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Realistic oil painting though less than in market of contemporary art is most stable development of unit

Realistic oil painting though less than in market of contemporary art is most stable development of unit
As early as in 2005, such as Chen, Wang Yidong, ai, Yang Feiyun Chinese realistic painting artist's work is represented in the salesroom had good grades, amazing. Wang Yidong in auction market's rise to become the Chinese realistic painting a sign in the auction market rise. In September 1992, Wang Yidong depicting the yimeng the mengshan rain took a hk $704000, and the same to the river bank Mongolia Eva,wedding portrait painting by hand painted depicting the yimeng in spring 2005 hit a personal record of $1.32 million. Since then, realistic oil painting market rising, by 2007, the individual artist's work has reached ten million yuan. However, with the rise of contemporary art market in recent years, use some of the realistic oil painting market share, and the influence of the global financial crisis of 2008, realistic oil painting market from 2008 to 2009, entered an adjustment period. But compared to Chinese modern and contemporary art of other categories, or not too big.
In 2010, realistic oil painting market climbing again. In Beijing's poly auction in autumn of 2010, China's modern and contemporary art plate of the 440 million yuan of total turnover, among them, the realistic oil painting part of the turnover accounted for half of the entire share. LengJun's portrait of the like -- ronaldinho clinchs a deal with 31.36 million yuan set personal work records; Ai the important work of the holy mountain "to create the new auction works by artists with 20.72 million yuan; Wang Yidong new "spring attack feather ping groove in poly autumn evening in clinch a deal for 14.56 million yuan.
Why in the past few years, the rise of realism oil painting far fall behind of contemporary art? The famous collector Tang Ju once told the media: "most excellent realism painter, nobody in the hype behind it. Because most of them there is no specific gallery to the agent, so their works are scattered. So today we see millions of yuan's works are certainly everyone likes the kind of classic things. In fact, compared with foreign most outstanding works of art, millions of yuan is nothing, the value of it is still not fully implemented."
For nearly two years the cause of the realistic oil painting price growth, analysis of the personage inside course of study thinks, first of all, realistic oil painting in line with the aesthetic temperament and interest of most people, is fit, objectively lowered the threshold of the understanding of art appreciation,custom balck and white portrait paining the public can understand; Second, realistic oil painting production is complicated, time limit for a project is longer, could not have a stroke like some pictures, there are technical indicators and technical content of the oil painting, the price have a reference coefficient. Painter life creation co., LTD., more than thousands of pieces of rare, how about hundreds of; Again, canvas difficult to fake, fake is far less than other type. Has entered the market of domestic realistic oil painting is the author most alive, to identify provides a powerful witness authenticity. In addition, realistic oil painting compared to other contemporary art, have already passed more than a decade of market accumulation, can't appear too big decline, compared with the present a lot of contemporary art to be stable. There are, of course, due to it after a long time to market, appreciation space is limited, so investment realism oil painting should be a long-term investment, to bear his temper
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