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Taiwan artists and paintings auction is 3 million yuan in local influence is very big

Taiwan artists and paintings auction is 3 million yuan in local influence is very big
Our Thai couple be the official of Taiwan art 10 painting in chongqing before the auction, turnover was 3 million yuan, to become a highlight of the 3rd week of chongqing Taiwan activity.
YanJuan ty, xu wan Tian couple is a pair of active on both sides of the artist, has high artistic attainments, in Taiwan and the mainland important art museum, in the fine arts have a wide range of influence and praise. oil painting supplier offer portrait painting in china Mr YanJuan ty is Taiwan China engineering co., LTD., chairman of the board, its projects throughout the world, but he is also an artist, and his wife xu yan wan Tian are painters of the Taiwan fine arts activity.
Since 1996, YanJuan Thai couple oil painting exhibition "" sun yat-sen hall in Taiwan," the national history museum "and other 15 important pavilion and the national art museum of China, suzhou museum of China four exhibition on display.
YanJuan ty of the age, is the son of former Taiwan leader YanGuGan, was born in mainland China, followed the father moved to Taiwan, 57, committed to a career in painting, the painting style integration of traditional Chinese painting artistic conception and painting techniques, artistic conception far-reaching, intriguing, picture all colors are gathered together under the karma, flows in the picture, separation, scatter, ablation, appropriately extend to the canvas for each position of heart, vibrant, create harmonious lithe and graceful movement. Evaluate their paintings, the namoc director ", custom wedding portrait painting from photos the Chinese traditional culture idea and aesthetic artistic conception, a lot of work to poetry words, through his work for people to understand his art provides an opportunity to also shows his rather profound traditional Chinese culture."
Mrs Xu wan Tian woman good at Oriental style and paints, 6 years old from Taiwan, the father of modern painting Li Zhongsheng painting, consult famous painter, Mr Liu haisu in Japan after Tokyo art university, the art experience for many years, has made ms xu wan Tian profound professional painting, even more has the original opinion on flower-and-bird paintings. Her work with birds and flowers, handling, pure and fresh and unique color beautiful, structured and do not break the clumsy natural wind, picture peace and joy, as the artist's gentle temperament.
This time auction by chongqing chongqing international art center, chongqing Macao international art gallery. Ginseng 10 painting works are taken in Taiwan and the mainland tour, and CheFu is not big, the auction reserve price is not high. In recent years, their work is gradually favored by the art market, its writing style with a line in our country such as zhao mo pole, zhu dequn painter artistic feelings is consistent, dedicated to the combination of Chinese and western art forms to explore. But because YanJuan tai long engaged in industry, coupled with prominent family background and special experience, their works and reveals the unique artistic charm.
Chongqing chongqing international art center chairman, chongqing Macao international gallery director, famous curators wave Mr Liu told reporters that the auction for YanJuan Thai couples at the first sale in mainland China, and Taiwan art auction for the first time in chongqing. He said: "there is no thought of the auction success!"
Waves, said liu in the cross-strait economic and trade under the situation of the increasingly frequent exchanges and cooperation, on both sides of the culture and art exchange urgently need to go to a new level, the YanJuan Thai works auction is a very good, the proceeds from the auction will be as chongqing culture and arts foundation, used on both sides of the culture and art exchange
large, now is not just something, some individuals custom portrait oil painting to pursue the problem, but how to rebuild the social credit system, only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
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total turnover of more than 541 million yuan custom portrait painting hand art China painted oil painting

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