Monday, November 18, 2013

A buyer from Dalian order the Picasso's famous oil paintings

A buyer from Dalian order the Picasso's famous oil paintings
"Into the classic, Europe and the United States oil painting reproductions of the masters of modern art exhibition" is the largest scale and highest level ever in zhuhai have Picasso painting art exhibition in dalian a buyer article/figure our reporter Zhang Mingchun dalian art lovers the meaning of the "golden week" is special, the city's largest scale and highest level ever art exhibition - "into the classic European and American modern master of art works exhibition" to their benefit. This show by artist association, dalian art academies, the dalian charity federation in dalian, dalian special hosted 58. For days, every day there are thousands of viewer approach, some fans even copy at the scene, and will be held tomorrow in the charity auction items also choose to complete. Reporter yesterday noon arrived at the dalian world expo center hall, although nearly lunch time, but still have a lot of the viewer at the scene. In the majority with young students, and most is the art of college students and middle school students. Artistic edification grab from baby, many grandparents also with the grandchildren to the exhibition, not when make the explanation. According to staff, said yesterday the exhibition number is small, just in those days, day and night almost every painting is standing in front of the person. Some students had seen it, "golden week" during the long accompanied again buy tickets for the exhibition at home. The site is custom portrait painting not allowed to take photos, then some fans took out paper and pen to copy. , according to ms auctioneer Zhao Hui 9 PM tomorrow at a charity auction items list out, pablo Picasso, jia, Mr, MAO, katz, damien Tory, m taras and others works in it. And reached the highest, is not of Picasso's works, but the French painter markus pat pat's two works, a price of 100000 yuan, a price of 150000 yuan. In addition, the reporter noticed that Picasso, the most remarkable that the wear corset reading women "is not included in the list of items. Exhibition organizers Yang Liansheng teacher said that the painting had been booked for a buyer, and the price in our city. Several experts told reporters at the scene, domestic a one-off sale so many European and American works, I'm afraid that was the first time.
The manner of Picasso "wear corset reading women" has been booked
and ancient rare books on various kinds of oil painting special all clap, plus have ended the auction earlier oil paintings stamps, COINS, bronze oil painting mirror, Gardner 2009 spring total turnover art of more art than 541 art million art yuan
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