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Oil painting painter who also not to be outdone,active absorption in creation of national art

Oil painting painter who also not to be outdone,active absorption in creation of national art
Liberated areas, however, because of the oil painting material scarcity limits its performance, but in the kmt-controlled area, has a new look with artistic exploration. During the war of resistance, some painter asylum to the northwest and southwest, access to national art, and find inspiration. They through in-depth understanding of folk art and religious art, started the exploration and experiment of the localization of oil painting consciously, seek personal painting style. Such as wu zuoren, SiTuQiao, Chang Shuhong, Lv Sibai, Dong Xiwen painter, walking on the western frontier, feelings of national culture, active nutrients absorption of national art, structure, color and brushwork of painting is one of the changes, to create a group of local form distinctive works, such as wu zuoren negative water female, Dong Xiwen "kazakhstan shepherdess" and so on.
Through the integration of literature and art thoughts in anti-japanese period, people pay more attention to the consciousness of the national traditional is reinforced. On the one hand, the war of resistance caused by the discussion of the problem of "national style", encouraging the people to the national thinking, in the form of "national style" is put forward by the reality, and reality is bound to become a creative direction and policy of literature and art, but it certainly cause artists to the attention of the national style; Anti-Japanese War situation, on the other hand, the induced "go west", prompting YouHuaJie return to traditional Chinese, close a touch of Chinese traditional culture and art, inspired the artist to consciously seek, with the localization of oil painting localization has given rise to a number of important oil painting works.
Three, autonomous pursuit (1949-1966),
Early since the founding of new China, the creation has the Chinese characteristic oil painting has not yet officially entered the hopes of the People's Republic of China, but the deep meaningful is that consciousness of exploration and practice of nationalization did not disappear, still hold the individual artist brush, and have a wonderful work.
In early 1952, the painter Dong Xiwen accepted for creation of the Chinese revolution history museum "founding ceremony" of the task, he invested a lot of passion and energy to the work, it took just two months time to complete the 2 meters high and four meters wide, a giant painting of the "founding ceremony". oil painting reproductions by hand painted in china Through the painting, the painter Dong Xiwen continuing his localization of exploration, and skillfully in the country between the ideal expectations and painter to find the best junction point. "Founding ceremony" on the basis of realism style, absorbing the Chinese folk New Year pictures bright-coloured colour coating method of peace, expresses the founding ceremony solemn and festive atmosphere whole, specific subjects reveal the national style. Can say, "" founding ceremony" creatively draw happy Chinese oil painting of the broad masses of the people's new look." Besides Dong Xiwen creation, wu zuoren in 1954's "qi baishi", custom couple portrait painting USA in the European classical oil painting portrait representation into the white space of Chinese painting methods and laws of god, got a favorite with its national characteristics. Su Tianci still lifes of cauliflower, depicting the rural common rape, flat and agile, writing feels extremely strong, the poetic simplicity of performance.
Oil painting localization of work more than 50 s short prelude to the pursuit of a stronger painting of national style - "oil painting nationalization" is coming. At this point, the new China was still in the stage of acceptance of the Soviet union art of oil painting, learning the Soviet union, it is to lay down the realism oil painting performance, constitutes a new starting point of the development of Chinese oil painting, its disadvantage is that ignored for European oil painting tradition and the national traditional art research, make the single oil painting expression method and style
novel surrealist works, social credit system, custom oil painting only the whole social ecological improvement, all walks of life into normal to talk about
wholesale oil painting from china stamps, COINS, bronze mirror, Gardner 2009 spring
total turnover of more than 541 million yuan custom portrait painting hand art China painted oil painting especially in its iconic bowler hats,pipe, green apple and famous iron blue sky, very significant influence on pop art

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