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Water in the day to read Duan Zhengqu oil paintings,northern farmers art alternative

Water in the day to read Duan Zhengqu oil paintings,northern farmers art alternative
Growth in Duan Zhengqu, the central plains of China to the north of the land and people of the land of the north, with deep feelings. Ecological improvement of the loess plateau, in particular, have been pulling his heart. Starting in the 1980 s, he again and again from zhengzhou, on a trip west, to the northern shaanxi plateau as a roaming. Where man and nature has given his initial creation passion, "folk songs", "red cliff Ge bifurcation mountain song song" and so on work become the beginning of the audience to know him. Later "PoYi", "east is red", "go west" have appeared, such as rough Duan Zhengqu and become the contemporary Chinese painting and affectionate shanbei plateau special cultural landscape.
Not Duan Zhengqu but subject feature of the core value of art, in the Chinese painting, farmers and countryside has not been forgotten by the painter. Our painting history of farmers and the countryside, often in the form of typing. The mainstream is "the fishing qiao geng read" the ancient literati, imagination, and modern revolutionary ideology dominated 'suffering, struggle, liberation "mode. The formation of the mainstream style period due to the outstanding work, but others turned down, typing work numb and tired the audience. Nearly half a century in this respect it is worth noting that the creation, when pushing Shi Lu, Zhao Wangyun et al., "changan painting". Since the 1980 s, the Chinese artists have been thinking, "local realistic painting" by far, loneliness, and pure, refreshing, but also failed to escape by imitation, by a large number of replication of bad luck. But Duan Zhengqu works of worth studying and thinking, is he away from previous schemata, starting from your inner feelings experience, trying to human and the nature of the psychological level of shanbei plateau of discovery.
"Stories and legends - 30 years Duan Zhengqu art" exhibition in China academy of art by the Chinese oil painting gallery. The picture shows the masterpiece "four of the Yellow River legend".
Duan Zhengqu, unlike many painters depict shanbei subjects, is the starting point of his observation of the native north and performance, because of the need for ideological neither, nor for the need of painting form,landscape portrait painting on canvas but from inner emotional needs. Duan Zhengqu the basis of the work style, is he to rural life and expressive art feeling of freedom and fresh.
In the 1990 s, returning from northern shaanxi trek Duan Zhengqu has completed a set of landscape painting, it is near yulin of shaanxi style works, entitled "the hero away". That a group of landscape painting to show the audience the Duan Zhengqu artistic temperament and culture on the other hand, showed good grand historical regrets. From the beginning of the Yellow River in summer 1997, he launched a personalized maps, the Yellow River for us after this series of works in the Yellow River, Duan Zhengqu with thick, free strokes, with a strong expressive form described above the waves of the Yellow River, Yellow River west and people to cope with the casting of the Yellow River and the Yellow River continuously.
He produced many of the Yellow River in recent years the toil and capture large carp in the Yellow River. Performance, on the basis of the former is the latter is derived from legend and imagination of symbolic interpretation. Compared with the early Yellow River ferry picture, in recent years, often cut point of view, the works of prominent electromotive force and the expression of the characters, performance closely the boatmen working situation of the Yellow River. Those colorful carp, just like the embodiment of the historical memory in the north, it is so heavy, so large, once has the incomparable life vitality, and finally to be captured. When I look at the picture with huge carp body of people walk along the river bank, the really hard to tell that is a success or a failure, custom house portrait painting USA is the beginning of the end of the happiness or painful - perhaps the painter perceived it is this also xi also sad history.
Hegel's thought is the highest state of the art tend to be musical. I cannot conclude that Duan Zhengqu painting has reached the highest realm or into the painting, but I do feel a kind of musicality in his works, really see a form in his painting of the developing main body inner life. His creation of man and nature is always with his heart ups and downs of life and existence and development, his work is make the person touched, because it is just like the breath of life, that is a not cease activity, the audience was a telepathic object rather than a "realistic". Duan Zhengqu about shanbei "acid" (the folk song) to his profound influence, may be from one side to explain this kind of art ideas and writing the cause of the attitude: "out of the window, the wind howling... seems to be the world's only remaining, only this straightforward agitation songs. This kind of sound, this kind of state, I am looking for many years, at the moment, I understood for many years has always been what infatuation." Duan Zhengqu without switching to sing folk songs, but he sang to brush the north the straightforward agitation of the earth's deep feeling
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