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Talked about in trade in the beautiful autumn patted on two paintings of master xu beihong treasures

Talked about in trade in the beautiful autumn patted on two paintings of master xu beihong treasures
This year the 82 - year - old Mrs Xu said with tears: "I am an old man, hoping to bring these two feelings bailment into my grave, let them sleep forever with me. How many sleepless nights, but after I finally have the new idea. My life can end, but they can't always sleep, because of xu beihong art belong to the Chinese nation, national spirit will always inspire future generations of xu beihong, so let them with my true feelings to the motherland and to the people, towards the world!" Mrs Xu mentioned in these two works, one for Mr Xu beihong was painted in 1940 horse atlas, another thing is to have Mr Xu beihong autograph TiKuan sketch book. In the sketch book respectively with sad hon self-portrait, tagore and Mahatma Gandhi, animals, landscapes and other characters such as a total of more than 40, to master early carrying in his pocket.
The two pieces Mrs Xu carefully collected for 52 years. They are saturated with a no words can express deep feelings, so it is of special collections. Five of the six jun atlas format are small, but it is sad hon Sir In the most exuberant, painting skills and mature period. According to madame xu tells: in 1940, xu beihong came to Nick temple in India. Nick is a symbol of peace, the holy land known as India's national spirit pillar holds tagore once won the Nobel Prize for literature here. At that time, xu beihong and tagore has became close friends, he had to tagore painted many portraits (including oil painting, traditional Chinese painting, sketch, literary sketch, etc.). At that time,oil painting reproductions by hand painted in china it is the war of resistance against Japan the toughest s sad hon Sir Created a large number of full of patriotism thought of outstanding works, such as: in darjeeling wrote his conception of Chinese painting "yu gong yi shan". This period, mature period and xu beihong horses, he created many lifelike subject about horses. This album in six horses come in all shapes and posture, especially some mercedes-benz in the prairie, some silent in the desert, looking back on top of QiaoYan. Master, uninhibited pen, pen and ink with the emotional artificially, the conception, composition, shape, etc are all the same, formed a unique style. Especially the first and sixth, all for the best, once many times in the xu beihong memorial book publishing.
At that time, sad hon Sir Painting art peak, this is, of course, as long as a year with his trip to India has much to do. In 1939, Mr Xu beihong international university to give lectures at the invitation of tagore visited India. At that time, the distribution of many small city-states, India and the monarch. They all like a good horse. But the horse once age slightly will be sold. This makes sad hon Sir Can buy some very good horse breeds in the bazaar, which made him very excited. Because, he is very fond of drawing horse when I was small, his father died, young age he came to Shanghai chuang world, when he was cornered, is he painted a picture of a horse brought him back to life. At that time, the Shanghai museum curator Gao Jianfu, aesthetic Gao Jifeng received BenMaTu, he sent immediately wrote: "although the ancient Han Gan, beyond that also." And decided to grief Mr Hon's published this horse in aesthetic sales. But xu beihong horse for his painting is always not satisfied with, even if the horse had many sketches, but never so close to them.custom wedding portrait painting from photos To give lectures in India in those days, he often rode on one of the world's most excellent horse, travel abroad MoMo wilderness, had been riding to Kashmir. In the long journey, from time to time he was intoxicated by the horse. Who has a pure good horse of Arab descent, broad nose and the pointed ears, a beautiful neck and four long legs, smooth fur, made him surprised. He had never seen such a good horse, so he must take good care of them, even them as their bosom friend a friend care in every possible way, and they established a delicate feelings. In close to the horses, feeling at the same time, he fall in love watching the posture, to understand the horse's temperament, to master the horse under various dynamic changes in bone and muscle, perspective and anatomy, and different size, different attitude to the horse for a lot of sketch. He praised ma wei, vigorous, praised the character of faithfulness, guileless, brave and hardships and stand hard work. He seems to find the soul from the horse's hopes, then borrow a horse on his own happiness, melancholy, ideal and vision, also with the singleness of heart of the motherland. Sad hon Sir Once said to Mrs Liao Jingwen ms: "in India this year, my biggest harvest is to draw level has reached the requirement of your horse." In the past, he never praises his horse, and when he finally boast, he believes in India created the "galloping horse", is he painted some of the best ever
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