Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Zuma painting naked quite a stir cities questions constantly

Zuma painting naked quite a stir cities questions constantly
In Johannesburg, South Africa's goodman gallery display a grotesque painting: the painting of the South African President Jacob zuma - "Lenin" stance, even more surprising is that his penis was exposed on the outside. Immediately once the painting is on display, domestic caused quite a stir in South Africa, portrait painting South Africa and even a cathedral requirements for creators put to death by stoning, Mr Zuma himself accused painting author invaded his dignity.
22, Johannesburg's Supreme Court began hearing President zuma and the anc has launched an emergency appeal, Mr Zuma said in a written statement, the painting "suggest that I'm playing with women, to make my compatriots, family and children questioned my personality", he asked the court banned the works on display in public places. The guardian commented that the painting has become the subject of national debate in South Africa.
According to The Times reported Sunday, controversial painting called "spear", written by South African artist Brett - Murray,wholesale oil painting Murray is it one of "hail to the thief 2" exhibition exhibits, goodman gallery is now in Johannesburg. The oil painting zuma's foot is 1.85 metres high, in Mr Zuma bare large genital impress many visitors. The American "political insider" net, the inspiration of this painting from the former Soviet union time propaganda "Lenin live in the past, live in the present, also will live forever in the future", on the basis of the Murray made some "processing".
After goodman gallery, South Africa, the news of the city, and the oil painting pictures posted on its website, many netizens "watch". Because is considered "offensive" to the President, "spear" denounced by South Africa's ruling party, the anc strongly multiple religious groups criticized the painting "dirty" "vulgar". According to "independent online news network", the anc has written to goodman gallery, requirement removed the painting, painting gallery has clear refused, saying that it will continue until the end of the exhibition on display. At the same time, the news of the city has also refused to delete "spear" from its website. South Africa's Sunday times revealed, a German buyers to 136000 South African rand (about 104000 yuan) prices for painting.
The guardian 21 reported that free speech and privacy problem, South African nation is in a heated debate. South Africa's justice minister Jeff radebe 21 attack, said "spear" humiliated most south africans, "if this is art, I don't know what insult was!" The same day, black south africans managers BBS, said the painting attacked the majority of the black culture in South Africa, can't it. One of the largest churches in the South African Nazareth Baptist church spokesman said, insulted the nation as a whole, Murray stoning him should be administered. But there are also many south africans, said freedom of speech and freedom of artistic expression should be protected.
The latest news, according to the AFP disputed paintings "spear" 22, sabotage, a man at his portrait of the face and genitals with the Red Cross, the other a younger man to the whole painting spraying black paint, resulting in goodman gallery in the chaos. It is said that one of the destroyer is a professor at the university, but his motives are unclear. At present, the perpetrators have been sent to the nearby police station
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