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Art auction at the miracle "limit up" into the art market

Art auction at the miracle "limit up" into the art market
Auction company another autumn drama, famous artwork auction record is refresh many times "" Beijing smoke really gorgeous, six began on November 3, Beijing auction company another autumn drama, the tigers of using for the picture, at least dozens of art famous auction record had been broken, art continue to last year's blowout, continuous lift, hot money will hit the" limit up ", is the spirit of the world,masterpiece oil painting by hand painted china make model-much dumbfounded. Xu beihong manufacturing "the first high girl"
Contemporary art's hottest greatly from the trend of the ink painting to oil painting, last week, Chinese oil painting highest in Gardner was born in the autumn - Mr Xu beihong created 70 years ago in the works of collecting money for the war of resistance "miss Jenny's portrait, with its historical and artistic value and clap a 20 million dollars, broke the previously created by zhao mo pole in Hong Kong Chinese oil painting record of hk $18.04 million. Mainland auction company's oil painting history of 10 years, however, but starting in 2002, Chinese oil painting turnover is rising at an annual rate of double, many established auction company have also issued a special oil painting, it is no wonder that industry insiders said jokingly, or painting inside oil and water. Analysis, compared with butch problems of Chinese ink painting, oil painting creation because time-consuming, laborious seldom false picture; Also, since is import, with the international market price comparisons, Chinese oil painting has certain price space. More bold prediction, the future is likely to be the leading role of the art market in China, ink painting, go to the painting.
History and classical heating up again in the xu beihong art actually created paintings record highs of the day before, another auction company in Beijing has created a "short-lived" record - in the 1970 s is the rise of the painter Chen Yanning represented a history "chairman MAO visited guangdong rural", created the painting on the mainland with 10.12 million yuan price auction record, "luck", however, it's warm to record the next day was xu beihong works to break were nearly double the number. Anyway, historical classic painting once again become a new bright spot in auction market, some auction companies even offer special history paintings. The personage inside course of study, historical paintings with rich connotation; In addition, the painter mentality is very rigorous, creative process than complex today. Sought after by the market, therefore, is understandable. Wu guanzhong reappear the highest social status after this spring on the loess plateau, a peak of 18.7 million yuan, poly autumn and a masterpiece of wu guanzhong "parrot paradise" clap a record high of 27.5 million yuan. Another oil painting "jokhang temple" because represents the level of wu guanzhong painting art, also with the price of 7 million yuan to refresh his paintings auction record. But, in another auction, wu guanzhong works is uneven, both clinch a deal price welcome, also have a lot of puzzling auction, this phenomenon is worth people explore and attention.
XieShiPa gang Chen slow rise in this year's spring brought the market trend of Chen last, in the autumn and have at least a dozen, remain active price compared with last year, is a higher level, but on Monday widely bullish picture "nostalgia in Shanghai" clinch a deal with the high price of 4.8 million yuan, but Chen's highest return bad breath. The work screen fine, but because it is Chen last year, before the album description, so the market prices a little.
Another light let Chen last market relatively inferior, the cause of a large number of Chinese realistic painting works in the market boom. custom wedding portrait painting from photos They by Beijing middle-aged painter Wang Yidong, Yang Feiyun, ai, the autumn patted on the market these days in total annihilation, not only break the voice of their respective work record, the two or three years prices have increased tenfold in the minority. The most extreme example is, 18 years ago, Wang Yidong a painting by brokers sold at the price of 1200 yuan, 18 years later, one of his painting "the mountain the sun," with 5.06 million yuan was taken away. Market participants believe that if there is no better on the works of Chen, I'm afraid the vigorous market will soon be other skilled painter cover, market operation well. Short line operation: a painting half year earned 2 million yuan what call miracles? Sotheby's auction in May this year, New York, Chinese modern oil painting master performing a masterpiece "the spring lake boat" for hk $910000 to clinch a deal, after half a year, it appeared on the poly autumn in Beijing, has sold 2.95 million yuan!
Similarly, Mr Liu haisu painting of "SAN Yang and her husband Joe feibao", in May this year the auction completion price is 2.62 million yuan, poly autumn on the day before yesterday, the work to 3.9 million yuan, profit of nearly 1.3 million yuan. Has such obvious market effect, it is no wonder that the art market in a large number of hot money, all at once with profit as the essence of money never let such an opportunity, but this boom brings to the Chinese art market, the effects of a digital raised is not just that simple
large, now is not just something, some individuals custom portrait oil painting to pursue the problem, but how to rebuild the social credit system, only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
wholesale oil painting from china stamps, COINS, bronze mirror, Gardner 2009 spring
total turnover of more than 541 million yuan custom portrait painting hand art China painted oil painting

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