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Unique perspectives and personalized language - Zhang Xinquan oil painting art

Unique perspectives and personalized language - Zhang Xinquan oil painting art
In today's Chinese painting creation, regardless of subject matter content and form of language, are becoming more and more shows the appearance of pluralism and diversity. The expansion of the subject matter content and form of language development, are based on the artists of her independent personality consciousness and artistic personality of self confidence, show their art of broad vision and the improvement of cultivation. From another point of view, also reflect the open society and progress, people's aesthetic demand in growth, width and depth of artists' visual experience and expression techniques are also increasingly rich accordingly. For example, in nearly 10 years of the creation of Chinese landscape painting and oil painting landscape painting, in addition to the motherland beautiful rivers and pastoral scenery, the appearance of many new subjects, highlight the "urban landscape" in the field of Chinese painting and oil painting creation of "urban scenery", "industrial landscape", etc. We discussed here Zhang Xinquan jun, is in the "urban landscape" and "industrial landscape" painter of the creation of outstanding achievement.
Zhang Xinquan graduated from qufu normal university academy of fine arts in 1983, after further study oil painting institute of China academy of fine arts. He started to show the natural scenery, the pursuit of the pastoral poetry works into the painting, but in these rural painting work, often appear some industrial products such as motorcycle, car bottles and cans, convey the painters inner information of attention to the modern industrial civilization. Later, his vision widened again, this corner of the fishing boat docks, factories, tractors and other images, gradually appeared in his landscape painting. If, all this is out of his subconscious preferences, then, in 2002, he's a picture of the bund landscape oil painting "glamour", held in national art museum of China in the next year to participate in the "the third China oil painting exhibition featured exhibition" after the success, he told the performance related to the industrial development of city landscape subjects of interest, is increasingly strong. Quite interestingly, as early as 20 years ago, in the early 1980 s, namely Zhang Xinquan has created a batch of Shanghai all nations buildings pen to sketch. The creation of the "glamour", is a chance, but became the turning point of his art course. He said: "for me, the emergence of the" glamour "may be a milestone, it divided my past and future, the correction of my pattern; and explore the urban landscape, especially the industrialization of human life and emotional changes, more interested in me."
Zhang Xinquan another painting depicting the old Shanghai city scenery "station" 2004 "the 10th national art exhibition" bronze and collected by national art museum of China, he encouraged, again also strengthened his art to the consciousness of for the future. Description of old Shanghai landscape "river", "the beach", "wind and cloud shiliupu", "the terminal", "streetcar", "cross street" and "huangpu river" and so on works from 2005 to 2006, then fully illustrates this point. On the streets of Shanghai of the trams, early already stop using steam boat... The symbol of China began to industrialization, appeared in his works. Industrialization with powers bullying and oppression came to China for China, disrupted agricultural civilization here "stable" and "calm", also suggesting people's awareness and encouraging the spirit of the people. This is the same time sad, sad, in the modern history of China and a fragment of excitement, joy, is also unable to bypass the China social advancement of a journey. The history of art image language, and is not to satisfy people's curiosity to it, it makes people feel China moving towards modern social image, cause people to think about Chinese history and gain should be thought of the enlightenment.
For the artistic creation, the creation of landscape painting or landscape painting to show the broken pieces back together, of course, the power and beauty of as purpose, but the topics should continue to expand, form language should also be constantly changing. Tie those moving historical and realistic landscape into people's thoughts and feelings in the range of artistic expression, and to choose instead of painting language, so as to give the modern scenery creation in various shape, it is also a landscape, the landscape painting innovation. In the field of art, people's visual experience and appreciate the psychological both relative constancy, and continuous innovation in new driving force. The creation of the artist needs to find moderate balance between constancy and achieves, innovation efforts. And artists in the new things, the fact how to find a proper breakthrough point, requires the artist to his own personality and temperament have a clear understanding. Zhang Xinquan, as stated earlier, the enthusiasm on the industrial landscape, urban landscape, oil painting studio offer top portrait painting and enduring, is with his work by painting are related to social public praise, but also with him since his youth, will have strong interest in industrial civilization image are closely linked.
Zhang Xinquan writing emphasis to industrialization subject, his original and lively bold color has changed. He is peaceful, calm tone of old Shanghai city landscape history along, with bright color points, adjust the picture color piece, but keep the natural and unrestrained of early stroke and lingering finish. Although "statues for industrial civilization" may be Zhang Xinquan creation intention, but in fact he less constrained in the representation of the real landscape, but on the basis of the prototype put pen, bold use of line, form and color combination of the actual situation relations, build atmosphere, expressing a certain state. This is a fairly subjective color scheme, but also strengthened the strangeness of his work is fresh, and this is his work being sure, have to be included in the national oil painting exhibition and won the prize.
Since 2008, Zhang Xinquan oil painting creation and turned to the battleship, gusu city and China's early representative works include "suzhou river", "lane lu terminal", "cruiser", "sea soul series", "zhiyuan, ships and suzhou garden series, etc. The works of language schema changes, the picture of the early full composition tend to be replaced by the "lens" of close-up, colour also tend to be more simple, more color, blank size increases, in the seemingly arbitrary action, the actual combination, mixed with factors. Needless to say, these works fully shows that Zhang Xinquan in seemingly free, along with the gender with daub, at present he ingenious conception, showing his contemporary keen on oil painting and original understanding and cognition.
Summed up in what name Zhang Xinquan painting style, YiXiangXing, or free? Exactly, these are not enough. Although there is no doubt that the traditional Chinese art YiXiangXing or disconnection, tangible intangible to made an impact on his paintings, but he was in using these skills, even in graphic sex description,custom children portrait painting from photos also never forget the oil painting language features: the structure of the form, the aesthetic feeling of color and "tonality", as well as the space form and so on. This is the charm of painting language. Oil painting in China thrives in the soil, inevitably to carry the spirit of Chinese culture and the performance of the infiltration of Chinese painting skills, but it will not and should not be replaced by the assimilation and the form language of Chinese painting, and to keep and exert its own basic features. So, the value of Zhang Xinquan oil painting creation, away from "statues for industrial civilization", but with their own wisdom and can give expression of oil painting language to have independent personality. Art is needed for people, it is because it has unique character image of language use in providing people aesthetic pleasure, awaken people to the pursuit of truth, at the same time, strengthen the confidence of their individuality
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