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From development of Chinese civilization,oil-painter Li Yun yan obsession with grotto art

From development of Chinese civilization,oil-painter Li Yun yan obsession with grotto art
No matter how turbulence and after fracture, a brighter future for the Chinese classical culture and traditional art will not therefore reduce one cent. As a painter, Li Yun yan, like other Chinese contemporary artist, at the end of the 20th century Chinese culture after one hundred when not relive again to return to oil painting studio supply hand painted portrait the cultural matrix, this has been the trend of The Times, a natural thing. Stood in front of the grottoes and the Buddha before one thousand, Li Yun yan in the cycle of seasons alone try to through the layers of time and a lot, the ancient traditional culture and the buddhist art spirit a pen a pen with the heart of the sentient beings to depict the down, passed to the neon-lit centricity alone and rush around modern urbanite.
In the field of Chinese contemporary art, depicting the buddhist painter, but focus on the modern transformation of sichuan buddhist sculpture art, western oil painting to reproduce on a large scale dazu county an yue and major breakthroughs were made in the grotto art and the results are not actually many. It is no exaggeration to say that after nearly 10 years of persistent field sketch and persistent painting creation, Li Yun yan with the large scale "bashu nirvana, figure of Buddha cave paintings series" has become in the field of Chinese modern oil painting works focus on dazu county an yue most representative artist of the buddhist grotto art.
From the perspective of cultural history, traditional culture into the modern world? How creative transformation of classical art? Easel painting is it possible to borrow its unique way of material and the new language seemed to tradition and reconstruct the classic, and for one thousand years people again and again cult to add a new faith accept path? Li Yun yan, in my opinion, the meaning of art and value of the first to emerge from this Angle.
Li Yun yan "painting of Buddha nirvana, bashu grottoes work series" oil painting in the majority with large production. Obviously, the fact that the aims and objectives of the revealed her art: oil painting of this unique art form is used to realize grottoes across the geographical space and recreate and mobile. custom wedding portrait painting from photos On dimension, Li Yun yan authoring time basically with the method of the "dimension" reappearance, try to dazu county an yue's grand momentum and sacred state of buddhist grottoes, shown in the picture. Based dazu county of Buddha temple "along the three saints of China" (2010, oil on canvas) 3 pieces and the Buddha temple "three SAN hua yan" is about the same size as three statue and so on, the scale of up to 200160 cm by 160200 cm; With oil painting "along the three saints of China, compared to materials dazu county of shimen mountain" guanyin (six screen) "(2007, oil on canvas) and" western three SAN "(2010, cloth temple opera) smaller, but also achieved 19556 cm by 56195 cm and 19556 cm by 93195 cm size CheFu, with an yue on mass arrangements and visual perception, dazu county grotto statues are basically the same. "Buddha nirvana figure" (2008-2010, cloth temple opera) is "painting of Buddha nirvana, bashu grottoes series" the grand scale of epic, it originated from dazu county treasure top Alexander FoWan east rock is wall "Buddha nirvana of the figure. This folk known as the "sleeping Buddha" masterpiece sculptures, carved in dazu county treasure top Alexander FoWan east rock walls, full recess about 32 meters wide, about 7 meters high, art to reproduce the Buddha "nirvana". Grottoes the original size is too big, oil painting can't use this art form completely equal representation. Even so, Li Yun yan still CheFu as possible to maximize its fascinating charm. Oil painting Buddha nirvana figure with 12 pieces of 230 cm x 100 cm independent link into a 12 meters giant oil painting to represent the dazu county "Buddha nirvana saint mark figure" buddhist grottoes. Cultural geographer David Harvey (David Harvey) to "time-space compression" (compression will of time and space) to describe contemporary social geographical representation and characteristics of time and space. I think, this is what Li Yun swallow cave paintings CheFu, materials, and display the historical context and the cultural reason
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