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At present Chinese main problem is lack of strong oil painting field academic development trend

At present Chinese main problem is lack of strong oil painting field academic development trend
To the Chinese oil painting in the world within the scope of art history and academic grade fuzzy understanding. Some old painter idea and technique, lose the ability to innovate, some painter too viscous oil painting language skill, for the new social culture information, lack of academic research, art concept, material presentation on the whole the paintings with contemporary life, painting is alienated for the participation of the development of Chinese modern culture. Overall, compared with 5 of the 20th century, 60 s and 80 s and early 90 s, modern oil painting of the spiritual life of the Chinese culture in the deep influence diminished, but due to the rapid development of the oil painting market and the popularity of large oil painting exhibition, oil painting has made a contribution for the mass aesthetic appreciation, but many auction companies excessively high "manufacturing" oil painting for sale of sky-high and counterfeit, fake, oil painting reproductions by hand painted in china and confusion of oil painting art of value judgment, exacerbating the related interest groups and by some artists to profit-seeking impetuous psychology.
In the new century, when the painter himself as an artist is first to participate in the creation of contemporary culture, and no longer constrained by oil painting industry, painting will expand a new space for development. With the popularity of college art education and further prosperity of the art market, painting will be more like Chinese painting, into the daily life of the Chinese people. On the other hand, there will be a part of excellent young and middle-aged artists deepen the academic research, gradually complete the paintings from traditional to modern transformation, make it really become the organic composition of Chinese contemporary art, to participate in global cultural dialogue and communication. Oil painting of popularity, popularity and paintings of modernity, custom children portrait painting from photos academic will have a more distinct academic division, and on the basis of the dividing line between their development.
As a result, I in many of the present national art exhibition organized some Suggestions. I'm looking forward to the national art organization can notice this historical reality needs of development, discusses the new period, under the new form of exhibition system reform, raise huge funds, will the past laborious form look pretty much the same large-scale exhibition, the pursuit of "prosperity" "ostentation and extravagance" ideas to transform, a more geared to the needs of young and middle-aged painter of small and medium-sized, unique academic personal retrospective exhibition or old famous artists. Each exhibition not perfect tall, and explore and personalized search for innovation, to promote the practice of the oil painting art language innovation and personalized art growth of the painter, strengthen the research on the theme of the exhibition and academic discussion. In the organization of exhibition at the same time, also should according to the exhibition theme and form of different scale, to explore corresponding different organization forms, such as a small exhibition organizers could be considered by investigating evaluation enlisted independent curator, the largest exhibition can hire 3-5 people, curator of the groups of 5 to 7, with high efficient exhibition work team. Used exhibition organization mode, such as common listed many administrative officials and art as the committee leadership and consultant, listed a lot of famous artists of writer, the jury, is very formal. Listed as one of the officials and famous painter (some are unwittingly been included), not all have the opportunity to contribute to the exhibition. Very large scale of the jury, in fact, as the denominator in scores, weaken the function of the as a single molecule of the judges. Innovative personality painter's works, even if the individual judge strongly recommend, also because the votes short of the majority, it is difficult to. Suggested that the administrative officials and famous artists, the future declined this by using "consultants", "member"
large, now is not just something, some individuals custom portrait oil painting to pursue the problem, but how to rebuild the social credit system, only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
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