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Oil painting are loose on scholar's good intentions,wang Lin is a basic evaluation

Oil painting are loose on scholar's good intentions,wang Lin is a basic evaluation
A lot of things in two ways. We are more complex. We should be from different perspective, this is easy. We're five curator team at this time, there is a harmony of discussion, we are entering and discuss together. We are all very tacit understanding cooperation, said we did not consider academic question is wrong. Technology and academic we all want to consider, the exhibition from the previous simple shelf to comprehensive, type of problem is not difficult to solve the problem. Any exhibition to young people. Each exhibition is such, salute is a feature on the plate. We are still going and organizers of the communication more smoothly. From the thought space that is not a problem, curator group all motives can be carried through. Academic theme of the exhibition are the most common things we consider. Wang Lin is very lightly don't think we have academic, I don't agree. Contemporary art and popular culture is associated with our discussion.
We assume, chengdu more consumer to consider this exhibit, jiuzhai paradise is more far away from the problem, but no solve this technical problem, this is the result of relative helplessness. There are a lot of work originally envisaged in the jiuzhai is our consideration. Biennale thinking right, the problem can be more bright, can be discussed. Wang Lin: contemporary art, is whether we can feel the atmosphere of mass culture on the show, I still think the academic host did not do a good job, far from comparing the academic subject's works have become the main part. We are one of the most important aspect of the display system is highlighted and stressed.
 Liu Xiaochun: subject, contemporary curators of fundamental concern is forced to compromise, this itself is a kind of wisdom. Looking for contemporary art is the power of thinking, if really revolves around the relationship between art and consumption itself is very subtle. Exhibition of thoroughness is not enough, custom pet portrait painting on canvas this is the job of the curators. Every carnival carnival this concept can be used, but is not the same. Each case has a different meaning. Wang Lin is the grand narrative, is not comprehensive. He also do a lot of exhibition, he has been emphasis on these things, it's worth it for sure. Zhang Yingchuan: I'm just know about chengdu biennale, I am very touched, the first feeling is a bit messy, but vibrant, have the feeling of chengdu, I look for a long time.
 Teacher fei said that time is not the problem, the biennale has many strange faces, I feel, I think of before a month, zhou chunya exhibition is to make people feel young man's face is not outstanding, few young people subtle change, they are now more common mediocrity, for such a state, we all have a little afraid, so this time put forward the grand narrative is also normal. Young people don't have enough confidence. All biennale is ready, where the real biennale. Where each workshop is to ask questions. Huang Xiaorong: biennale is the conversion of private capital, we should encourage the general enthusiasm deng. China's private capital itself has many defects, which may be that there is a process in China. As the interest of stakeholders and bias, as a businessman and curators communication is needed. In fact deng total also in progress bit by bit, after other private capital, the Chinese are also problems. May do biennale folk capital to accelerate speed, how to use money is a process of learning from each other. Lv Peng: every show and we can find the reason, the sponsors and operators is very hard, so we are not happy to ask questions, don't want to. Many people take money out do art is he voluntarily, but we see a lot of exhibition has not well, the investor for some of his purpose for exhibition, curators and artists also for their own purposes to do their own thing. From 2000 to 2005 over the five years, five years should be able to make a good show, but it was completely commercial exploitation. This exhibition is hasty, hasty to churn out, this exhibition is more like a show, in fact the limitations of the exhibition from various aspects. AA: exhibition is very orderly, the exhibition management is problematic. Keywords is not academic, some painter is good, but if you have any relationship with the topic I didn't find it. Life Xu Longsen: artists should care about details. We can go forward, backward, can also be right to the left, to the real care can have a variety of ways. He Jinwei: custom wedding portrait painting from photos "s" and "heaven" is the theme. Zhang yong: critics and artists' work and the way of thinking is different, do not impose on others. The starting point of the artist or itself. The artist is one of the public. This stuff is more move ourselves. The function of art, I work more starting point is the psychological. Deng Le: this exhibition is a success, the artist is to respect the curators to exhibitors. This exhibition is a let's learn how curator. Your critics say mainly for their own problems. The artist is very lucky. Curators in China is not easy. Deng Hong also not easy, not millions are done this exhibition, China now has several boss to do art. Biennale is a process of combat readiness. Our art, there is now a word: "copy". We should stand in there to see, can't stand outside to see a problem, can't be too relaxed. The theme of the topic is clear, however, the academic to be more specific. Sometimes the problem is a special ideal. Curators in some ways a bit like a party, deng always like to party a. I understand that the curators, also met this problem at the time of installation. According to my understanding, the Chinese art through the trendy art, has been in progress quickly, has been slowly grow up, this is the direction of the art, there are social, philosophical, and inner. I do art should be more specific in the future. Shi jinsong: what is the specific indicators of the academic? Artists should have a more inclusive state now. Wang Lin: we have misplaced speech, with the artist's academic it doesn't matter.
 Liu Xiaochun: the same word in different meaning in different context. Mr. Fan: exhibition management priority is a problem. Feng boyi: about the exhibition, as one of the curators, my basic position and attitude is no matter what problems and difficulties encountered, must be responsible for the artist. In the process of planning and arrangement of the exhibition, my mental the bottom line is that before the opening must stand up all the work and hang up. We did it! The other is nothing to say. YanShuangXi: fundamental contradiction is the ideal and realistic contradictiondevelopment of the society, actually change society or public art. Change the social way of thinking or pop art. I'm more interested in art, applied art to the public. Let people feel the art, is also good. You don't too sedulous, modern art is very loose
large, now is not just something, some individuals custom portrait oil painting to pursue the problem, but how to rebuild the social credit system, only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
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