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For Russia in heilongjiang to lift, and the flourishing hot oil painting collection

For Russia in heilongjiang to lift, and the flourishing hot oil painting collection
Reporters both professionals have advised - in China, the art collection is a deep pond, market booming, but the good and bad are intermingled. Especially the usury only not heavy "speculation, tends to make most of the buyers is difficult to the last laugh. For Russian oil painting has not yet to enter the Chinese mainstream market, too.
RongBao auction company in Beijing, said li wei, director of the oil painting department of the present domestic several big auction houses have not held the Russian paintings auction, that is to say, the mainstream of Russian oil painting has yet to enter the Chinese market, its value is more embodied in the domestic market of Russia. The location of the Russian oil painting art history in the world there is no doubt that it has in the founding of the early seventy s last century, deeply influenced the Chinese artists. But for now, no one to do it, we know about Russia's cultural status and collection system is not. Different cultural background, determines the different art market. The history of Chinese culture is so deep, so when Chinese people have the money to buy art, when they did not like the Japanese investment in works of art, splurge on the classics of western modern painting, to firmly lock in Chinese painter.
Han Dou is the director of Beijing pass is auction company ancient rare books, told reporters that in 2004 Beijing auction house hold special contemporary Russian oil painting the original high-quality goods auction, overall sell-through rate is 65%, the former Soviet union exploits artist maxi "qi baishi old man with 350000 yuan of dropping the hammer. 2005 Beijing HanHai spring is patted, repin "portraits" clinch a deal valence is 1.76 million yuan, and the highest Russian paintings auction market in the mainland. After that, some of the auction house to north Korea of Russian oil painting and oil painting, custom portrait painting from photos but finally went nowhere. Therefore, for the spread of Russian oil painting and market promotion, not one or two entrepreneurs, to open a personal gallery, held a number of works exhibition can solve, it needs someone to systematically research and publication of academic works, and promotional activities for a long time.
The gallery director of heilongjiang province Zhang Yujie said, Russia's oil painting has been the heilongjiang province art museum collection of research and the key content. Because of geographical advantages, the provincial museum collection of many Russian painter's excellent work, such as west German rove the new leaves, auspicious Mr Rove's "green may" meera's "the bakery in the morning," and so on, also has held exhibitions and public lecture. , he said, standing in the professional art organization collection point of view, the Russian oil painting had a significant impact on modern Chinese painting, in the development of Chinese oil painting has important historical value. But if standing in the Angle of the market, the Russian oil painting in China have not form the market, even in heilongjiang is just beginning, the good and evil people mixed up market, it is in a state of disorder. Collection is more cautious, therefore, to distinguish the authenticity, should choose the second have fame and influence of painters, especially for people's artist, exploits artist, even the title of "hero" painter.
Heilongjiang collector young suggests that only a nation of strong enough, the art can be accepted by the mainstream culture and interpretation. Now China's national strength and prosperity of Chinese art will have more say in the world art market. In 2010, China overtook the us as the world's largest art market, overseas Chinese art reflux become big heat of an auction. In 2011, qi baishi, custom house portrait painting USA Zhang Daqian works in the auction market clinch a deal amount is beyond the Picasso, the world's leading.
Russia "exploits artist" and "people's artist" title is similar to the domestic "secondary actors" and "actor", first class level. To make a certain contribution, the provisions of the fixed number of year, normal practitioners tend to get get, of course a special contributors will advance abnormality promotion (for example, the former Soviet union famous baritone singer in wood, gamma, 31, won the award for the "people's artist" Soviet union; has a soprano Anna world reputation nita, column cloth division, 37, gained the title of "the Russian people's artist"). But unlike domestic system: domestic title after the rating will be directly linked to salary welfare treatment, and in Russia, because the body politic as well as the cause of the unit system, the title is not associated with salary, actually some of the "people's artist" don't even show, there is no salary, so be called "the honorary title of" more
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