Saturday, November 30, 2013

Lin Xudong,Chen,Han Xin due to oil painting courtyard on "friends"

Lin Xudong,Chen,Han Xin due to oil painting courtyard on "friends"
The Lin Xudong story of forty years, Chen, Han Xin - exhibition press conference on 22nd street art district red walls gallery space. For Mr Chen day also in guangxi and for doing a cultural salon, and belatedly,wedding portrait painting by hand painted although there was a delay the start time, the media have said very understand, wait patiently. Looking at a new period of the bazaar art, this issue is cover with three pictures, despite 40 years baptism, but three people still high-spirited, in high spirits.
Of three men appeared before the media approachable, Chen has been smoking, showed consistent belongs to his obstinacy. Conference on the artists exhibitions of statements and questions from the media, the artist's answer, and the interaction of the three friends constantly. The atmosphere is warm and harmonious. Lin Xudong age biggest, next is Chen, then a Han Xin, three people are ghosts friends in life, quiet, Lin Chen language not astonishing die endlessly, Korea is very talkative, until the end of the meeting, still in communication with us. Three people is different personality, but it bring out the best in each other. As Chen said, our relationship 40 years after the cultural revolution, experience abroad, has experienced their different life path is not changed, the friendship is precious, because it is pure.
The exhibition "art of time, friendship," as the theme, with three painter met the thread of the story of 40 years. In the exhibits and the picture album, with ten years as a cycle works presented is divided into four parts, in addition to painting, three painter's text narrative and a large number of old photos, full of memories and details. Early is educated youth of the cultural revolution, old age is a free painter, with their system and river's lake always maintain the posture of wealthy individuals, provides contemporary art pattern with a full-blown alternative text.
Meeting, Chen said, three people the most proud to be the work of the 70 s, they proud to each other. Away from the doctrine, the works of this period has the very high literature value, they fully presented keep clues. custom wedding portrait painting from photos They only successful experience is to rely on themselves, insist on your original choice, go your own way.
Then at the scene of the conference, three people on weibo for micro interviews, answer the questions from netizens.
Expect Lin Xudong, Chen, Han Xin exhibition? Then on November 25, 3 PM, please attend on time in Chinese oil painting school "Lin Xudong story of forty years, Chen, Han Xin - the opening of the cocktail party, at the same time, the official start of the exhibition, until December 14
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