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Chinese oil painting arts world emerge batch of wide and solid,full of dedicated young ambitious critic

Chinese oil painting arts world emerge batch of wide and solid,full of dedicated young ambitious critic
For the transformation of Chinese art and diversified development made a lot of work. In recent years, both critics compare quiet,masterpiece oil painting by hand painted china there are many reasons for this, the rapid development of market economy has changed the living conditions of the critics and activity way is an important reason. Than in the late 80 s, literary criticism has some important changes: first, idealism spirit is being replaced by pragmatism; Second, the group cooperation gradually into individual random choice; Three, critics from exhibition planning, event organization, comment on writing, market operation, and a comprehensive one, more into more specialized art education, art history studies, art history teaching, the comment on writing, exhibition planning, art market, and other professional roles; The expansion of four team, art criticism and criticism of depreciation. Appeared many self-proclaimed critic and independent curator, do some small alternative exhibition, to promote the internationalization process of Chinese contemporary art, but exhibit more confined to a few small circle, the choice of participants with more randomness, the pursuit of news effect also brought different degree of chaos. Some thering is no lack of artistic sensitivity and organization ability, but the lack of basic training in writing of art history and criticism, there are quite a few articles abuse of big words, bluff, who read, repels the artist; The fifth and the criticism to internationalization gradually, as some critics frequently take part in the international activities, in different ways to introduce Chinese contemporary art, on the other hand, in the early 90 s to go abroad to some critics began to return to the domestic space for development, with the domestic critics both cooperation and competition; Six, critics of social status is rising, the artist using utility of critics of the increase in the number of various activities and social critics, it is difficult to calm down and to engage in academic research and criticism writing, wonderful commentary is not much, especially the lack of a period of integrity of artistic phenomena and trend analysis, compared with the world of art history, literary criticism atmosphere of academic research and exchanges is relatively weak. Seven, in the face of China's accession to the WTO after the increasingly open global economic and cultural development trend, many critics have again "crisis consciousness" (the last was the 1980 s, that is the whole of China fine arts crisis awareness), there have been a lot of young critics to one's deceased father grind in different ways to read bo, further study. Eight, also in literary criticism of "national consciousness", custom children portrait painting from photos for the strong penetration of western culture began to alarm, no longer will be the leading art was elected to the westerners in China international exhibition as the highest standard of art, for China's contemporary culture and art in the world within the scope of the exchange and dissemination of more consciously and actively.
Since 1978, in general, Chinese art critic group contribution to the development of Chinese contemporary art is obvious to all, the conscience of those who have the artist is pays homage to literary criticism. Art critics is unity, is also a continuous attention and participate in contemporary art, critics of the annual anthology reflects the great critical academic research level. The contradiction between individual critic some academic opinion is different, some is a personal grudge, it exists in any social group, is not exclusive to literary criticism. Pay close attention to reality, deepen academic, enhancing unity, open communication, this is my present situation of literary criticism represents hope and self excitation.
Second, what do you think China is one of the biggest problems YouHuaJie? The future of Chinese oil painting development trend?
A: the Chinese oil painting in the 20 years since reform and opening up have made great progress, the overall level of Chinese oil painting has been greatly improved, the emergence of a number of very strong young and middle-aged painter, painting technology and improve the overall level of language, they are the hope of the Chinese oil painting in the new century. But there are also a part of the painter's art market in the 90 s lose myself in the environment, there are, to meet the national arts exhibition and the national oil painting exhibition in the award-winning works and sell well
large, now is not just something, some individuals custom portrait oil painting to pursue the problem, but how to rebuild the social credit system, only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
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