oil painting, continue will only lead to the exploration of oil painting language into a dead end.custom couple portrait painting USA As YouHuaJie influential figure, ZhanJianJun is in opposition to "nationalization"? Read the speech, actually not necessarily. ZhanJianJun said: "oil painting nationalization, in direction and total goal is inevitable.... in the long run, nationalization is inevitable in the development of art,..." Chen also is not opposed to nationalization development of oil painting, he says, it should be said that has taken root in China, we have own paintings. They opposed to "oil painting nationalization" as a slogan, because its results may be limited thinking as an artist, limit the painter's creation technique, artists of painting art learning.
Visible, after the "cultural revolution", the artists have more deep understanding of the problems of nationalization, look more cool and reflection. In fact, in the context of the early 80 s age artists hope to break through the bondage of artistic conception, let go of the arms to learn, not restricted to create, to break through any preset goals and rules
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