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Dafen:buy gifts on the painting is very tide,ordinary citizens and pop art

Dafen:buy gifts on the painting is very tide,ordinary citizens and pop art
Dafen is undoubtedly one of the most distinctive "made in shenzhen", relatives and friends during the Spring Festival, here are "shenzhen specialty" - dafen painting is quite popular with the public. On January 25th annual grade, dafen some stores have opened, some citizens came to choose oil painting as a gift, and visitors come here to buy oil painting as a memento. At the same time, dafen art museum is in a lot of citizens.
Museum visitors is given priority to with family
On Jan. 25, shenzhen still cold rain, warm spring in dafen art museum, however, many people hand in hand to see three exhibition. custom pet portrait painting from studio Security guards on duty, these days, the Spring Festival to the gallery have a lot of people at the exhibition, particularly for people who take their children to look more.
There was a couple said they work in the center of longgang town, the Spring Festival this year didn't buy the ticket, three New Year stay in shenzhen. The people deliberately chose a junior to dafen, found that there is a gallery, with a child came in to see the show. "Five to six years in shenzhen, few were inside, even come to dafen is the first time." While speaking, the couple invited seven-year-old son on to the front of the dafen art museum, using a mobile phone took a picture.
In dafen, there have been some painting shop started yesterday. Covers an area of only 0. 4 square kilometers of dafen, there are mainly oil paintings of all kinds of nearly 800 business outlets, painters, painters, more than 5000 people living in dafen village. A painting shop owner said, before the Spring Festival, some colleagues close home for the New Year, but the remaining stores in all business these days, many guests, too.
Guests are always love to buy oil paintings
Oil painting in oil painting village store down the street, a young man with dark glasses chosen a four paintings, let the wife of shop-owner wrapped. "Ready to relatives come to shenzhen to play one to send a painting." custom pet portrait by hand painted in china He said with a smile, dafen painting compare with shenzhen characteristics, "say the gift elegant and unconventional, and inexpensive, is culture." The young man surnamed zheng, engaged in interior design work. And he said, particularly fond of dafen's atmosphere.
"There's plenty to buy oil painting sender." The painting shop owner said, have a plenty of to the relatives and friends, and the tourists come and buy back as souvenirs. Yesterday in the oil painting village, that is, zhang from Beijing. Chinese New Year this year, Mr. Zhang a travel to shenzhen and Hong Kong. "Listen to the friend say, before to shenzhen must to look dafen." He said, to find really didn't white, ready to pick painting, as a souvenir to take home. Until yesterday afternoon 4 when much, Mr Zhang a stroll in the oil painting village, looking for the right of the painting.
Dafen mainly original paintings and copy the art processing, with the traditional Chinese painting, calligraphy, crafts, sculpture, and the frame, paint and other supporting industries business, formed in dafen village as the center, radiation for instance the hunan-kiangsi and painting industries in Hong Kong and Macao area.
The people of Hong Kong is a frequent visitor to dafen. It is understood that during the Spring Festival, some relatives and friends to come over to shenzhen Hong Kong people, like helping to buy a painting to dafen
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  1. Oh WOW! That's amazing! I always thought oils were supposed to be really, really awkward to work with but they don't look too bad from this at all! I never would have thought to do oils over airbrush, how awesome is that oil painting