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New traditional Chinese painting is the founder of RSD south professional painter

New traditional Chinese painting is the founder of RSD south professional painter
As the counterpart of the guangzhou international art exposition "the 2nd guangzhou art trade fair 2012" (hereinafter referred to as "SEC") on May 25 to 28, was held in guangzhou baiyun international conference center. It is understood that the exhibition is one of the great art highlight - from guangzhou fair and guangzhou is RongDe art space with "new traditional Chinese painting", and. RSD combination with oil painting as a medium to carry forward the traditional culture as the mission, to the Chinese excellent traditional culture into contemporary professional oil painting creation.
"New traditional Chinese painting" and by the combination of RSD
It is reported that guangzhou fair is a display platform, which is full of artistic form is a art star promotion platform, capable of incubation is found in the many outstanding artists, and "go out" from here. Among them, the "southern RSD professional painter combination" is a classic example.
According to RSD combination promoter Xiong Bin, RSD originated from Chinese traditional culture on behalf of "Confucianism, masterpiece oil painting by hand painted china Buddhism, Taoism" pinyin, the first letter of the composite in oil painting creation, for media, to carry forward the traditional culture as the mission, recruitment of outstanding professional painter, aspire to the Chinese excellent traditional culture into the contemporary professional oil painting creation. We have learned, at present, RSD combination of the three core members are outstanding professional painter Liu Nian, Yang Yongzhi, Xiong Bin. The three artists are with rich experience in the professional painter, their age, paintings are more than 20 years experience, his work style belongs to Chinese aestheticism, but a different form.
Open Liu Nian with freehand brushwork of brush strokes, bold colors, will self oil painting language show incisively and vividly, in his amorous feelings, drama, with a touching memories. Yang Yongzhi belong to "Confucianism", here "Confucianism", is a combination of "Confucianism" and "home", and both the Confucian moral and talent, and have the feelings of the artist and accomplishment, his works have the beauty of nature and humanity. And Xiong Bin wen wan and fine brushwork of landscape painting series, then shows the authors pursue a clever and sincere, chang however rich imagination, flowing out of the mission to life deep agitation of meditation.
RSD combination to promote a comprehensive professional
Xiong Bin mentioned in an interview on their "professional painter" attribute. "The restriction of the form of education ideas, system in our country, the social economic level, art workers, comprehensive quality, and consumer awareness of art level, the influence of such factors as the art industry in our country market is not mature, artists not really professional." Xiong Bin put forward the proposition "painter can become a professional" : "professional painter is not a new phenomenon, but puts forward 'should be professional painter is a marginalized groups fight for market position, bold challenge to the traditional art market behavior. This is' RSD south professional painter combination created in the first place."
"Although the RSD was set up only two years, but in China, especially in guangdong province, far-reaching. We put forward with a clear-cut stand, against false of contemporary art, pursuing with the Chinese traditional culture symbol,custom balck and white portrait paining a strong national style, into the international contemporary art language of oil painting art beauty, kindness and truth. We are a leading, welcome, absorb the art of like-minded people to participate, together to promote the development of Chinese oil painting and grow."
Xiong Bin said, RSD combination as advocates of Chinese traditional Chinese painting, as tradition of Confucianism, Buddhism and Taoism culture, but also as a symbol of Chinese traditional culture manifestation, should not only rely on their own efforts to constantly improve and perfect their painting techniques and rich painting language, held that the standard, and must strengthen the artistic accomplishment, more profound comprehension for thousands of years of Chinese Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism thought essence: "this is a hard and long way, the recognition and support of social spirit, more is better than money in purchase and support.
novel surrealist works, social credit oil painting system,  only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
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