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Market shuffle:old line have share,contemporary oil painting a tiger

Market shuffle:old line have share,contemporary oil painting a tiger
head of the Beijing RongBao Liu Shangyong said sellers not selling their collection like media reports, the recent auction collectors is as high as more than 200 people, their demand for art is still strong. Despite the financial, real estate, there are still earn big masters, money is always looking for a way out. Modern oil painting by "hyped" and "false art" and "black-box operation" and so on the influence of bad behavior, the good faith crisis broke out in the fundamentals, the modern oil painting market crash, speculators lose money, the auction house money, collectors, damaged, unpopular wedding portrait painting clap a clinch a deal in 30 \ % is even lower. And value is a constant plate, antiques, ancient painting and calligraphy, ancient books by scarce attract collectors, contemporary ink painting by market bud original, academic staff attract more collectors. Liu think whether or not the economic crisis, "real money" hard currency will not be bargain, like the 97 financial crisis across many original "art" abroad. Visible, such as southeast Asia, the Middle East, northern Europe, Latin America is not strongly affected by the overseas market, combined with China's continued strong purchasing power is still the rich market.
Director of Beijing's poly profit-structure said the financial tsunami is not a bad thing, "New York times reported on the front page, the crisis is the opportunity to collectors and investors to enter the art market." Now stock, house property value, art treasures without shrinking. Poly autumn is main with antiques, ancient calligraphy and painting, and boost the contemporary ink painting to find new sources of growth. Chinese contemporary ink painting performance of wu guanzhong, Jia Youfu, Shi Ji, Zhang Yu, Li Xiaoxuan on high-quality goods, more in modern and contemporary art a matinee pan dehai, ye yongqing, pet portrait painting zhou chunya, zeng fanzhi's, "high-quality goods, also add contemporary avant-garde GuWenDa ink painting project, iron age, special axis Xu Lei, Liu Yiyuan masterpiece, profit-structure said although a closing scale than ever before, but the species is very rich. As far as possible to achieve reasonable prices, to benefit the collectors.
Huachen auctions GanXueJun said. "we should learn to eliminate hot returning to normal. Only in this way, from the mindset of collectors, industry also can return to normal." Buyers prefer when choosing art market opportunities, good future prospects, high academic value of high-quality goods, from this year collectors buy high academic value, price moderate as you can see on the collection.
Steady wave after the Yangtze river, in the market reshuffle, high-profile rich he auction in 08 approach, also showed the buck the big shot is committed to be China's top art auction a gleam of confidence in the company, its directors megan said in an interview, Chinese painting and calligraphy affected is not very big, the have Zhang Daqian "hook Jin Gonglian double couple figure" anchors; This year advocate of ancient calligraphy and painting, porcelain miscellaneous rarities has been very stable; Contemporary art plate is more severe, but the sculpture is a bright spot, traditional painting and market; Jolt of contemporary painting and calligraphy, this year in the first auction, habits are intended to subvert the past industry innovation, not only huang yongyu, Fan Ceng, Shi Ji, landing He Guying masterpiece, is to build new markets for contemporary avant-garde ink, iron age, academic leading QiuDe tree, tian liming, Jia Haoyi, ink, such as hu and bulky products on sale, will create a belong to the rich art a new chapter. During the investment items, some southeast Asian collectors pre collection, the international art investment institutions, collectors and domestic energy boss is still a major collection customers
2008, China's contemporary art market is oil painting adjusted, and turmoil oil paintings as financial turmoil intensified, the price of water in the oil painting art market is accelerating drain, difference between advantages and disadvantages of art. The present value is more reasonable, adjust the mentality, adjust the collection structure, is art the real collector needs to be done
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